Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Bear is coming home.

Artist: Dee Dee Murry


Anonymous said...

You must be VERY happy about that! Love the image, especially the love on Bear's face. Think he's still going to eat the crow! HAHA I still find it funny how I also have a Bearman and we're both birds!

Amhsirak said...

I guess you are referring to something here, but I am clueless. Although I do think that crow seriously must visit an ophthalmologist

ariel said...

Yay! They do try to act like nothing happened but you can tell they are just full of joy to be together again.

SoCal Sal said...

Me thinks that is a good thing.

RED MOJO said...

Where's the bear been? I hope he trims those nails first, we don't need any more bleeding.

Doug said...

I hope that blonde bird didn't leave any feathers on the bear's coat.

Kelly said...

That photo is perfect isn't it! I don't know how you always seem to find just the right ones somewhere! Now he'll be going through withdrawals from the wee one.

Icarus said...

And doubtless not before time. Beautiful!

Jeanne said...

Hooray! Lucky bear is about to get back to his sweet honey.

Crazy Me said...

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Keshi said...

o Happy days! :)


Autumn Storm said...

Happy homecoming. :-)

SOe said...

Nice picture! I wish you nice days together. My teddy bear was here this weekend. Now I have to wait for Christmas.

jillie said...

What a great picture! I found the perfect place for you to snuggle up to...right next to the big fuzzy bear...mmmm...nice and warm.

How's the hand coming along? I have to wear this freakin cast for a MONTH!!!!!! UGH...Oh well, it's better than going through this all again ;o)


tsduff said...

Anonymous - No doubt that the Bear will eat the crow. Bears and birds often hang out together - a good match.

Amhsirak - Crows have excelllent eyesight. At least most do. I'm attached to this Bear.

Ariel - yes, so nonchalant, aren't they :) You are so sharp eyed to pick up on the truth.

SoCal Sal - It is good when the Bear returns.

Red - LOLOL! Yes, he needs to give the claws a trim, as they've grown long of late. Sharp objects scare me anymore.

Oh, cruel dawg to think such things.

Kelly - That Bear is still in Hawaii in his head... dreams of the grand baby bear dancing like sugarplums and honeypots in his head.

Hey Stew - *Waves in the direction of Portugal from her desk with one wing*

Jeanne! I think the Bear is wishing for honey - what he got was just some sour grapes.

Crazy Me - Generally speaking, yes.

Keshi - thanks. Yes, it is a reunion of sorts.

Autumn - Thanks dear - you always know the scoop.

SOe - I'm still sad for you that even with your newly wed status you and your sweetie must still be apart so much. Time spent apart is wishing time.

Jillie! Aren't you glad that cast protects your foot from more pain? At least I HOPE it does. My hand/finger is just THERE, looking huge, and large, and fat in its many layers of wrapping. Finger is extended out into a strange angle, looking like a leaping dolphin or something. At least I have a hand, with all my fingers. It could have been so much worse.