Monday, April 06, 2009

Wanna get away?

That is what I think of when I see this picture - beautiful Lake Tahoe framed by snowy mountains with clear cold sunshine kissing the water. Yes, I want to get away - from the increasingly approaching reality of ... well, everybody has problems - you get the idea. So put on your sunglasses and pop out of where ever you are to skim over the bright waters of a stunning escape. It will only take a moment.


Tom & Icy said...

Sounds nice, but I'm a home body: I just like to relax at home. But that sure looks nice.

Dr.John said...

I'm too old for lakes. Besides it looks cold.

javajazz said...

Terry sent me a handblown
glass flute that her brother
Scottie made, and it sounds
like the way that water looks!

i'm telling everyone i know...

Nessa said...

I'm in. I'm there.

Doug said...

Glass, JJ? For reals?

I love Tahoe. I can afford to spend time there as long as no-one notices me.

tsduff said...

Tom & Icy - You should know more than anyone the fun of virtual trips.

Dr John - You betcha it looks cold. That is the joy of seeing the daydream from the coziness of your own easy chair :)

Javajazz - I knew you could make it sing. Unlike the popular wooden flute of the early nineteenth century, glass flutes are said to have an unearthly and ethereal character in their tone. Kind of like you.

Nessa - Glad you could make it :)

Doug - People notice the mountains, trees and the water - not so much the people. Curmudgeons are invisible.

Fred said...

I went to Reno in '86 with Mom, Dad, and The Missus. We took a trip to Tahoe, and just as we got there, it started to lightly snow. It was beautiful. Of course, I didn't bring a camera, so I'm so glad to see a picture like this.

javajazz said...

yes Douglas,
a real, Lisa-sized
glassblown by Scottie
it's very pretty!

Terry, you often see
what others do not.
and i only mean that
in a good way!

I can just see a new
advertising campaign
for Lake Tahoe:

"Tahoe, for curmudgeons..."

laughingwolf said...

my kinda country, thx terry... enjoyed my flight :)

yellowdog granny said...

every time i think of lake tahoe i think of getting married in reno with a view of some creek running outside our window in the motel...married to a guy i'd only met 3 times in over a week...yeah, good times..


the walking man said...

Somewhere on the wrinkled face of the earth there am I found in the comforting crag, looking back at the water which yesterday ran past me.

Ariel the Thief said...

Sunglasses are on!

tsduff said...

Fred - We carry pictures with us in our memory, but seeing it is a glorious burst of pleasure.

JJ - LOL But if you advertise them, they shrink even further.

Laughingwolf - My pleasure. I thought you would enjoy it.

Jackie Sue - HA HA HA. Reno is a far cry from Tahoe LOL. Ahh, memories... xo

Mark - I should have posted that poem instead. It fits, and I love the positive use of "wrinkled".

Ariel - Here we go!

actonbell said...

I'm working towards better visualization skills, but I think I'm almost there:)

jillie said...

Oh that looks SO inviting and peaceful you can almost hear the silence. Something I sure could use right about now. This full moon that's coming up has really messed with my head....pffffft!

lime said...

sign me up for some of that!

Anonymous said...

only solutions !!! lets go camp by the ocean tonight , XOXO

Ranger Tom said...

I love your photos... When I'm feeling low I just stop by for a visit and relax looking at the beautiful scenery.

Thanks for posting!

catnapping said...

I think it would be soooo great to live on a houseboat. Floating...just like we were still in the womb.

DJ Kirkby said...

I've never been to LT though I used to live relativly close. I have heard a 1000 times (at least) how gorgeous it is.

photowannabe said...

One of my very favorite places Terry. I always want to get away and leave the rest of the world behind. Hope all is well with you and that you can get away some too.

jillie said...

After the past few days of nothing but cold wind, I would take this place ANYDAY....peaceful and serene.

tsduff said...

Actonbell - if you can see it, you got it :)

Jillie - that full moon wreaks havoc where ever it goes - except for Tahoe :)

Lime - how did I know you are always to be counted in!?

Sweetheart - you have the most perfect suggestions...

Ranger Tom - we have much in common :)

Catnapping - nice avatar. I like what living on a houseboat connotates... relaxation, no responsibility, a type of fantasy... *sigh* I'm so there.

DJ KIRKBY: - Lake Tahoe leaps out at you as a giant surprise - filled with beauty and stunned amazement. I was never so surprised as when it leaped upon us during a mundane drive several months ago on the way home from Reno. Truly a breath of fresh air xo

Photowannabe - okay my dear - when is you next trip up the hill? It is truly worth the rather not-so-far drive. I promise. Bring your camera :)

Jillie - ha ha ha - a cold wind in San Diego is like a small goosebump day in the sun up here :) So, how are the Napa plans coming along? xo