Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've seen this meme here and about, but the ones I've seen so far were associated with the number 5. I wasn't impressed with the results so wasn't overly eager to act upon it. Today while over at Logo's Place I found it with a different bit of rules:

Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
Select the 4th picture in the folder.
Explain the picture.
Tag four people to do the same.
No Cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)

So, here is what turned delightfully up for me :) This is my little fire headed niece Lynnie, so named after our Mom. She was out last summer from Wyoming with the rest of her family, my sister Sally & her hubby Jeff, plus her brothers Micah and Jacob. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit and somewhere in the middle of it, tiny little Lynnie (almost 5 years old) decided she would like to ride on my Harley. Just sitting on the bike wasn't good enough; she had to wear my summer gloves, my silver helmet and some big glasses with no lenses left in them. THIS made her a real biker. So with that beautiful engine rumbling comfortingly... deafeningly around us, and having been incessantly warned about the burning hot pipes below her bare feeties (I had beautiful Gatling gun pipes) Lynnie became a Harley Rider in her own right.

After a bit of wiggling about, she decided she wasn't achieving the ultimate "biker" look, so removed her glasses and proceeded to give the normal "bad girl" stare typically required of any true Harley rider. My niece rocks.

Tags? Who knows I don't tag folks because it isn't always well received. Would love to see your results though, should anyone feel the urge :)


Keshi said...

OMG Lynnie is an absolute cutie! *MWAH*

Terry if ur feeling a lil low, come over to my blog and check out some great pics of places in Aus!


jeff@sally said...

Ok, I would have to say you have posted the cutest photos ever. :) Am I biased or what? Love that girl. :)


Tom & Icy said...

That is so great. It can't be beat no how no way.
I thought I'd try but didn't know where to start because under user created files I have 35G which is hundreds of thousands of files including pictures, sound, writing, downloads and so on that are all lumped together by date and not by subject or category. I use search and keywords to find anything. So it's like that old shoebox of old photos.

SOe said...

I always wanted to ride a Harley (but just the way your niece did, because I feeling more comfortable on 4 wheels). Thanks for sharing picture and story!

myrtle beached whale said...

Great pics. I can't play this Meme because I am not organized enough to have my photos in folders. Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come back. You said that my dog Skooter drew you to my blog. He is a babe magnet. You might enjoy some film clips I have made of his exploits.

Doug said...

Maybe throw some bugs at her?

lime said...

oh that top pic is a hoot! the girl is born to be wild! great pics, thanks for sharing.

G-Man said...

You are never too young to love the open road.....G

Logophile said...

that is a PERFECT photo!
A redheaded gal on a bike?
What could be better :p
She is a cutiepie too, which is what really makes the pic.
What a great photo and explanation, I'm so glad you did it.

Ariel the Thief said...

Very good bad girl look, I am impressed!

Michelle said...

She's adorable, although I suppose she wouldn't appreciate being called an "adorable" Harley girl? ;-)

Funny Fashionista said...

OMG! These are so cute!!

tsduff said...

Keshi - Nobody can cheer up a down soul like you :) Thanks Hon.

Jeff & Sal- I know it. :D

Tom & Icy - You know, I don't think that there is a single picture - especially of your sweet Icy or her habitat (cats, cans, Dusty, Bootsy, Little No-Name or even You & Red - that would not make the top ten of most tender blog favs... trust me.

SOe - Let me tell you, once you sit in the seat, hear and feel the engine roar beneath you - you will be hooked forever. I promise.

Myrtle Beached Whale: You made me laugh and laugh - I had to watch Skooter several times, in all the videos you sent. Every single one made me laugh- with hilarity and yet respect because I've been there, done that with my own beagles over the years. How funny to see the dogpark bit - I was once told by a very haughty veterinarian that my beagle was not properly socialized - I've never been more insulted in my life. Neither had he.

*rolls eyes* Doug, I can see you don't understand. No bug matters unless it smacks upon ones face during a ride on the open road... very nice thought though ;)

Lime - My sister Sally says Lynn IS a hoot - and she truly is a spitfire since birth. Tiny, but oh, so powerful! (And that was early on). She is a powerhouse all on her own.

Galen - YOU KNOW IT! This one will endure, and go on to bigger and better things I just know it. And, Harley riding only accessorizes her, not defines her.

Logophile - Thank YOU for the fun opportunity to post my miece - she is precious as are her brothers, and should be reveled in and rejoiced upon.

Ariel the Thief - What can I say... she takes after me.

Michelle - At this age, anything positive is acceptable... she sucks it up like a thirsty flower. Later on it will sustain her :)

Funny Fashionista - Good heavens, I have trouble writing your new big name LOL. Your Hannah would be just as cute in that get-up... you should try it ;)

Minka said...

I saw this over at Logo's too and was kinda thinking of doing it as well, but i have to wait for my new computer...
Love the picture sthat come up!

yellowdog granny said...

I don't know how i missed this..but i absolutely love this ...that last picture is the total little harley girl...what a cutie she is...

weirsdo said...

She looks a lot older in the second picture!
Sadly, I have not organized my pictures into folders at all. Most are already on the blog though.