Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sparkling sunlit shore
Muted by the foggy sky
Seagulls taking five

While catching my first glimpse ever of the Gulf of Mexico off the Tampa coastline, I was thrilled to see a part of the world I had never yet visited.

We declined an afternoon swim.


Doug said...

Why wouldn't you swim? It's just a little ole' alligator.

Nessa said...

Cool. I agree with Doug. It's not like it's a shark or anything really dangerous.

Dr.John said...

Swimming with the gators is like swimming with the dolphins give or take a leg or two.

Catnapping said...

just a big blue-bellied lizard...rub its belly and watch it fall asleep.

Hobbes said...

I think you made a wise choice.

Tom & Icy said...

Love the lighting in the picture. And come to think of it, limping around and being nicknamed 'Gator Bait' does not sound desirable.

G-Man said...

A Seagull Haiku...?
Gulls ain't the brightest of birds.
A GREAT Gator lunch!


actonbell said...

I love your haiku:) And shame on those alligators for spoiling your swimming plans.

Those are some mighty adorable and beautiful baby pictures--happy happy!

yellowdog granny said...

be brave...they taste like chicken

tsduff said...

Doug - For your information, I just learned the difference between a Crocodile and an Alligator. Do you know? Surely you would love to dangle those cute doggie toes along the seashore with either alli or croc lurking under the murky water? NOT.

Nessa - Oh man alive - just a little row or two of weird water-lizard teeth... I know you've watched those nature shows of wildebeests in Africa being taken alive as they cross crocodile infested rivers.... don't try foolin with me lol.

Dr. John - You have finally fooled me with your humor. Ahem - any being who is alive (whether in Pigeon Falls or in USA today) knows the difference between a nudge from a gator or a dophin... ouch.

Oh Catnapping - I never tire of your humor. I loved blue-bellies as a child - I never see a single one these days now where I live, nor horned toads of which I had quite the hobby when I was young. I have a feeling (*just a squideon really) that crocs, alligators and bluebellies are really all quite different. I like that.♥

Hobbes - Any utterings from an authentic Teddy Bear are as from a Prophet to me.

Tom & Icy - Gator Bait is NOT my preferred middle name :)

Galin - You KNOW I have to argue with you. Gulls may be numerous, but oh they are quite street smart! If ever there were bird sausage connoisseurs, they are them. How else do you think they live on nothing but old fish every day? tee hee... Gator for lunch would suit THEM just fine :)

Actonbell - As a matter of fact, they DID spoil my swimming aspirations... heck, the gulf of Mexico for crying out loud? Whatever, I CAME HOME :)

Yellowdog Granny - Well, I so much appreciate your comforting words. If my brother's murdered rattlesnakes could "taste like chicken" (they did)- no croc or alligator could make different :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

Sunlit muted by the foggy sky, Terry, this is beautiful.

I tell you what to do. Send Doug ahead, no alligator will survive a definition competition, let alone when it comes to Democrats. Happy swimming!

the walking man said...

Gator's do not taste like chicken to me and i have no desire to see if I taste like chicken to them.

lime said...

lol, i can't imagine why that sign put you off!

EcoRover said...

Go gulls! Their success & adaptability alone says something about their relative intelligence.

Glennis said...

Alligator was probably sighted months ago, but better safe than um, dead.

tsduff said...

Ariel the Thief - ha ha ha ah ha ha ha that makes me laugh to imagine sending Doug ahead. You might just have it right! Definition competition - (curmudgeon vs gator) funny.

Walking Man - Have never sampled any gator - nor do I particularly wish to. I have a feeling they aren't very discriminating in their taste either :)

Lime - Just an flimsy sign flapping in the cool coastal breeze... not much to worry about, eh?

EcoRover - Gulls have a tenacity to survive that is quite impressive. I love to see and hear them - because that sometimes means the sea is nearby.

Glennis - Sometimes they come back.

Ranger Tom said...

Sometimes I have to throw rocks at the alligators to get them away from the switchstands at work... Big lizards, with kinda tasty tail meat.

But to be honest, I kind of like being at the top of the food chain!