Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How on earth
can it be Thursday

Okay brave ones... name that caption!


Tom & Icy said...

I'm not very good at thinking up captions for pictures.

Nessa said...

Count to one hundred before you seek.

lime said...

8,9,10...ready or not, here i come!

(ok, so nessa beat me to it, but i did have that idea before i read hr comment)


yoohooo!!!1 anybody home?

Mo'a said...

Where is this big hunkie bear to be found?

SoCal Sal said...

Ok, where’s that backhoe, we have a clean up in the front yard! Bad bear!

javajazz said...

"Hey, anybody in there
seen my bodyguard?
He's about 6 feet tall,
white hair, jeans,
leather jacket..."

Jeanne said...

Hmm. This bears looking in to.


"Where's Terry? I don't want to get cozy with this old fart."

photowannabe said...

Where in the world is this??? Sorry I'm not good with captions. there have got to be some really good ones for this though.

actonbell said...

"Oh, I can almost see the Bear Country Exhibit."

Oh, well, I tried. That is a cool picture, Terry--we must know where it is!

jillie said...

HEY! You can't hide from me forever...I'm telling mom if you guys don't come out now.....


Great picture Terry. I think it's actually the bear looking for his crow!

How is your hand/fingers doing? I'm moving along better every day. As long as it's not face first downt he stairs...hahaha!!


Anonymous said...

Where's my PORRIDGE?

RED MOJO said...

There's a spot on this window. When I find that window washer...

Anonymous said...

whether it be Man or Bear--the glass "house" has a morbid curiosity .. to both...though to enter would endanger their immortality

tsduff said...

Icy - you ARE a caption.

Nessa - Ollie ollie oxen free

Lime - who would have imagined a bear would play hide and seek? (They can peek through the glass! Can Goldilocks come out to play?)

Mo'a - help - that's one Icelandic word I can't figure out. Mo'a, the Great Blue Bear was a piece of "art" created to help celebrate the opening of the new addition to Denver's Convention Center in October 2005.

SoCal Sal, HA HA HA you've done it once again. Except I thought they only did that in the woods?

JJ - Don't look now but he's under your left foot... :)

Jeanne - that is so punny! Glad to see you haven't lost your touch.

Photowannabe - Bears live in the mountains, and this one was in Denver (see comment to Mo'a above). Some Hunk!!

Actonbell - no,isn't that in Disney Land? Oh, that's the Bear Country Jamboree. See comment to Mo'a above... Mr. Big Blue hails from Denver.

Jillie - cute cute!!! It's hilarious to imagine such a giant being a little kid at heart... That's a funny thing about those bears and crows... say, did you get your walls and stairs padded yet? What ARE we going to do with you Jillie!!!

Anonymousie: The porridge got too cold - had to through it out to the birds :)

Red Mojo - Oops - I thought you ate that guy this morning!

Anonymous Bear Person: How profound wizard! And fyi, that ain't no house. Corporate hell is more like it.

G said...

Love this picture! I'm thinking the bear is doing the guy's dirty work like stalking out someone for him:

"She's she's going to the eleva, no no - the newstand. Buying The Post and a bag of pean, no no a pack of gum!..."