Monday, February 18, 2008

Clair de lune - by Claude Debussy. Simply the most beautiful creation ever made. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it at the moment - I've been playing it over and over for days.

Nymphe avec clair de lune

Fantasia - deleted scene Clair de lune

I was amazed to find this one segment (click link above) intended for the original Fantasia which was completely animated, and then left out of the first release.

Clair de Lune, based on Claude Debussy's piano piece, was a casualty of Fantasia's excessive length.

I found a different one on YOUTUBE
- with an interesting note rollout to accompany the piano.

There are many interpretations of it - including in art form "La Nuit, un Port au Clair de Lune" as done above by Claude-Joseph Vernet in 1771, or

this artwork by IZAC...

... or this funny fanny one which I couldn't find the credits for...

Personally, the best way to enjoy the experience of the composition is just to close your eyes, and listen. I woke up this morning with the exquisite notes softly playing in my head.


yellowdog granny said...

so beautiful....and love the art stealing the fat bottomed girl picture...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It is a beautiful and soothing tune. I love it too. Thanks for the images but I'll stick to just the moon.

tsduff said...

Okay, the sad truth is, that there are no music heads out there. At least no classical music heads - I'm beginning to get a complex because this has been up half the day and although many folks have stopped by, nobody but my earthy fellow-Granny-in-crime Yellowdog and the well traveled Lone Grey Squirrel has felt moved enough to leave a comment. Boo hoo - I knew it would happen someday - I'm all washed up. Well, what the heck - I like the piccies, and stopping by my own blog provided me with yet one more time to listen to that dainty, haunting tune again.

Yellowdog Granny - It's nice to know someone else has an appreciation for fat bottomed girls. They make the rockin world go round. This one is especially different...

Lone Grey Squirrel - I'm so glad you like the music. You know, I don't really know what image comes to my own mind when I hear the music - I actually think it is just some sort of visualization of the piano keys, tinkling down upon one another... so beautiful. And, I have always loved the moon.

ariel said...

I loved the piano version. Thank you for sharing!!

Big bottom picture is hilarious. I can see it dancing. :-O

Mo'a said...

It's a great the images and the video that was left out of my dear are not washed up...but I also wonder where everyone is?

javajazz said...

here i am, here i am!
we used to call Claire De Lune
Clear The Saloon.
my sister could play
any classical piece
in the universe.
and my dad used to try
to learn Clair De Lune
but could only hack thru
the first few cute.

Debussy is a fave composer
of many jazz musicians
cuz his stuff was so darn hip.
plus that other guy,
(i cant remember anything anymore)
was it Ravel? and another one too,
also had these wild lush jazz chords,
so ahead of their time, painting
glorious musical pictures,
sheet music as their canvas,
notes as their paintbrush...

ps, that last tushie
looks awfully familiar...

Tom & Icy said...

Very lovely music. Made us want to go out and make angel wings in the fresh snow.

Keshi said...

beautiful indeedz! :)


jillie said...

I'm thinking I look LIKE the bottom one! YIKES! Those are great ;o)

javajazz said...

woo hoo!
just came in from standing
in the freeeeeezing outside,
a clear crisp winter night,
to see the entire eclipse of the moon!
wow! its soooo beautiful,
and its reddish, it really is!

tsduff said...

Oh my goodness!

I just went back out - the moon had been behind the mountian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO I saw it - it just rose above the trees and I saw it, reddish tint closing in on the entire roundness of the moon!WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOW!!! I tried to take pictures with my new camera, but well, without a zoom it is really rather pointless. WOW, I saw it with my own eyes - wow. I'm awed, like the early comprehensive humans must have been - wow.

tsduff said...

