Friday, May 19, 2006

Here you are Autumn - as promised (albeit a little tardy). Happy Birthday :-D


Autumn Storm said...

Woohoooooo - oh my gosh, how clever are you!!!!! A natural talent, if ever there was one, these look so GREEEEEAAAAT!

Well worth the 3 month wait! :-D

tsduff said...

Awe, shucks...

But you didn't have to go and tell everyone how long I dawdled... LOL

Autumn Storm said...


javajazz said...

wow! you made it sound like something
a 2 year old would have turned out...
Terry you little artiste, you!!
that looks so real!
you should be proud proud proud!
its gorgeous!
love the teacups
and the colour of the blue
round the rim of the
(did you say sushi platter?)
wheres the sushi?
love the geronimoes in the background!
(you know what i mean!)
you're so good!
do they have one of those sexy guys
teaching you in pottery class
like in that movie with patrick swayze
or whoever it was where they
get their hands all slimey together
and breathe a lot...?
mmmm ya! would you like
a little water with your clay perhaps?
keep showing your great stuff Terry!
its gorgeous!

Autumn Storm said...

The Swayze ref reminds me of something you said ages ago Terry and I'm just wondering, which is not the same as asking, if you made fantasy a reality ;)

mergrl said...

these are just excellent Terry :0)

hope all is well in your world my friend (hugs)

Ekta said...

hey...nice plate but wheres the cake?
Bday wishes without cake is not done!

Mo'a said...

This is great I love the cups.

Autumn Storm said...

A happy Monday to you, Terry :-)

30 and counting, so quick they go!

tsduff said...

Hey Lisa, Well, the "Ghost" moves of Patrick Swayze haven't been repeated at my clay class solely because my instructor is a 55ish, married, kooky kind of guy with loads of laughs up his sleeve. Now if my Sweetie were there, perhaps a different scenario with the throwing of the clay would emerge :-D We don't really need the clay to "get slimey and breathe alot", LOL!!!

tsduff said...

well Autumn, can't remember exactly what I said - but perhaps my comment to Lisa will answer your wondering...

tsduff said...

TRACE! Hi there and wazzz up? Nice to see your smile today! HUGS :-D

tsduff said...

Ekta - welcome! Well, no bday cake today because I'm having sushi :-) Care for some green tea to accompany it? :-)

tsduff said...

Hi Mo'a - the cups were great. I'm making more. The problem I'm having is the teapot - that is a whole different animal to make :-O

tsduff said...

Thanks A - happy Monday to you. It is going to be a long one here. Mondays (especially rainy ones) go so slow. Can't believe it is rainy weather today - where the heck is summer?