Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I wish you all good luck in April.
Still have my fingers crossed too.

These Royal Rabbits are blowing miniature versions of a type of herald trumpet.

Fanfare Trumpets are constructed so that the bell extends about twice as far forward as the normal trumpet. Although these instruments play exactly as the normal trumpet, their flashy construction attracts attention to the fanfares.

Herald was originally a messenger sent by a king or nobleman to pass on a message or announcement. In medieval Europe, herald was charged with carrying messages to and from the commanders of opposing armies. In the 12th century heralds formally announced and conducted tournaments, including the proclamation of each joust and the name of each combatant. The trumpet was usually used to get people's attention. Perhaps because of their role managing the tournaments of the late Middle Ages, heralds came to be associated with the regulation of the knights' coats of arms. However, in the United Kingdom, heralds are still called to read announcements publicly.

Here is a fabulous personal collection of horns - including a herald trumpet in the dining room of an Icelander.

This beautiful trumpet blowing-angel (Gabriel?) graces the beautiful Bass Hall in downtown Fort Worth.


Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit Rabbit, Caw Caw, Toot toot ta toot and woof woof! Good luck.
Interesting info and history.

lime said...

rabbit rabbit

love those horns on the all and the one in forth worth. i have a trumpet player in my house. she'd fit the bill for herald pretty well, i'd say.

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit blare!

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit! This is all very interesting. I think Fort Worth's angelic trumpeter is beautiful.

Nessa said...

Toot that horn, baby!

Rabbit, rabbit.

Ariel the Thief said...

Very interesting about heralds and trumpets and fanfares!

Rabbit rabbit!

Anonymous said...

rabbit rabbit
blows trumpet
wc house is sold
at long last
we are free
iceland tickets
in hand
land of
fire and ice
here we come

photowannabe said...

So interesting Terry, especially the heralding angel in Ft. Worth.
That is quite a collection of horns on the wall.

the walking man said...

I had to come back for a second day to see if I had the same experience Terry. I did...when the page opened I heard the fanfare.

javajazz said...

holy cow
you sold your house!!

Keshi said...

I love the last pic alot Terry!

hey how r ya? All ok with u?



jillie said...

Rabbit rabbit! I tried to play the cornet while in Jr. High. If you would have heard the hideous tunes that came from that horn, your ears would have melted....

Mo'a said...

That is quite a this dining room in Iceland.
Speaking of Iceland I will be there bright and early on Saturday morning...leaving tomorrow night.
Five days in Iceland five days in Denmark :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Interesting. I've seen those trumpets used in various illustrations but didn't know their name. That is an impressive horn collection.

tsduff said...

Cool - Tom & Icy - you brought the whole band!

Lime - Lucky you to have a resident trumpet player. My son showed me the wonder of the herald trumpet one, actually playing it from a tiny balcony during a play. It gets ones attention.

Doug - Indeed - herald the Rabbit rabbit.

Actonbell - I wonder if the angel plays with a Texan accent?

Nessa - Full sound ahead!

Ariel the Thief - ... It is even more interesting when you can hear them :)

Anonymous - APRIL FOOL! (And wishful thinking LOL) xo

Photowannabe - It is a trumpet players dream collection :)

Mark - You seem the type to mark to a different drum - or to hear the unblown fanfare.

tsduff said...

Javajazz - My Bear played a colossal April Fool, did he not? Wishful thinking xo

Hey Keshi - Bright flower of the bloggy world* All is okay here in California - other than I still walk among the vast hoards of the unemployed at the moment. I fear you will soon see me behind the counter of the local McDonald's...

Jillie - Rabbit Rabbit! Heck - you must have been a natural on the Cornet - you have SUCH the personality :) It takes a special sort you know. Just like the accordion *wink*

Mo'a - You make me live vicariously through you... Imagine 5 days each in such fabulous locations... *SIGH* Enjoy yourself to the fullest :)

Charles - Welcome friend. Nice duster. Do you have the slow southern drawl to accompany it? Those trumpets are amazing in form and sound - and Icelanders are great appreciators of music in its many varieties. Thanks for dropping by.

catnapping said...

I love that angel! I wonder if many birds use that trumpet to perch on.

javajazz said...

wow that was quite the
april fools joke!
i'm glad it was
not true,
just cuz i think
you and that house
fit together just fine...

javajazz said...

ps...oh yeah, i forgot...
here's to Harold,
and all them thar
cool trumpets...