Sunday, May 04, 2008

Trying hard to be
Grateful for the day and pay
It's Monday again.

Here is my alternative post for today.


Free from work

Away from it all

Peace and quiet

I'm so there

If only In my mind


Anonymous said...

Your hand is looking a bit desperate in that top image! :)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Quite a contrast between images. Can we have more serenity and less gnarled skeletal hands reaching up?

Anonymous said...

CHANGE--thought is a bitch :-) xoxox

SOe said...

The first version reflects my mood perfectly! I can hardly wait for friday night then my husband will come for the long weekend.

Doug said...

That's some contrast. Must be Monday.

Tom & Icy said...

Serenity is nice, but too much of it can really turn into the first picture. Especially when on vacation from work with no money to spend to go or do anything. It was times like that I couldn't wait to get back to the job.

lime said...

if you can hold it in your mind you can take it wherever you go.

Ariel the Thief said...

You see, Terry, even the beach monster is reaching for the sky. I am almost over my Monday.

Logophile said...

I feel more like the first picture but aspire to the second.

Dr.John said...

The trick in life is to somehow join the two and survive.

G said...

There's a scary serenity to that top pic. Although I do prefer the actual serenity of the bottom one. Monday Monday.

Oh, but great reading over at Doug's this weekend - you were perfect!

Kelly said...

EEEEEUUUUUWWWWW!!! Scary hand!!! Reminds me of another scary hand at the top of the stairs years ago, but that's another story, and far more colorful!!!! Your second photo is lovely, a real feast for the eyes and soul, and so much nicer than the first!!! I will go look at it again, you can have the hand though!!! :D

G-Man said...

That reminds me of the last scene in Deliverance! hehehe
Have a Great Week Terry!!

photowannabe said...

Its nice to have a place to go if its only in the mind.
Great contrasting photos. The tree limb's a bit scary though.

tsduff said...

Anonymous - I tend to feel a bit desperate on Mondays.

Lone Grey Squirrel - I'm trying I'm trying!!

Anonymous - Change - yes. But with you by my side it isn't so bad. xo

SOe - Yay! Your Sweetie is coming across the water - what a great occasion to look forward to!

Doug - hmmm - is it that obvious?

Tom & Icy - I used to feel like I couldn't wait to get back to work when the kids were driving me insane, and the calm surroundings of the office were my sanctuary. But that was a long long time ago.

Lime - yes, my happy place is never far away! I just have to remember it.

Ariel - thank goodness Monday passes away every week.

Logophile - It is a constant flux between the two - but then change is a good thing.

Dr. John - yes, you said it Brother! Wise words.

G - I thought the starkness of the first picture was cool - but everyone needs some serenity relief at the same time. As everyone has stated, it is that balance between the two that we seek. I'm better now - Monday is passed.

Kelly - ha ha, I'm laughing remembering the scary hand I made which scared Tammy out of a year's growth at the top of the stairs...

Galen - Oh no! I can't watch that movie - gross! It DOES look pretty desperate.

Photowannabe - yes, when daydreaming is our only escape, there are many beautiful places one can go in their mind's eye :)

McRaven said...

Me too!

jillie said...

For as disturbing as it may seem...I love that first picture!

Cheesemeister said...

Saturday at 10 PM is my Monday morning.