Tuesday, April 08, 2008

If you double click on any of the photos, they will be blown up and you will be able to see the details much better.

We were greeted by an Icelandic raven upon our arrival.

This mystery hatchling was seen at the Keflavik Airport.

After making a beeline for the beautiful little harbor at Hafnarfjordur,

... we had to take care of priorities... A sweet pastry for the Bear

- and then on to get a world's best hotdog at the Pylsurbarinn in Hafnarfjordur.

A typical breakfast which we enjoyed every morning at our hotel consisted simply of bread, meat & cheese, a boiled egg, Skyr, fruit, and coffee.

I could gaze upon the city of Reykjavik for hours,

admiring the view of Mt. Esja in the distance

while marveling at all of the gaily colored housetops throughout the city.

The swans and ducks kept us entertained as we looked out the window of the City Center.

Next we shared a bite with a certain Penguin who walked into the coffeeshop...

The Penguin loved these books in the Terry Pratchett section.

FEET IN ICELAND - one Icelander, one German, and one American mix.

We were invited to a cousin's for typical Icelandic "coffee"... which always means a table groaning with soup, meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, herring, amazing vegetable casseroles, and of course, cakes!

I ate up the scenery with my eyes and my heart as we drove down the coast...

and hiked around the chilly lake where a pair of flying swans grazed the water...

The lava that makes up this fabulous country is stunningly beautiful - colorful,

... and covered in happy thick green moss. I called this one lizard lava.

Alas, when will I get to return?


RED MOJO said...

Wow, what a great glimpse into your travels. Beautiful photos, magical scenery, and mouth watering food. Looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

Mo'a said...

What a lovely way to describe this amazing country called Iceland.
OK!!! You convinced me...I think I will go there this summer :)

Tom & Icy said...

Thanks for sharing. This looks so fabulous.

tsduff said...

Red Mojo - Even the pictures can't do it justice - one must see, smell, hear, and taste it for one's self to fully appreciate it.

Mo'a - HA! I think you were convinced long, long ago, before you grew up :) Next summer eh? Nice time of year to go there. (Tell me what time of year ISN'T a good time LOL)

Icy - you and Tom would feel right at home with all the snow around. You might have to wear some boots - although I got away with Icelandic woolen socks and sandals.

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry this is wonderful, I love your pictures! The raven photo is quite genius. Typical Icelandic coffee looks exactly like a typical Turkish coffee.

A very enjoyable exhibition you made here, you're making your visitors want to pack and go immediately.

Anonymous said...

What a greeting! Love your description of the "groaning" table. There is something about 'rocks' that has always fasinated me - loved seeing the lava images!!

Minka said...

Yeah...finally Iceland!
The picture of the raven, swans and the final one are unbelievable!
wow, so beautiful!

It wa ssuch a pleasur eto meet you both, a joy i hope to relive :)

~gkw said...

Wow! what great pics! I wish I could go!!!

jillie said...

Those pictures are great as well as the story that goes along with it. Those colored roof tops remind me of the colored doors on the houses in Ireland. I just loved that country and want to go back very badly!! Someday maybe. Yes, there are other places to see but my heart takes me back there.

Thanks for sharing Terry!

tsduff said...

Ariel the Thief - When shall we go? (okay, after I pay off my credit card, I'll call you :)) The coffee was mostly instant coffee - I must tell you I missed Starbucks.

Anonymous - Do you have lots of "rocks" where you live? I imagine Ayers is something to see in one's lifetime.

Minka - Yes, you provided a highlight to our time in Iceland, if that could be possible over the landscape :) The pictures are pretty, but the beauty of Iceland is much better viewed in person. We loved seeing you - and the pizza fabulous! I dub thee "Best Tourguide in Iceland".

Say - are your horses okay? I heard about a fire in the stables.

~gkw - Save your pennies, and then off you go! It is a bit different from the south you are used to... but you will come back changed.

Jillie: You make me remember when I went to Ireland some years ago with my parents. I took pictures of all the colorful doors there. Some had the knob right in the middle - and most were painted brightly with either red or green. It is a beautiful country, and one day I'd love to go back and see the northern side.

