Sunday, June 27, 2010

Is there no ending
Just ignition out the back
Constant moving on


Doug said...

Hahaha. That's a great photo. What would you have end?

Anonymous said...

wow! Supersonic?

Anonymous said...

may the journey
never end
many a view
many an experience
yes its true
its the journey
not the destination

tsduff said...

Doug - It is the flight of life that never ends (at least hopefully not in this life time)

I see your car parked outside my window - empty and waiting.

LGSQUIRREL - Sometimes it feels that way - though more often than not just a slow glide :)

Anonymous - Hope you are enjoying your journey.

actonbell said...

Love it, what a marvelously humorous photo. Wow.

~Karen said...

A double-exhaust crane?

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit.

Quack Birder said...

Great shot! Love it.

lime said...

that is absolutely hilarious!