Monday, July 10, 2006

We are home. That's all I have the "umph" to write. Off to work now - today just picture me as in the movie "Night of the Living Dead".... and you'll just about have the right image.

Homecoming always seems to be like this... last time we arrived home from Iceland we were grumpy and tired as well. Oh well, I got a few hours of sleep but woke up at 3am local time... since we got stuck in NY I didn't have that day of grace to come home and unpack, etc. Almost time to try to get it together enough to go to work and try to act presentable - LOL. Not likely.

I will stop by and visit everybody later if my brain stays put long enough.

Home is good, is it not?


tsduff said...

I know this is a really lame post, but somehow when we were strip searched by the TSA at the airport, our new cord to plug the digital camera into the computer to download all those fab pix from our trip actually disappeared. (Our luggage was terribly violated - we even have a picture of the backpack which was so torn up that they taped it together with their "official" Transportation Security Admin. tape, leaving it unzipped and its contents exposed). So here I sit, with a million breathtaking photos to boggle the eyes but no way to get them out. I will be trying to track down the correct cable at the nearest circuit city. Stay tuned. boo hoo.

Keshi said...

WB I missed ya!


Autumn Storm said...

Welcome home G&T :-) Can't wait to hear more of from your trip to Iceland. Missed you tons, but now at least we get to chat as per normal :-) (well, saying that, I'm still rushing everytime I get a chance to come in to the cafe). Hope the first day back at work wasn't too bad, love and hugs, xxx

Minka said...

Home is alright :) If Iceland is your home, it is about 3 hours of flight away :)
Glad you returned safely!

Tom & Icy said...

Rest up. Jet lag is terrible and it is sad how they treated you. Hope you get things straightened out and we'll be interested in your adventures.

Agnes Mitchell said...

Welcome home!!!!! :D
Sounds like you need to build a buffer day into your travels. That one day of true collapse and no responsibility.

I do hope you survived the work day.

Didn't mean to make you feel old with the Procol Harum. Strangely, that song makes me feel younger. LOL I must admit a bit of longing for the old "mind altering substance" that follows along with that. ;) Wonder if I'm too old for that. It would probably freak me out.

Anyway, glad you're home. I know you can't wait for the weekend to get some much needed rest.

Look forward to the pics and stories. :D