Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Southern California Getaway

Such a nice escape... I just got back from another whirlwind weekend on a road trip. A bunch of us all descended upon Dad and Bev in Calabasas to celebrate some birthdays: Dad's and the two 50 year olds... Scotty and George. Not the big blowout shindig which some had envisioned, but it did turn out to be a wonderful time spent with family. The Albanian contingent were all there (Julee, David, Matthew, Timmy, Rachael and Tamlyn), as were 3 of the sisters (me, Kelly and Julee), brother Scotty, daughter Hannah & my grandson Hunter, son Joe and wife Elli, my sweetheart George, Bev & Dad, Bev's crew Dawn, Alan and Naomi (Chandra was swimming around Alcatraz so couldn't make it)... lots of folks. We went to Zuma Beach (near Malibu) and had a lovely day playing in the sand, body surfing, looking at a couple of giant dead jellyfish (which later ended up on a child's stick carried off down the beach), feeding the seagulls, SMOOCHING, burying Timmy and Hunter in the sand, and oh yes... eating! The feast Bev prepared was fabulous and much of it was entirely consumed. I think we all must have gained 10 lbs over the weekend!

We are so blessed with our family - love and fun surrounded us all.


Anonymous said...

Was truly a wonderful time,even the rush trip to LAX for the two air travelers,was A.O.K..Wish all the readers well! peace blessings prosperity gb

Anonymous said...

FLOR-I-DA IS SURE HOT,hot not as in good, but Damn Hot!

Anonymous said...

Hunter is such a copy cat who wants to be a big boy- so cute!!!
-Auntie Elli