Thursday, August 14, 2008

This post is for Doug -

When we were in Chicago earlier this year, we were all geared up and in search of the elusive Funnel Cake. With high hopes, we set out for the Yankee Pier, where we figured our chances were good at finding some.

We found nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. No hot, crispy, delectable fried morsels of pure delight, slathered in drippy carmel syrup and dusted with powdered sugar... we found nothing at all that resembled such a vision of delight. Woe was us... we couldn't shake the longing for a Funnel Cake, but there was none to be had.

So, although it took six months, we finally achieved success at the local Six Flags Discovery World in Vallejo, CA. While the moppets were off with their Mom taking care of business, the Bear and I snuck over to the Funnel Cake store and indulged in our guilty pleasure at last.

Simply divine.


lime said...

it's pretty easy to make if you ever get a hankering for it again.

Mo'a said...

In our area PA and NJ they can be found at every when there are no fairs I don't know where one would go? Perhaps to Philadelphia?
I like the smell more than the eating.

Ariel the Thief said...

And I thought nobody can beat the Turkish... I'd love to try your way to a heart attack. :-)

Doug said...

Terry, you sure know how to take care of a friend.

yellowdog granny said...

we have them at westfest..and they can get them in a box and make your own.

Dr.John said...

Now I want one. Perhaps, the Brown county Fair will have one.

actonbell said...

Funnel cake! I didn't know we were supposed to look for that. Pennsylvania's a fat place, it's easy to find here.

What has two thousand feet and about ten teeth?
...the line for funnel cake at the Perry County Fair

Tom & Icy said...

You mean, you went all the way across the country searching and found your delight in your own back yard? It figures.

javajazz said...

isnt it funny
how the world just loves
funnel cakes?
its almost worth
the congested heart.

ps love actonbell's joke!

mmm.... funnel cake!

Crazy Me said...

I get one every year at the fair. So good!

sister celtic said...

God is good... yummy!

photowannabe said...

Ummm so yummy and sinfully caloric. We love them too. Always choke on the powdered sugar but just keep on eating.

Fred said...

Well, I hate to be the naysayer here, but it doesn't look like something I'd like.

I hope I'm allowed back to comment.

Claire said...

Yummy! The state fair is will be in sacto soon -funnel cakes will be in abundance... if you can stand the crowds.

McRaven said...

Instant drool...

G said...

Now I'm going to bed dreaming of funnel're a good friend.


tsduff said...

Lime - I know - but somehow it just never tastes the same as when you buy it out at a fair, with that smell wafting all around you...

Mo'a - I agree - the aroma is 98% of the thrill.

Ariel The Thief - Heck, those things are calorie free, didn't you know? Everything at the fair is fat free, no calories and everything great.

Doug - yep, saved you a bite. It was tough.

Yellowdog Granny - I suppose I could just make my own, but where do I get the ambience which makes it taste better?

Dr John - That is exactly how we felt when we went looking for funnel cakes at Yankee Pier - and came away empty handed. I have had that craving for 6 months! ahhhh!

Actonbell - That is a funny line (both yours and the Perry County Fair one)! Who needs teeth to eat funnel cake anyway?

Tom & Icy - Kinda sounds like "there's no place like home"... doesn't it?

JJ - It IS worth it - every last bite. (besides, I shared)

Crazy Me - Seems like the fair has cornered the market on funnel cakes. (and deep fried Twinkies and Mars Bars)

Sister Celtic - yes, funnel cakes are heavenly ;)

Photowannabe - If there was one thing I would change about them, I would like to take off the powdered sugar from the funnel cakes. I could do without the choking.

Fred - ha ha - take what you like and leave the rest. Perhaps I can offer you a deep fried corn dog instead?

Claire - We went to the state fair a couple of years ago, and indulged in our favorite junk food. Heart attack row - with deep fat-fried foods you can't even imagine until you try them.... I liked the baby piggy races. :)

McRaven - Yes. It was. And, I did.

G - Better to dream - no calories for sure that way :)