G said...

Your posts are making me so hungry lately! What a great archivist of journeys, you are. Did you ever think of working in tourism? Love these photos, the colorful rooftops - all of them. And of course, seeing my old young friend, The Penguin was added fun.

Thanks for sharing them.

G said...

Hi Terry, from your East Coast sister! We posted at the same time.

Nessa said...

Wow, can I move there?

lime said...

oh thank you for taking us along. what beautiful scenery. it sounds like it was a wonderful time and i hope you get to return sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMM--brennivin,you did say fire water....

sister celtic said...

How & where would I even start....this trip is breathtaking and you captured it all so well. Terry you must write a book of sorts I don't know but you do! Your photography is stunning wow. When Geo. gets home I can't wait to show Iceland off from your lens. I love everything the scultures the lava everything. Hey what is on the salmon is it uncooked? Is it butter. How do you eat it sure looks good. Iceland reminds me a little bit in places of WA. It definitley holds it's own. Keep on traveling!

Jamie Dawn said...

How absolutely wonderful!!!
What an amazing trip!
Your photos are great!
What a beautiful country Iceland is. I shivered just looking at those pictures. Brrrrr!
How neat that you went there and met up with the ever lovely penguin, Minka.


SOe said...

Yes, that is Iceland!!! It´s for sure that you enjoyed your trip. Next time you are on the island, we have to meet!!! We will drink one or two or ... coffees, eat one or two or ... hot dogs and look to Esja... By the way, thanks for your nice comments on my flickr-pictures!

actonbell said...

Fascinating! (That part of the world is completely unknown to me)
It looks like you had a wondrous trip, AND got to meet the penguin! Great food pics, too. I love salmon. And now I'm hungry.

photowannabe said...

What an amazing place. I can see why you couldn't take your eyes off of the landscape. Thanks for the glimpse of it through your trip.
Also thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. They mean alot.

tsduff said...

G - I'd adore working in the travel business... if only I could travel :) We had trouble keeping up with your "old" young friend - that youngster Penguin :)

Funny to post at the same time. We sisters must be psychic.

Nessa - I have to know: do butterflies survive in the frost?

Lime - is it like traveling to Trinidad? All I know is my heart is full when I'm there.

Anonymous Bear - Are you sipping that Icelandic treat? MISSYOUMISSYOUMISSYOUMISSYOUMISSINGYOU xo

Sister Celtic - blush blush - you are too kind. All one has to do in Iceland is point and shoot - the subject matter is just so stunning that it takes no skill to capture it. On top of that delunchie smoked salmon (on french bread)is hardcooked egg, and chopped red onions. There wasn't any left. :)

Jamie Dawn - Nice that you are back. May I congratulate you on your stand in while you were gone? My all time favorite was Lambchop :) Iceland was a dream - as was our host the young and glowing Penguin :)

SOe - you have named all my favorite things to do in Iceland!! But there are many more.
I'm sure we shall hook up next time we are there - and be sure to know that if you should ever travel to Northern California - you have a place to stay :)

Actonbell - I just can't stop staring at your icon - I love it! Iceland - heaven on earth - including all of its food offerings. Ambrose should have defined it LOL. The Penguin was wonderful - so much energy for us old fogies.

Photowannabe - Your lense would capture amazing things in Iceland... the flora is tougher there but up close you would get some great shots. The fauna - leans a bit more toward sheep and horses ;) You'd be amazing I know. As for your dear friends - again, please know how sad I am for your loss.

Anonymous said...

We all live on 'rock' don't we? It's mostly sandstone where I am.

SOe said...

South California wasn´t on my travel plans until now but how could I resist such a nice invitation? :-)

Doug said...

Grand, grand photos.

tsduff said...

Anonymous - sandstone has it's great attributions - caves to name one ;) Rock is awesome and I love it. It is what our earth is made of.

SOe - You are really welcome here - be assured on your next trip to San Francisco you will have to stay with us!

Doug - Makes you yearn, doesn't it?