Monday, July 28, 2008

Turn around and look back at the road behind... it could be the entrance to Lost Canyon where I first rode my pretty black and white pinto Misty with my Sweetie, a tall can of illicit beer and summer's innocence in hand... summer's heady aroma of dry sage, yucca flowers and tall yellow grass wafting by on the hot breeze, crickets' lazy chirping in the shady lush undergrowth closer to the creek... slow, lazy water whirling the green mossy strands studded with pollywogs... That year I was 14, and I have never felt more alive than then, when life threw it's very worst, and it's very best shots at me. Lucky me it happened so young.

Life is one amazing reality. Take the best parts; enjoy them, remember them, embrace them. Share them too.


Doug said...

If we were supposed to share the best parts, how come they always seem to happen in lost canyons?

Ariel the Thief said...

Lucky you. That summer is so alive in your mind.

yellowdog granny said...

It's easier for me to remember the summers of past than the summer of last year..

Mo'a said...

Good advise... :)

javajazz said...


Nessa said...


sister celtic said...

Yeppers Lost cyn. we spent lots of time and have cow skulls from there right here on Lopez... I always took a little bit with me and still treasure it ..I love your photo's please Terry I would pay anything to have copies or C.D. made...I'll keep snitchin them so we can keep a treasure trove of our memeories. I love your ability to write and create the smells and place. I need you to help do my next book pleeeeese.. I'll take notes from your blog then I'll get your permission to enclose your words in the book..Keep writing it's awe inspiring.. Your Gifted my dear Sister..

Jamie Dawn said...

I'll take your advice to heart.
I enjoyed reading this and reliving that lovely memory with you.
I'm so glad that life has tossed you some wonderful things along with the bad things. The bad is more bearable when we've got some good to hold on to.

Tom & Icy said...

So well said. It stirs up so many forgotten memories of my own.

Kingcover said...

I always remember the worse parts also. That way you know what the best parts feel like when they come along :-)

Jeanne said...

It will all make sense at the end (I keep telling myself).
I really like that picture. I keep taking pictures of roads going ever on and on, down from the doors where they began. They really do something to me when they disappear behind hills or bends. What joy that the future is an alluring mystery.

actonbell said...

Nice post, and we do try!

Happy belated birthday to Beatrix, too. Her story is fascinating.

Dr.John said...

When you reach my age the memories are the best part of what you have.

tsduff said...

Doug - Getting lost is half the fun.

Ariel The Thief - My Bear keeps that summer alive every summer thereafter.

Yellowdog Granny - Why is that the case? With one or two notable exceptions, all my summers melt into one blur.

Mo'a - I knew you'd understand :) I still remember you telling me about your chickens on your Grandparents' farm.

JJ - Yes, chickens are cool. And funny.

Nessa - Miss Chickie would scarf up your avatar.

Sister Celtic - Go ahead, snitch all you want. Ha ha - you crack me up. You lived it too, and your pictures both published and unpublished are profound as any. In fact, can I have your autograph?

Jamie Dawn - Your recent tour through the old baths was an inspiration to me. I love your shades of Pollyanna-like optimism; helps the good out-do the bad :)

Tom & Icy - Sometimes it is just wonderful to relive old experiences - it's like wandering through those places & times all over again. Ahhh - good times.

Kingcover - always nice to see you. Your awesome jaunts are favorites of mine.

Jeanne - I know what you mean - I'm a sucker for a road picture, or a trail through the woods - I have a couple of roads in Iceland which allure me all over again. Thinking of what might lie down the road is where the anticipation kicks in. Hope all is well with you, my fellow wanderer.

Actonbell - I love the way you share your memories (some so fresh they just happened the day before :))

Dr. John - well as the grandkids, stories of trains and dragons, and good times you are creating for others ;) When I read about Pigeon Falls, I feel like those are somehow memories of my own!