Sunday, February 26, 2006

Come away with me, stand on the edge of passion... feel the wet spray, taste the salt, hear the pounding waves, and resist the urge to leap into the roaring, crashing, powerful surge... BE ALIVE.


Autumn Storm said...

Ooooooh, oooooh, oooooh, great combo of words!!! :-D

Can't see the picture (probably a problem from this end, will check again later) and I just know I am missing out on something that will make those words even more passionate.

tsduff said...

I did have a little trouble loading that photo... see if you can see it now. Makes me want to be there.

Happy Monday - if such a thing can be so :-)

mergrl said...

man, I want to see the picture that goes with those words! can't see it at the link either :0(

oh well, hope you have a tolerable monday :0) can't ask for much more than that :0)

Jeanne said...

I think I'll concentrate on growing gills, and then I won't have to resist the urge.

I can't see the picture either, but the words painted one very well.

Autumn Storm said...

This IS a happy monday (despite being ill and I'm never ill) :-)
Sorry, Terry, still no pic, not on the link either - but the words stand strong on their own and conjure the perfect image.
Happy Monday, sweetheart, x

tsduff said...

Not the original pic I wanted.. but this will do.

Oh no! Autumn is sick? I'm so sorry... okay, you know the routine... complete bed rest, hot soup, kleenex and cozy blazing fire in the hearth... Monday happy? Hmmm. You are the eternal optimist :-D

Autumn Storm said...

I am, but I thought I was hiding it well rofl

I'm fine, Terry, really, just blocked up, a sore throat and a slight sense of grogginess (if such a word exists) - its quite pleasant actually, gives me an excuse to be less active and spend at least part of the day on the couch indulging in some R&R :-)

Even if its not the pic, you originally intended, its an excellent one! Love the sea unconditionally, in every mood, calm and serene, chopping and changing and even fierce and wild as it here is.
"feel the wet spray, taste the salt, hear the pounding waves, and resist the urge to leap into the roaring, crashing, powerful surge" - perfect! :-)

mergrl said...

beautiful, just beautiful!

hope you are having a good day

Trée said...

Powerful Image. Powerful writing Terry.

tsduff said...

Morning A... thanks for the nice words. Are you feeling better today with the sore throat gone?

Trace - :-D

Trée - ooh, thank you for the nice strong words!

Anonymous said...

well Babe time for me to call it a day I LOVE YOU and hope all is well--Many HUGS and Numerous KISSES You BEAR Always gb