Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This feels like a Monday,
even though it isn't.
I'm dragging into work,
haven't had my coffee yet,
and so today's post requires no brainwork.
At least it is a shorter work week.


javajazz said...

ha! cute.

G said...

At least. Hahaha, love the picture. My psuedo-Monday started off in traffic court so glad tomorrow will be Wednesday already :)

Ariel the Thief said...

Pseudo-Monday, LOL G! With a Wednesday on the next day, great!

Terry, is there a way to make your sad Tuesday happier? I will sing "Love Me Tender" for you!

Tom & Icy said...

What a lovely little friend in that picture.

Fred said...

Well done. Short and sweet.

Dr.John said...

Funny picture.
Enjoy your short week.

jillie said...

Now that I am of the working class again. I am appreciating these 3 day wknds.

Hope all is well....love the picture. Thought of you on Sat when there were about 30 crows hovering and sqawking (? sp) over Robert's parents house. I was wondering what the rukus was and knew you'd probably know ;o)

McRaven said...

I love that photo! It made me smile.

photowannabe said...

It really does feel like Monday. Hilarious picture.

Will Doohan said...

Thanks for the laugh Deb. :-D

Will Doohan said...

Woops! did I write Deb? I meant Terry. :-P

lime said...

oh that's a priceless caption! too funny1

SOe said...

:-) I wish you a nice, short week.

Jamie Dawn said...

I wonder if I'd rather be a goth or a tart??
Yep, a tart for sure.

I hope your workweek goes by quickly, but anything fun goes by slowly.

tsduff said...

JJ - Yes, I thought so too. (tartish even)

G - Oh, what a bummer of a way to start your week. I hope the traffic cop didn't show up and you had your fine reduced or dropped! Hurray - we are only a few days away from the weekend now.

Ariel the Thief - you have a beautiful singing voice - I'm so much cheerier! (I don't think I've ever had someone sing "Love Me Tender" to me before)

Tom and Icy - It is always the pretty ones that get the attention isn't it?

Fred - I'm working on my brevity.

Dr. John - Isn't it grand? Short is better for once :)

Jillie - I love how cheerful you always are - such a perfect personality for your chosen profession. As for the crows - I would have been drawn to them like a magnet. Probably lots of noisy half grown kids, begging Mom and Dad for a bite. Either that or they discovered an owl to harass.

McRaven - Who can help but smile at a crow?

Photowannabe - And are you so happy that it is now approaching the end of the week? Me too :)

Will Doohan - Yeah thanks Deb (where ever you are). Anything to make you laugh :)

Lime - That is one pretty tie dyed bird. I still need to have a good lesson from you (says the black uncolored crow...)

SOe - Thank you dear - it is actually flying by. Then comes the time warp of the weekend, where the two days go faster than a speeding bullet.

JD - You crack me up. A rare one you are I think - not taken with pretty colors and "cute". This week is rather a blur for some reason - but that is okay with me.