Friday, July 14, 2006

BIG BEN, the first night we were there... (note the time... it is a.m.!)

You know the drill... what happens in London, STAYS in London. We'll never tell.


Autumn Storm said...

Morning Terry and a Happy Saturday to you :-)
Haven't much time and am trying to fit as many people's blogs in as possible...darn I miss home and 24 hours access! :-D

Hope all's well with you and yours. Miss you tons!!!!!! xoxo

Lindsey said...

Ohhhhh. I can't wait for my trip. Only 4 weeks away. Any suggestions for 'must see' sights or things that would be helpful to know when travelling over there?

javajazz said...

i KNEW you werent gonna post pictures!!
(of your hostess anyway...!)
Autumn, let her post pictures of you kids!!
come ON!!!!
do it
do it
do it!!
(do it!)

Ranger Tom said...

A tardis!

Mo'a said...

I love that photo of Big Ben.
So you saw an Autum Storm in the Summer.....I know you and B/G/ look like so where is the photo of the rest of MzStorm.....the lover part is beautiful and oh!so clever...let's see the rest of her.
I do miss London but will not be going there this time....perhaps next year when we go to Italy.

Jeanne said...

Soooo, Terry-berry, you're back. I imagine you've stocked up on all the good things that are only available there. I used to buy Swedish chocolate and then eat one little square a day to make it last as long as possible back in the states.

sister celtic said...


actonbell said...

Gracious me, I've gotten behind! That's a fabulous nighttime pic of Big Ben! And I love the Merganzer Express below--all your pictures are just lovely! Travelling is enchanting and enlightening:)

Trée said...

Most excellent photos. And the one on the post below could be a poster. Nice work Terry.

tsduff said...

Hi Autumn! When are you coming back? (to your blog friends that is..) Boy, glad I got to see you overseas... tee hee. I'm craving some of that Indian food we enjoyed so much with you and your family.

Linny, London reminded me of New York - it was a city that never slept. Something going all the time. I highly recommend the ride down the Thames on a tour boat of some kind, as there are so many famous bits of history all along the way to see and hear about. Also, the London Art Gallery is a must see. We did a lot of walking, and had the good fortune of having a fabulous guide (AUTUMN) and her Mum who knew their way around like the back of their hand... One of the favorite spots for me was the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street - it had sentimental reasons for me as my late sister and I used to stay up all night watching those silly Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce movies. You will have a wonderful time, what ever you do.

Lisa, you know Autumn has pics of her own which she could post if she so choses. Or not :-D I would never blow anyone's mystique :-)

Tom, yes, it was late. Or early. Take your pick. But it was all good :-)

Mo'a, yes, Autumn in Summer :-) Nice combo it was indeed. And yes, the lower part was clever, but the upper is equally as stunning. Oooh, Italy? I love Rome. I want to go back.

Jeanne - you crack me up. Only my brother calls me things like that anymore :-) I did stock up on hardfiskur... I think it will take us a year to eat it all seriously. Didn't bring back all the pylsur and smoked lamb like last time though... only cheese and some Brennivin. And not as many moss covered lava rocks - LOL. I was burned out on luggage.

Hey Anne - did you ever think you would be a complete Mother In Law? Tell me, is Jeremy's finger back down to small enough to facilitate the wedding ring yet?

Actonbell, I love traveling. I wish I could afford to just do it all the time. (you know, the endless vacation where you just play, and don't have any responsibilities of any kind, other than to show up before the plane takes off?)sigh. Dream on.

Hello Trée. The English photos are mine - have to say I kyped the merganser one though off the internet. We did see a lovely Red Merganser while in Iceland, the picture wasn't as nice as that one :-/

Ranger Tom said...

I was referring to the phone boxes... And the TV show "Dr. Who" who's time machine resembled a London phone box and was called a "Tardis"

Great pics anyway. I'm still planning my UK trip, but with the way things are right now that's still up in the air.

Minka said...

lovely pic of Big ben...first I had no clue what it was :)

Anonymous said...

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