Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Check it out - when you go to this site, you can play a cool word game, whilst at the same time earning free rice to feed a hungry person.

Warning - it can be addicting.


Rebecca Hickman: said...

Thank you for telling me about this game. It's great!

Anonymous said...

did my first two hundred grains--very cool,will make it a daily event-Thanks

Doug said...

If there's a site to give corn to cattle will you let us know?

SoCal Sal said...

Addicting and a lot of words I’ve never heard of!

Rime/hoarfrost? Who uses those words?

javajazz said...

i LOVE this site!
i had to stop myself
around 4000 grains,
and even tho it is
terribly forgiving
if you dont know a word
i learned how to
fake knowing words
by the process of
elimination and
my soon developed
sense of logic...
actually i really didnt know
most of these words
but i got lucky
and then i felt like i was at
the gambling casino
and then i felt like i was
a brainiac even tho i probably
couldnt use most of those words
in a sentence...
but heck, someone's got
a quarter of a cup of rice...
(huff puff...)

Mo'a said...

I adore word games...thank you. You are right it is addictive.

RED MOJO said...

That was fun. I did a 1000 grains. I could probably do it for hours! oh dear.

yellowdog granny said...

yah, i have it on my favorites and play it all the time...

tsduff said...

Rebecca - thank you for visiting! I am stuck on the rice game now.

Anonymous - it is a worthy game indeed. Makes learning fun :)

Doug - you will be the first one to know *hands him an ear of corn*

SoCal Sal - Rime - I don't know, but hoarfrost - hey, I use that one every day! HA HA. Sounds like you got some real doozies.

JJ - you are right. It is forgiving if you don't get them right - as in not berating you and calling you a LOSER :) Plus when you get one right you feel so smart. I'll be playing hookie there a little later today myself. :) It is a fun way to take a wee break.

Mo'a - it is a fun word game with great words!! I enjoy it very much too - and end up learning some new words I didn't know.

Red Mojo - No reason to stop now is there? :) Amazing how fast those little grains add up.

Yellowdog Granny - I should have known you would already have found such a cool place. Your place is stocked with great stuff.