Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Raven Woman


I have no idea where this came from - got the picture off the web... but I felt such a kindred to it that I had to publish it. It is beautiful. A beautiful woman, a wealth of stunning black ravens...)I believe it is called an "Unkindness" of ravens... at more could a person wish for?

I wish you all a wonderful new, baby new year, with all of its Hope. I don't know many for whom 2008 has been a boon... certainly not for myself. I'm still lounging about, seeking a job which has yet to materialize. I'm facing some rather interesting financial dilemmas, of which I have no idea under the sun about how they will turn out. Thanks goodness I've always believed in Fairy Tales.

I wish you peace - those of you whom I've come to know and depend upon as blog friends. Without
each and every one of you, my fun here in blogland would be uncertain. I think especially of my honest artist flautist friend Lisa - who I am sure is plotting her newest freezing snow hearts up there in Toronto, as well as my most loyal & wonderful Swedish friend Jeanne who sends me fabulous presents even though I haven't even sent out a single card this holiday...and my dear exotic Hungarian vampire buddy Ariel who takes the most fabulous pictures of all time... also wondering how my token Icelander Minka is doing now that she is back to the grind after such a wonderful holiday in Germany...as well as the wry American Chicagoan writer Doug we all know and love whose presence we have ached for immensely... wondering how my only nurse friend Jillie is managing the holidays without her sweet friend Cay (XOXO) and thinking of a dear old white doggy Icy and her amazing genius muse Tom of whom I'd not be able to get along without; wondering about my sweet and innovative WCS - West Coast Sister Gina (G) who I think is not so different than I... her music is much missed these days and I think of her often when I hear new (or old ha ha) music :) ... Speaking of innovative.. I have to mention the friend of the Goddess- YellowDog Granny who knows how to make a person's sides ache with laughter and truth, as well as Lime's ever interesting points of knowledge about the PA life, tie dye or the food from Trinidad (Oh Michelle I still would die for one of your masterpiece t-shirts...) ... I'm always hungry after visiting her blog :) Have been wondering about a green musician genius from Ireland Gareth who manages to infuse local beauty, humor, and if we are lucky music into his amazing posts; thinking especially about Dr. John - whose dragony blog I found one day and never stopped returning to because - well, because he has not only found the magic but shares it... Life would not be the same without the Iceland blessings/influences of my amazing artiste friend Mo'a, who not only shares her fabulous art online but also shares her treasures wth some of the fortunate few of us online... or another ICELANDER Mz. Northern Musings who shares amazing tales of her Land such as polar bears, new gardens and burned up Koffebarin stories... and don't think I've forgotten to mention the talented Nessa who gives us passionate stories year after year... (most without an ending I might add)... and the most unique Ms Jamie Dawn who has impressive sermons, artware, garden pictures and advice...

I know I will be in trouble because there is no way my brain (which only functions semi efficiently) will be able to do justice to my personal blogroll, I'll just tell you that right off the bat. Just know that
every single one of you on my side blogroll is as important and dear as the next - and each touches me in a way no other can possibly. In fact there are many more whose names aren't even mentioned, that I visit from time to time and they enrich my life in ways I can't even tell you with their art, visions and sagas.

Oh my there are so many more I know I shall not mention everyone dear who has touched my life in a personal way, but I can't not mention
Cie who has a view everyone should be privy to, as well as the ever dry-humored TLP whose birthday I share, and a very beloved old friend Agnes who seems to be on exactly the same wave length as me in every way... I think of my eccentric friend Lone Grey Squirrel who is forever sharing fabulous points of interest with us, and I swoon over the amazing Keshi who never seems to run out of either titillating material or enthusiasm... I love hearing from the real live school teacher Fred because I identify with him on so many levels - daughters, parent, doggy owner... he always has such a happy persona;
and what about that stunning photo queen who
never fails to put out the most great pictures and captions who prefers to be known as my sweet bud Sister Celtic at Lopez Island - and honorable mention to the smartest biker/trivia KING in the world Mr. Knowitall Galen...
I love my old friends
Actonbell with her funny beer, art and co-worker stories, Sherri with her own funny but peculiar co-worker and baby Hannah stories,

Cheers to my newer friends
Chez Aspie and Photowannabe, and oh crap, there are a million more I don't have the brains to just pull up out of my rear...as well as some dear missed friends Autumn Storm and Trace from several years past... Thanks so much to my ever loyal sisters Sal (Heyer Haven) and Jules (The Shocker) , as well as my unknown blogger sis Kelly who would be the best blogger ever if only given the chance... whom I will adore all of my life.

HAPPY NEW YEAR,and all the best in the upcoming 2009~
Wishing each and every one of you my very best thoughts and wishes - Love Terry


Tom & Icy said...

Maybe as a new year resolution I may try to make some serious pictures. I wanted those crows really bad, but they cost $17.95, way above my budget. Hope you have a good year ahead, but things are going to be hard for us all for a while. I guess we have to go into these valleys to make it up the next hill.

Ariel the Thief said...

That girl reminds me of Hellboy's girlfriend. :)

I wish you a Happy New Year, and hope 2009 is also going to solve all the troubles it brings up for you!

Kingcover said...

I think you must have banged your head against something hard before you called me a "musician genius". LOL! Have the little blue and yellow birds stopped circling around the top of your head yet??? Hehehehehe *snicker* :-P

Thanks for the mention in your post Terry and I wish you and yours a very happy and peaceful New Year and everyone else in Blogland also whether I know them or not :-)


margie said...

thanks for the visit! i love how black box finds new bloggers!! lucky you in sunny california. every drop of sun we get is a treasure. happy new year.

lime said...

that really is a beautiful picture. i can see why it captivated you.

i certainly hope 2009 is better to you (and the rest of us) than 2008 was.

happy new year.

yellowdog granny said...

I am so stealing that picture..a good friend is a Lakota and Raven's are her fetish?...right word?..
thans for the lovely mention..I like the idea that I brought laughter into your life..happiest of new year to you and yours..jackie

sister celtic said...

No I don't feel slighted.. not one single slighted bit , I need not lick my wounded spirit cuz it's not wounded or did I say it was wounded... Not forgotten no I don't feel forgotten up here on Planet Hee-Haw... Of course you can remember everyone but you did and my name well I know you meant well... Okay Terry Bear I'll knock it off no guilt trips here just given you a chuckle.. We love you so much yes indeed , um what was the name again...We will Survive.

javajazz said...

Thank you Terry!!
so kind of you
to take the time
to write about
your blogger friends...
very kind words...
many thank yous
and a happy healthy
new year to you
and the Bear...xoxo

Logophile said...

The blogworld is richer for having you and your eye and ear for beauty in it, and contributing.
Happy New Year!

G said...

Terry, my dear WCS, Happy New Year and really the best of luck and good health to you and your family this year.

Logo just said it so beutifully above and I'll echo that the blogworld and world in general are all the richer for your presence. Thanks for the sweet mention. XOX

Northern musings said...

Oh that was so sweet.. I thank you for bothering to read my verbal ..... whatever.. take care, have a wonderful 2009 and know that next when you are in Iceland you are MORE than welcome to visit my humble abode.

weirsdo said...

What a nice tribute. The ones I know are all very deserving. I will check out some of the others too.

Michelle said...

Beautiful picture. :-)