Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm Alive and Well


Survived the whirlwind trip to London, with all thanks to the most fabulous hostess ever, our own beloved Autumn. She could make big bucks in the travel business...

More later - -


Jeanne said...

There's a scenic program about Iceland on TV tonight. I will be imagining you in it.

javajazz said...

hey Terry!
nice to see you in your blog home!
i had a feeling Autumn would pull out all the stops
Autumn style...and she certainly does it
with style and grace that one!
i was thinking that about the travel biz and her...
maybe it could be one of those accidental careers
that happens when you are passionate about something...
tho i had a feeling she was super motivated to
make it nice for you guys cuz of how special you
are to her!
when are you back in california?
sounds like you're having a blast!
just got a bday call from my brian in Spain!
sheesh! those kids are living it up playing
gigs there....theyre all like alice in wonderland!
he's totally digging his stay there...

anyway, travel safe...we all miss you!!

xoxo lisa

Doug said...


Autumn Storm said...


Terry, missing you tons already! So glad the flight back went well - enjoy your last couple of days in Iceland, talk to you soon.

PS Regards the travel business, everytime they would ask me something historical, I'd be "hmmmmmmmm, I'm not sure...." :-D I'll leave it to the experts!

Sherri said...

Welcome back!!

Kyahgirl said...

Looking forward to hearing more!

Ranger Tom said...

Welcome back!

Autumn Storm said...

Hey G&T
Have a safe and pleasant home, talk to you soon, xoxo

Anonymous said...

gb says---currently we are in new york,and i thought we were going to san francisco---just enjoyed a good meal at the crowne plaza hotel---imagine we will be in s.f. tomorrow---time will tell.Many Many THANKS to Autumn and her Beautful Family..gb

javajazz said...

Autumn is an angel, isnt she!
missing you Terry! and George, well,
we havent formally met yet, but,
missing you too!
so you're in new york!
i think brian is headed back there en route
home from spain, either today or tomorrow...
his itinerary is the worlds best kept secret
in spite of chris and i begging for him to
give us a clue...maybe he thinks he's a rock
star or somethin'...
so you're on your way home now...
can you believe how fast that trip went!
hope it was a wonderful time spent together
for both of you...welcome home!
xo lisa

Minka said...

Glad you enjoyed your time in London and with you. I am sure- every travel guide would enjoy their destinations:)