Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, here is the old homestead... two toned with a coat of primer, and peeling, awaiting sunny painting weather... today with the pouring-down rain, that day seems to be far off.

Looks a little unkempt, but that is okay. (PS the Christmas lights are now put away) . The garden is a way out back, and is a work in progress like the house. A neighbor is building a monstrosity of a house on the next lot down the street, causing a very ugly break in the previously unobstructed view of trees. Posted by Picasa


Autumn Storm said...

lol on the lights :-)
Such a nice house!

Jeanne said...

Urgh. Neighbors and their ugly new houses. We've got one too, although it's one house away and only affects me when I leave home or come back.

Your house is beautiful. Very cozy looking.