Monday, July 17, 2006

We saw many interesting characters in London. One was the invisible man, sitting alone along the Thames river front walk. He was quite entertaining, wanting to have the gals sit on his lap.


Sherri said...

So, tell us all about what it was like to sit on an invisible man's lap. :D

Autumn Storm said...

He was a sweetheart :-D

Hey Terry.
To answer your comment below, not sure exactly when I will be back. M is supposed to start school on the 10th, in fact I had planned to fly out of here this week...anyway, think I may have to stay for at least another 3 weeks. Its killing me not being able to talk to you guys, especially now where I'm never alone (if that makes sense).

Wish G a very Happy Birthday for me when you speak to him tomorrow, love and hugs all the way from London Town to wherever he is :-)

Monday, and I can't think of a joke. Hope you have a joyful one anyway. Is Tracey back? Think she was due back Saturday...I'll go check the beachhouse.
Anyways, ttfn, XO

sister celtic said...

thats awesome terry did you take that pic and what was it like sitting on his lap cool.. let us did he do it? happy b-day to george ya

Minka said...

Is he still hanging out there? That rascal still owes me a beer!

Anonymous said...

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