Monday, May 22, 2006


I love my chickens. When one becomes ill, it is as sad as if a dog or cat is sick, and I'm sad. This weekend, I had a "Little House on the Prairie" moment. One of my favorite brahma hens had become ill, possibly egg-bound was my guess. She was suffering, in a very bad way. I won't go into the gory details, but my pioneer woman personna kicked into action, and I had to end her (Chicky's) life. Not being one to afford $100 for a visit to a vet for civilized, sterile euthanization which modern society seems to require, I took care of it myself. Okay, now you all know I'm a chicken killer. My dreadful secret is out. But I can still live at peace with myself, because she is out of her misery. Why do I feel like Michael Landon?


Mo'a said...

And I am a chicken eater.
I also love live chickens, they are beautiful. I did have a rather unfortunate run in with a rooster when I was about 4 years old.....this rooster thought he was a watch dog...I was making a short cut through his yard to visit my best friend, just a house away and this rooster pecked at my bare leggs....I am sure my screams could be heard to Akureyri.....I was in Keflavik....I had little round marks on my leggs for a long time....oh!!! the terror of it all...and I still remember it after all these years.
One thing I don't like is cleaning a chicken coup ;(

Jeanne said...

I am only an indirect chicken killer, as an eater. But I have put a mouse with a broken back and a large lizard with a broken back out of their misery. It was awful. Although I had no choice (I felt), I have never been so close to realizing the incredibleness that LIFE is, and what a loss it is to end it. It took all of my strength, and the last time our dog nearly killed a mouse Johan had to finish the job. I couldn't do it.

javajazz said...

you had no choice and it was really
a neccessary and humane decision...
you could not leave Chicky in pain.

as long as you dont giggle like
Michael Landon,
(did you ever hear his laugh?)
you should be fine...

Agnes Mitchell said...

Will you find it odd that I'm impressed by your ability and compassion. Amazing heart - soft and strong all at once.
May you find a little peace there.


tsduff said...

I am sure my screams could be heard to Akureyri.....I was in Keflavik

Ah Mo'a, you make me laugh and laugh! (in sympathy, of course!) I too have a scar on my leg from the huge hard spur of the rooster-from-hell at my parents' house; the rooster taking his role extremely seriously in every way. They don't call em roosters for nothing I guess :-) I like to eat chicken too - but not my sweet pets. I'm bummed about losing her. I don't like to clean the pen either, but my Bear does it for me and throws it all into the garden.. the best fertilizer in the world you know! The brown organic eggs are the best.

tsduff said...


I understand completely what you are saying about the incredibleness of life. It IS incredible - and we all SHARE it, whether we are human, animal or plant. It is all one big relational ball of wax. Not a bad thing to be a part of - small or big. It WAS hard to dispatch my chicky - but if the roles were reversed, I'd like to think she would do the same for me.

tsduff said...

Agnes - shhhhhhhh.... can't have anyone thinking this viking might have some kind of soft spot somewhere...LOL

Thanks for your thoughtful words as usual. I think anyone who has animals, bears also the responsibility and in fact the debt of their care and well-being. They trust us.

Jeanne said...

You're right. It wasn't ending a mouse's life, it was removing, exiting a mouse from LIFE that was the realization I was trying to express. Thanks.