Saturday, November 01, 2008

November 1st
Welcome to the Dia de los Muertos
Day of the Dead


Dr.John said...

Or All Saints Day.

Tom & Icy said...

I like that doggy skeleton. I bet my dog Dusty looks like that by now.

kayla said...

great post i found you some how looking for things on our sons birth defects esophageal atresia. I wish you the best and god bless

Doug said...

Diá de los conejos muertos?

Conejo Conejo!

yellowdog granny said...

i have my altar up and running..have pictures of pets, little whiskey, smokes, pictures of their favorite teams, books, etc..i love day of the dead..
my friend shady lane says the mexicans make a special bread for today..she calls it the dayofthedeadbread..

Ariel the Thief said...

Funny pictures! I love the second one. I friend was in Mexico some time ago, she came back with hilarious photos, those guys make a twist of everyting.

actonbell said...

Thanks for reminding me of this--one of the more interesting traditions, I'd say. Cool pics--I really like the texture of the second one, the tile look.

Anonymous said...

Great day hanging with the Living...XoXo

javajazz said...

i have a friend who is
a Deadhead...does that count?
to life...! xo

Cheesemeister said...

Many other cultures seem to have a more regardful, spiritual approach to death than ours does. Our culture approaches it in such a dry, sterile, distressing way. Not that death is a happy thing for the living, but all the spirituality is sucked out of it in the U.S.

tsduff said...

Dr. John - Always the eternal optimist, aren't you?

Tom & Icy - Awww, that is a great thought. I can see his boney tail just wagging away.

Kayla - Welcome, and how interesting that you ended up here. I know nothing about esophageal atresia birth defects but I'm glad you came by for a browse. Good luck with your son :)

Doug - Guess there's not much luck for the rabbit in November - dead or alive.

Yellowdog Granny - Sounds festive. What's in that dead bread?

Ariel the Thief - I fell in love with that picture because I really do like mosaics. The cute boney folks light up the otherwise sober celebration. I've never been to Mexico - but would love to go. Mexican food is my favorite - read that TACOS.

Actonbell - I've always enjoyed hearing about the Day of the Dead or "All Saints Day" because it falls on the first day of the month of my birth. It is celebrated in Mexico with great festivities, eats, candles and parades - not morbid at all.

Anonymous - I do prefer the living :) xo

Javajazz - Of course it counts! Cheers - to life! xo

Cheesemeister - I agree completely. Once I went to a memorial service, and my friend commented "Where's the body?" Nobody has the body anymore! My sister who lives in Albania shared with me about the process of death over there. They don't embalm, therefore having to bury the bodies as soon as possible. The wakes are held with family and friends visiting and mourning over the body, with wailing, crying, deep sorrow and grief. Not to say one must have the departed present in order to grieve, but as you said the process has become sterile, proper, removed... even impersonal.

weirsdo said...

That is one of our favorite holidays.