Monday, November 12, 2007

Okay, I've bravely started the Monday pull -
the one that ends at FRIDAY.
I know it can be done.

Oh, and a happy birthday to
an old dog


Doug said...

Thanks. Need a quarter?

SoCal Sal said...

Back blast area clear!

actonbell said...

LOL, socal sal. That sure is a great picture.
I hope your Monday went well, Terry:)
and hb to DOug!

Anonymous said...

I know I can , I know I can -- nothing stops a determined dog--remember as a lad,picking the locks of parking meters for whiskey money--ohhh,enough of that tale

Crazy Me said...

This so looks like my little guy on his leash.

Autumn Storm said...

No caption competition for this one, if there were, mine would be: With determination anything is possible. Great picture. :-D Happy week ahead!

ariel said...

Terry, you're so funny! Started the Monday pull, eh? Monday doesn't hurt anymore when you realize the truth of the words of the old Aureliano Buendía, 'every day is Monday'. That is because we are mortal.

I love that photo.


tsduff said...

Doug - HA! Generous offer but I need a whole lot more than that :)

SoCal Sal - LOL! More power here than I thought.

Actonbell - Monday was good - sushi with friends and better yet - now it is Tuesday :)

Annonymous - LOL Parking meters and the tales they could tell, eh?

Crazy Me - You have a poodle? Determined little cusses, aren't they? They could move a mountain with their little energy bursts LOL.

Autumn - always the optimist ;) Your smile is always genuine - I was looking through some pics and found the one of us with the invisible man near the Millenium Wheel - nice memories :)

Ariel - I CAN'T BEAR IT... no, every day is not Monday! The mortal part isn't so bad - just the Mondays.

SOe said...

NOTHING can stop me!