Thursday, April 08, 2010

Our trip back home
From desert roam
Became our journey's highlight

Saw turkey, bobcat, even elk
Before we drove in twilight.

A wolf-dog's kiss
And beagle's kill
Did not eclipse the pleasure

Of meeting old friend
Blogging bud
A Bear and Crow's good measure


Doug said...

Ah, you found Willie's good side!

lime said...

goergeous scenery! well, except the dog butt, lol

quilly said...

Looks like the road home was lovely!

Mo'a said...

Gorgeous including the dogie bottom.
Your poem is great...I am always thrilled when you post.
I am thinking about going to our special island in September. Any chance you will be there?

Nessa said...

I love all of the curves in your pictures. I thought the last one was Doug.

Karen said...

Hey Crow ~ Glad you and the Bear enjoyed your desert roam. As an aside, I think a Bordeaux sauce would be perfectly suited for bobcat.

javajazz said...

rabbi rabbi...
sorry, i'm so not blogging these days.
just been workin
and not much else for the winter.
spring do sprung
and i'm still on the planet
thank you for asking!
i cant check out
cuz i have kids...
its not allowed.
brians home this weekend
did some cool alleluiah classical piece
for his aunt's choir
a piece written with him in mind
for a trumpet part...
it was cool
more later,
me sleep.

SOe said...

Elk :-) Great!
Do not forget the trees! :-)
The last photo was really a surprise :-)

Jeanne said...

Pretty colored dog. The black is so black. What kind is it, I wonder?

I am envious of the person whose job it is to make up the word verification words. Survergi. Nice.

Ariel the Thief said...

Jeanna, he is Willie! That is his kind, I mean.

Karen said...

Ariel~ Walnut Creek, California is NOWHERE near Budapest, Hungary. If I were you I'd worry about jetlag and NOT Willie, who is a dog.

the walking man said...

"There's no place like home." clicked Dorothy.

actonbell said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual, and funny one of Willie:)

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry, good Crow, will I ever be so lucky to be threatened by jetlag? :)

Karen said...

Jetlag is irritating but certainly NOT threatening. With a quick cat nap and a splash of cold water on the face, one can be fresh as a daisy in no time.