Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cracked Bean - is it hatching? (Click to enlarge)

Oh the snow
In Chicago
The wind ablowin
Snowdrifts growin

We had a watcher in the tree
Just watching, waiting, silently

He came back later
With a greeting
NOT the best kind
Worth repeating

Still the fact
That he chose me
(the only crow
among the three)
Onto bestow
A gift for free
Made it not
As hard to see
That I am special
Yes sirree

*or so I told myself as I cleaned off my jacket...


jillie said...

THat just looks WAY too cold! I think I would be hiding under that cracked bean waiting for the warmer weather.

That is a great picture of the lone crow.


ariel said...

More snow beans yay! Chicago looks WONDERFUL in snow.

A warm greeting from a fellow bird, eh? ,-)

Tom & Icy said...

Darn. When is it going to get warm!

SOe said...

:-) How tastes silver beans? Wonderful grey, snowy winterday.

lime said...

that giant bean makes me think the artist was dying for a cup of coffee. hehehehe

Doug said...

Great photos and rhyme. None of my hatching bean photos came out right. I'll steal yours.

tsduff said...

Jillie - The company-kept made the cold non-existent. The bean was marvelous - amazing in fact!

The crow was one of the few birds we saw while in Chicago - other than the European Rock Doves (otherwise known as pigeons) and occasional black bird.

Ariel - Yes, the snow was so awesome! I didn't like the slippery ice as well, but the snow was a blast. Oh, and I assume the warm greeting from the crow had cooled by the time it reached my shoulder. ;-)

Tom & Icy - Sending you some California sunshiny greetings to warm you up. Little Ms. Noname needs some warmth for her kittens.

SOe - I assume it is a coffee bean - looked like it to me. I didn't taste it though - my tongue would have stuck.

Lime - Agreed - the need for coffee would generate such a beautiful oversized brilliant bean. I feel the pull of it coming over me right now.

Doug - No need to steal :-) I often give treats to beagles. I have another picture of a giant metal egg hatching - it is further along, and was taken in Keflavik.

actonbell said...

Oh, I love the bean! And am envious that you got to go. Chicago is so COOL.

Didya go window shopping on Michigan Avenue? Cool shoes.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that even guardian angels have a sense of humor. ;-)