Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishing you peace and prosperity during the New Year and always.

Peace Rabbit Rabbit.

G and I welcomed a new grandson each into the world in 2010 - two brand new little people on the earth.

Happy New Year indeed~


Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit!

pia said...

Rabbit Rabbit!!!!! and
Happy New Year Terry!

javajazz said...

happy rabbit squared new year
and many congrats
on the 2 grandson arrivals!
how exciting!
xo lisa

Anonymous said...

tibbar ,, tibbar
wishing us
a hip hopping

Karen said...

Happy new year to Terry, Bear and their families. Likewise to Lisa and Doug.

Pia, I'm sorry Com(dot)com had tried to charge your card $59.95. I hope that isn't an omen for your new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year and very soon in about a month, Happy year of the Rabbit!

Michelle said...

Actually... Chinese new year is either Feb 3 or 4, can't remember now. So you still have time for those new year resolutions. LOL