Ariel - I used that picture once before, in a "meme" someone asked me to do... I love big butts for some reason, and this one was especially tasteful ;)

Mo'a - I am still wondering where the life of the world is... LOL. The most "important" people showed up :)

JJ =Your sis must be so talented. I know mine are... they are all artists. I am nothing. I am almost lots of things, but in the end, no title. *sigh* It kills me at times... there is so much art in my family (mostly painting, sculpture, glass blowing and even singing) but I somehow was endowed with a love of many of these *(I LOVE SINGING - I'm a strong alto and a wannabee sculpturer) but somehow it hasn't come THROUGH yet for me. I have perfect pitch - what the hell happened? Had to turn my steel drum in because of finances - yep, I'm plumb broke. Really broke. Went into a spell of sorts, when my hubby died, and was't into the real world, but now I am and I'm BUSTED FLAT IN Baton Rouge... anyway, I'm a little more lucid now and I see the light. No more trips to Iceland - boo hoo hoo hoo. really. I'll get back there one day, you'll see. Just a warning to a certain motherofatrumpeter* we are on a road trip this summer - Florida to PA to TORONTO to OHIO - to MN to ND, to Montana to NM, to TX and who knows where... but don't be surprised to get a phone call from Tim Hortons (or whatever it is called) saying a random "Come on down for just 5 minutes", okay? thats all. I know you might blitz out, but hey, I'm ALLOWED.

Tom and Icy - if there are really are any angels - you are it.

Keshi - I love that you still come by..

Jillie - you are some piece of work alright... modest, silly, gorgeous, and full of fun, life and love. I'm so glad to knnow you hon!

JJ = I answered you first because I was so excited! xo

javajazz said...

if you're broke
are you allowed to go on a road trip?
maybe the road is a cool way to travel.
okay, 5 minutes i can handle.
i just cant stand Tim's coffee
dont tell Galen!!
or Barman,
or any of the Timheads...
maybe we'll go to my favourite coffee store
in funky Kensington Market instead.
5 minutes.
i should be able to handle that.

javajazz said...

you should be thankful
that you have no title...
this titlelessness
doesnt diminish your love of things.
if anything
it rather enhances it
for you are not tied down
and encumbered by
any meaningless title.
rejoice, baby.

TK Kerouac said...

I'll steal this one, frap!

tsduff said...

Kensington Market sounds much more to my liking :D The Bear said Tim Hortons are like a 7-11 or something. I've never been -

Yes, road trips aren't cheap either, but they sound so much more affordable than say... "EUROPE..." sigh. I want to go back to Iceland something awful. I should take it off my screen savers so I won't always be reminded.

Thank you for titles. Or regarding my lack thereof. :)

tsduff said...

TK Kerouak - it's free!

Agnes Mitchell said...

LOL No music heads. Well, I came too late apparently. Clair De Lune and Blue Danube were the first things I learned on the piano when I was about 8. Fond memories for me. Fantasia was HUGE in my childhood and started my dreams of art and what I could do with it. I'm ever amazed at the emotion and thought the animators put into that movie way back in...what...the 30s or 40s? It isn't the same now, with computers to make decisions like "how do the ripples on the water affect the reflections?" Human minds did that the first time. AMAZING.
As for the music, I could listen to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata until the world ends. It makes me feel as though Dad is right in the room with me. Blue Danube and Malaguena are my mother's favorites. There are plenty of days when we need just the music to create the soundtrack of our lives. Instrumentals that bring back moments as strong as smells sometimes.

I know that you know exactly what I mean. There are still a good lot of us out here that understand the song in the sounds. You should get your hands on a copy of Diamond Music...made popular by DeBeers commercials. Oh the hours that one fills. Mmmmmmm.....

One last thing: We have flocks of egrets and white herons here. I think they look like angels in flight every time I see one. Big, graceful, angel wings watching over us. I loved the scene and thank you for sharing it.

Much love and gentle days of music on the breeze to you, dear Terry.

G said...

Oh my - I stopped in from work and couldn't hear the music because my dratted work won't allow sound files. Then one thing lead to the next, but I had to come back to hear and was sitting here with my eyes closed and when I opened them, I saw that's what you said to do.

Anyway, whatever you do is lovely - this no less so. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you'll even feature more classical segments from time to time. There, how's that Sis? xox

G said...

Oh and that last picture - hahaha, that's what you call a RUMP!