Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ok, today I will be at the mercy of the OR team.

I already cluck like a chicken,
so I should be okay.


Tom & Icy said...

That's scary. Good luck.

lime said...

make sure you get good drugs for afterward. best wishes

jillie said...

Ditto what Lime said....and take them!!!

But what KIND of chicken you cluck like before and afterwards is what matters...lol!!

xoxo I'll be thinking about ya!

SoCal Sal said...

What the cluck? And remember, tis better to share the good stuff with someone. LOL ... be safe dear!

jeff@sally said...

I am praying that everything goes well in surgery and that you will not have severe pain after.
Love ya

Kelly said...

Terry, you do NOT cluck like a chicken! (except when you're talking to one....does that mean your surgeon is a chicken?). I am always a chicken before a surgery or ordeal, not afterwards. We're all waiting eagerly to hear how the surgery goes. The worst is probably just about now, when the waiting is not over and the surgery draws close. Hope the surgeon is much more adept with his knife than you are with yours. :D

ariel said...

Terry, always have your gun with you, first shoot THEN ask!

Hugs and best wishes!

javajazz said...

jeez, everybody's really interested
in them thar drugs huh?
so if you already cluck like a chicken,
perhaps you'll play the violin again...
(i think that comes from an old joke...)

according to my calculations,
you should be barfing your toenails up
round about now...
but i hope all is well, and you are
settling into healing already....
hypericum, arnica and rescue remedy
and ginger tea, and maybe some whiskey!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget those good drugs on hand Teri! BWARK BWARK!! I stole your joke :)

Anonymous said...

Mine tend to mess with spilling words like names Terry ...:)

jillie said...

Hope all went well with your surgery!

xo Hugs to you

Catnapping said...

all my love to you. i hear they opted for ribbeting, instead. the anesthesiologist has a thing for frogs!


Doug said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. That's funny, though.

RED MOJO said...

Make sure you get plenty of ice cream too. Always ice cream after surgery or hospital visit, or any medical appointment really, even if you just drive by a hospital in your travels.

tsduff said...

Tom & Icy - yes, scary. Hospitals are scary. but all is better now. cluck.

Lime LOL . They wouldn't -cluck- give the demerol I asked them for. sheesh. cluck

Jillie - awfully nice bed mates you (have... Thanks for sharing the covers. xo cluckitycluck

JJ - got home at 2am this morning...surgery was delayed until 11 last night. Yep, laid around in the pre op for 12 HOURS in my oh-so-skimpy hospital gown... hell, I wanted to fast all day anyway... limb is gloriously numb from the block then gave me in the upper arm near the tourniquet... not looking forward to when that sucker wears off. I cluckcluckcluck I think something fishy happened while I was knocked out..cluck but I can't remember a thing... am panning on getting daughter to pick up my nature drugs today. whiskey? bleah xo

Anonymousy - cluck bagawp bock bock...something happening here.... what it is ain't exactly clear.... cluck... you notice anything funny going on?

Anon - not a bad name is it? Do you have one?

Jillie - when it finally happened (12 hours later!), surgery went well. yay it's all over. cluck I look like I'm wearing my Joe Lewis boxing glove, cool eh? Can't take the drugs they gave me- my tummy flat out refuses to calm down. Heave city if I try. coffee...coffee I need coffee.

Cat - Thanks dear. cluckity cluck you hear something? knee deep...knee deep ribbitt what the heck is going on around here?

Doug - chicken humor clucks me up.

tsduff said...

please forgive my out of order responses... I feel a bit chicken brained today... it has nothing to do with drugs, I promise cluck cluck

SoCAL Sal...LOLOL what the cluck? HAHAHAHA must try to remember that one.

Sal & Jeff: Thanks sis :) I like it when I get cluck personal nursing care.

Kelly - Ha ha - yes, the hand surgeon was very good with his knife, a whole bunch cluck better than I. I keep hearing the chicken... I thought I put her away...

Ariel - Thanks sweetie- going chicken hunting? Or is that why there are so many dead pigeons hanging around in Hungary?

Red Mojo - Yes! I prefer Haagen-Dazs dark chocolate coated vanilla bars. Ice cream is the best cluck drug hands down.

Autumn Storm said...

Hope it all went well, Terry, take care, xo

photowannabe said...

I think I just heard some clucking...Thinking of you...Best wishes.

Icarus said...

The raven clucks? Heavens, when you get as out of touch as I am right now, things happen, so you don't know what's going on. That's bad. I just hope whatever you had done went perfectly and you can talk to all the animals now.
I know full well that I get more sense out of our cat than an awful lot of "humans" around here!