Friday, August 07, 2009

Leaving my cares here
Walking upon ancient rock
Cooled by untamed winds

Sunday early morning this is a sight I might be privy to see... the lovely purple lupine on the Icelandic coast.

Lucky lucky me!


Doug said...

A happy trip I wish you bot'
But ere you go, be sure to note
There's no need to reset your clocks
California, too, has ancient rocks.

laughingwolf said...

hey terry, hope you get your wish :)

Anonymous said...

for ten days
your worrisome cares
are put to sleep
you are to enjoy
the rain the clouds
the surf and sea air
may your stresses
take a holiday

Tom & Icy said...

Seems too beautiful to be true.

the walking man said...

Ten thousand towers holding ten million bells may they all silently ring in the breeze as you stand among them.

monkey bear said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh- Aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mo'a said...

Lucky, lucky you indeed.
I wish I could talk in verse like your learned friends. I hand my Icelandic head in shame.

jillie said...

Right now I can't think of ANYONE that deserves it more than you....

Sweet Terry!

Looking forward to pictures on FB

actonbell said...

Just beautiful! Lucky you, indeed.

javajazz said...

so glad you get
to enjoy
this special getaway
to your favourite place
on earth
with your favourite Bear....

ps i love WaMa's comment...!
also i second what Jillie said...
have a great trip
and enjoy all that beauty
for it reflects your own..

photowannabe said...

I hope you get your wish too. This is stunning.

lime said...

such a stunning place. so rugged and yet inviting.

KELLY said...

You should be in the middle of a lovely lovely trip! Hooray!!! So glad for you!!! I can't wait to see stunning, gorgeous photos when you return!!! Please post them here, not just on FB.
Love you, ~K~ :D

cat said...

that's a breathtaking view. be sure to bring your oxygen!

have a good trip.


Lily Strange said...

Wish I could see it before I croak.

Anonymous said...

welcome home XO