Monday, March 01, 2010

RABBIT RABBIT. Good Luck in March!

The last few posts (in fact, the last YEAR's posts on the first of each month,) have been rather simple... I've lazily relied on the quote of the day to take care of my post for the month. Shame on me - I'm sorry and I apologize to any readers (do I even really have any readers left?) who have stuck here through thick and very thin despite my most sloppy writing.

Not much has changed this past entire year, as far as career, change of venue, etc... life changes are rather slim: daughter moved back home with grandson Hunter (8) and dog (Ipo) - definitely a change not anticipated; became more entrenched in new career of caregiving - which is more involved than I first imagined;... have sunk under water financially due to low paying job, and have become grandmother to a one year old... Jayden, born on Valentine's Day 2009. Life's challenges are ever present: losing some weight, packing house up to make it available to rent; figuring out and fine-tuning plans to move away from this urban area to the hermit's location in the wild which I've dreamed of for years... these things are NEW (in the sense of Rabbit Rabbit - new and good luck ) I would LOVE to actually find this hotel on our travels - because that would mean we actually WERE traveling!

Happy March to all of you - my friends and family - and may you all find just exactly what you are looking for. xoxo


Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit! We stayed with you through thin, test us now on thick.

SOe said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Snowy greetings from Iceland!
I am not sure where the last year went and now, it´s already March again.

Tom & Icy said...

Rabbit rabbit.

the walking man said...

Travel well and safely Terry into the Hermit land. Do what must be done to thrive in the rocky soil of this time.

laughingwolf said...

thx terry, and right back atcha :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Trails
to us

Nessa said...

I second Doug's wish.

Sean the Vampire

Jeanne said...

Yes, caregiving is MUCH more involved than one could imagine. Not something you shrug off easily at 5 pm, or whenever it is you go home. But it's GOOD work.

Blogger vs. facebook:

I wish you were here
more, and there less, since I do
not much care for there.

But who am I to talk? I'm not anywhere.

Logophile said...

Caregiving can be all-consuming.

I am not a faithful blog friend, nor am I a faithful FB friend.
But I love reading your words and seeing your photos so you can't shake me loose entirely.

Good luck to you in March, my dear!