Monday, September 01, 2008



I love this painting entitled "LABOR DAY" by Anne Goldberg.

Labor Day occurs on the first Monday in September and was first celebrated in the United States on September 5, 1882. The date was deliberately selected to fall between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. The holiday was suggested by Peter J. McGuire, a New York City carpenter and a founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and by Matthew Maguire, a Paterson, New Jersey machinist. They strongly believed that American workers should have a holiday similar to those of other countries. The first celebration was observed only in New York City with a parade of about 10,000 workers. The idea spread quickly and in 1894, President Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a national holiday.

The association of the holiday with trade and labor unions has declined over the years. Labor Day for most people means the end of summer and the vacation season as well as the beginning of school for many students. The day is often celebrated with picnics, sporting events, reunions, and, in an election year, political rallies.

As for the Bear and I, this weekend is a relaxing "do-nothing" time for us, after having had a blitz of house guests (lovely fun times enjoying family and friends) for the past 5 weeks. Yard work, BBQ, maybe take in a movie or something; just a nice time spent together.


lime said...

rabbit rabbit....i envy the rabbit in your picture!

yellowdog granny said...

"Look for your Union Label"...don't hear that song any more..
I have to work today..sheesh!...but had a great westfest weekend...

Doug said...

It's all about the hot dog.

Fred said...

Happy Labor Day! I'm with you on the do-nothing spirit. I'm lovin' it.

photowannabe said...

I love the do nothin spirit. Have a great day with family and friends. Son and family and hubby and I are off in a few minutes to do a photo shot up by Grass Valley. Apparently there is a large covered bridge there that's calling our name. I say photo shoot but its really all about doing something together as a family.

Tom & Icy said...

That rabbit knows how to relax. Rabbit rabbit, relax relax. Have a good and luck fall.

javajazz said...

happy rabbit rabbit, crow bear.
where do you find those bunny pictures?
and the labour day picture is
just right...
i always felt sick on labour day,
even tho we'd always do something
summery with my family, but the sounds
of the last day of the air show at the
CNE (our summer fair here) and the
Jerry Lewis Telethon, always had
this foreboding feeling that school
was tomorrow and summer was,
(as the suntanned grass in that
picture indicates) pretty much over.
glad you had some nice visits...
bri's gone, and i just bought a really
expensive vita-mix at the CNE and i am
SO excited to use it...real live food
you can drink...make my day!

G said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Sounds like a perfect labor day to me. The painting is a perfect Labor Day accompaniment.

Ariel the Thief said...

I personally think, Labor Day should celebrated every week.

Rabbit rabbit!

Will Doohan said...

Again, happy Labor Day T. I like that house. It reminds me of the one I grew up in which also had cedar shakes. .... Ok, I've given up trying to figure it out. What the hell does 'rabbit rabbit' mean? :-D

Dr.John said...

We are also spending a quiet day with every body gone home.

sister celtic said...


Keshi said...


btw come n collect ur award hun :)


actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Now that I have a faster computer, I will get caught up...I love Anne Goldberg's painting:)

jillie said...

Even though I just got back from vacation, I feel like I need to be right along side that rabbit!

Love the picture too. It's very soothing and relaxing.

I was never really sure about the meaning of Labor Day and now I know.

tsduff said...

Lime - I'm not a real hammock gal, but I agree: the rabbit looks content ;)

Yellowdog Granny - I am proud to have that earworm in my head now :) Sorry you had to work on the holiday - a tough job but someone always does it. Glad you got to kick up your heels at West Fest! Did it rain?

Doug - I'm happy to have finally met a dog who has his priorities in order.

Fred! I saw your clip (and song) about Andrew... WOWSA! I'd say you deserve a swing or two in the hammock!

Hope your trip to Grass Valley worked out - we almost wound up there too (my brother lives there... family is the best). We flaked, until Monday when we had a great time jumping on the train to Sacramento's Old Town.

Tom & Icy - Relaxation is the creme of are always so wise.

JJ - Yes, the end of summer has a forlorn expression. I love your description of the "tanned grass"... I always call it "golden"... being from California where most folks call it scorched... I think it is beautiful. I don't even get to enjoy the benefits of the summer... as in a 3 month holiday... but, I do still feel the stirrings of the loss of freedom when Labor Day rolls around. Sorry your boy is gone for a while - so is mine. He came and got my Harley - yes, I can no longer claim to be the owner of a Harley. It is a difficult thing to stomach - yet it was the right thing to do. As my sister Julee pointed out, "bikes are meant to be ridden". I have not been a good steward of my Sportster in the past four plus years since my husband died. I love her dearly, but my son will do more than love her from the garage. *sigh* a bitter pill.

Hey Miz G - hope you get through the new school rush. Better you than me... ha ha - been there, done that. Now I spend my fall scrambling with grandkid fall clothes and new school changes (Hunter has changed schools yet one more time). His mom (my daughter) held him back whilst pleasing his daddy (parents are divorced). Grandparents don't have much of a say so I'm afraid. I just pitch in where I can, when I can. Ah - I miss the summers of old.

Ariel The Thief: I want you as my parent :) Let's go have fun one more time! Your icon picture still reminds me of my grandson's exuberance. Childhood is a wonderful treasure.

Will - Lucky you to have grown up in a cool house resembling that one! I envy you. Hope your holiday was fun - no matter what you did away out east where you live. If you have questions about Rabbit Rabbit, perhaps you will find some wisdom here, (especially in March) It means good luck - and if you forget to say it first thing on the first of the month, then you must say tibbar tibbar (rabbit rabbit backwards) in order to right the universe :)

Dr. John - Sometimes, peace and quiet is all we long for. I hope yours was delightful.

Sister Celtic - I have to rely on small town photography, borrowed art and lucky rabbit gimmicks - unlike you and your George. Say - did you know we might be up your way November 29? Just sayin...

KESHI! ou are so sweet - to remember me amongst all your admirers... I'm so touched. Thanks Hon - love you. Keep your amazing enthusiasm for life and love. You continue to inspire me all along.

Actonbell - Congrats on your new computer... (isn't it cool? I love my new laptop too). I love how you always notice good art.

Miss Jillie! SO very nice to hear from you! How was your trip? Your absence has been really huge - guess it is because of your humor and constantly upbeat attitude. We get rather glum when you are gone :) How was your trip? Hugs!! and welcome back to the daily grind. We all are in this together. xo