Saturday, September 06, 2008

We visited the wild wild west,
and the Bear
was finally
brought to justice
Johnny Law
caught up with him.


Fred said...

Well, a belated Happy Anniversary!

Thank goodness for Johnny Law.

yellowdog granny said...

i'd put my money on the bear...

Dr.John said...

Bout time they caught the bear don't you think.

javajazz said...

ooh baby,
i loves me a man
in uniform.
(i gotta stop using that line)...
you kids are funny.

sister celtic said...

Bounty on the Bear....Let my people go!

G said...

He seems to be going along peaceably - was that a ruse?

Tom & Icy said...

Thought I saw his pic in the post office.

Doug said...

'Bout time. It was never any good his just wandering around loose. When the panhandler got the drop on us in Sacramento Bear made him seem reputable.

Jamie Dawn said...

Bear doesn't look too afraid.
Me thinks he could snap Johnny Law in half with his bare hands.


Wonderful photo!

Jamie Dawn said...

Or should I have said, "... with his bear hands?"

tee, hee.

Ariel the Thief said...

Is it fear what I can see in Johnny Law's eyes?

Icarus said...

Or did Johnny Law fear he'd got the wrong guy, Ariel? I feel really dory for Bear, but I hope J L stays well away from my trail.
Terry, isn't it great, how people can all just turn up after so long out?
But I am sorry to have to tell you, my news is real and is THAT bad. Me, the enigma, like Rocket Man with no rocket. Now, it is real "Rock & Hard Place" territory...and in fact it's cold as hell. I'll post more to explain. Meanwhile, it is just such a comfort to read you there.
Big love & watch across the skies!

Crazy Me said...

Oh ... an outlaw. You gotta love a man with a bad streak to him!

photowannabe said...

Missed this show at Gold Rush Days so I guess we didn't cross paths.
Love this action shot.

Anonymous said...

NOT GUILTY--simply a juristic act--the beauty of America is the endless litigation--Always be aware of what you have tucked into your pockets.Memorize the number of your bail-bondsman...Peace and Happiness to All--THE BEAR

SOe said...

:-) I hope you will get him back soon ;-)

Kingcover said...

It's a bit much to throw him in jail just for a couple of unpaid parking tickets don't ya think?!

jillie said...

I'm thinking that Bear fought the law and the law lost on this one.

Hope you both had a great wknd Terry! Yes, I am beginning to get to be a real regular blogger again!!!!

How are you liking the cooler days? I think it's great. I am not liking the heat so much anymore. Me gets

Jeanne said...

How tall is your bear? How short are you?

tsduff said...

I had the best comment answers ever - and was almost finished! Then, Blogger took them all to their death - and I lost every single one. So now, filled with frustration, I know I shant be able to answer each one with the originality of my first answers, but I shall try. Grrrrrrrrrr

Thanks Fred! I don't know how thankful I am or not about Johnny Law... I suppose it is all an individual level LOL!

Yellowdog - Thank you for your wiser than the rest wisdom O Goddess... it was no contest :)

Dr. John - They'll never catch him! They just hope, and dream.

JJ - I had the greatest comment for you - sorry, it got erased before my very eyes. As for the Marshall Deputy in uniform... I agree... he was a looker, but man alive, we never got that guy to crack a smile. Took his job pretty serious.

Anne - yay, no Bear, no bounty! It was a trip, with the Marshall left empty-handed.

G - My dear ECS - you are one wise Mama. It was one big Peace Fest... and nobody was even riled up at all :) Your wisdom is incredible.

Tom & Icy - I hope and pray you ripped them all down.

Doug - The Bear is always loose. Some things (beings) are not what they seem :). Panhandlers are skilled in their trade - but Bears live their trade and there are no shams.

Jamie Dawn - My Bear is never afraid - and doesn't back down to uneasy situations. This time as usual, he won against all advesaries, and in his peaceful manner simply walked away. The Marshall Deputy could have been creamed... but the Bear showed constraint. BTW - he has fabulous Beary hands.. :)

Ariel - No fear - simply pure fanatical dedication. As it happened, the Bear won his freedom with his magic tongue - and Johnny Law was still respected throughout.

Icarus - It is nothing less that fabulous to hear from you my friend. I don't like the dismal news, but am thrilled to hear that you are still alive and kicking. I will investigate more of your site - hoping for the best. all best wishes... T

Icarus- Thank you for the music (joy of life), photos and philosphies you bring to my ears... the quality of photos brought to me from a foreign country, all of thatamazinglyenought, the membership you "bought"
but thanks for just being you.

tsduff said...

Crazy Me - Heck that guy in uniform never cracked a single smile, never gave Bear a break... you know all the "tourist" stuff... It was a good try though LOL

Photowannabe - Show - ha ha- what show? That Marshall Deputy was completely in the right place at the right time, and so we booked it. I thought the cupcakes were attrocious.

Baby - who you think is calling you names? Since when do YOU remember all the loot stashed into your pockets??? HA HA HA HA

SOe - I'm so glad he never left. :D I'm one lucky lucky Crow.

Kingcover - you are so reasonable! An Irishman after my own heart. The Bear never notices parking cinch-notes... hmmm, they do tend to build up after a while.

Jillie - Cranky is an understatement - these heat waves have just about wiped us out completely. It was our anniversary so off to Carmel we went for the surprise weekend. It was lovely - and Tobin liked it too (had to drag the old man along because he's just too old to leave home). It is so great to see you online once again - have missed you!

Jeanne - I had the best comment answers ever - and was almost finished! Then, Blogger took them all to their death - and I lost every single one. So now, filled with frustration, I know I shant be able to answer each one with the originality of my first answers, but I shall try. Grrrrrrrrrr

Jeanne - go here to see the height of the Crow and the Bear. I'm about 5'4, whilst he is 6'2". Nice combo don't you think?

javajazz said...

dang...dont you hate when that happens?
i always think there's someone
in cyberspace who ends up
with all the well intended comments
we lose, so at least "someone"
gets to read them.
so Bear's only 6'2?
hmm, so is my ex.
(and i'm 5 ft even...)
Bear seemed way taller
especially when i'd see
photos of the adorable
both of you side by side.

tsduff said...

Okay Jeanne - try this link (don't know why the other one won't work).

JJ - 6'2 sounds tall enough to me - man alive he's so fine. He growls too.

javajazz said...

he growls? oooh.
see, normally, for some
that might have been
too much information,
but for me?
its never too much.
my ex never growled.
tho i did have a
part time lover
oh, nevermind.