Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow night? I begin taking a class on how to play the steel drum!

I've always wanted to play one - I absolutely love the way they sound... we shall see if I have potential :-D

Just the fact that I already play accordian isn't any guarantee that I'll be successful... I love to play but do it mostly by ear rather than reading the music. (Music is akin to math - as in "a foreign language" LOL)


Sherri said...

It looks so complicated!! Good luck!

BTW - I changed my blog address, your link won't work anymore terry.

new spot:


tsduff said...

Thanks Sherri - I'll update it :-)

Minka said...

Playing by ear is teh best way I think. I can´t do it, so I admire it in other people greatly.
I can read notes though :)

javajazz said...

wow, is that ever cool!
i didnt know the notes were written on the inside!
interesting how the notes are arranged too...
thats gotta be a challenge to remember.
i love drums you can play with sticks...
i was thinking of trying something
like timbales (that they use in latin bands)
just cuz the sticks are easier to use
than arthritic hands...
and then, will you perform in a concert
with a steel drum choir like they have?
what fun Terry!
where do you get these ideas from
you wild girl?!
hope you have a blast!

Crazy Me said...

That's so cool!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Absolutely love the sound of the steel drum! It is one of the coolest, most powerful instruments around. Just hearing them can sweep me away to a warm and happy place. :) Ahhhh.

Autumn Storm said...

OOooh, excellent, well done you! How thoroughly exciting!!!! I absolutely love the sound of steel drums (courtesy of the London Carnival more than anything), I'm tempted to follow you. :-D

Have fun tomorrow and come back and tell us how much.

actonbell said...

How cool! That's fabulous. You must let us know how you progress. I love the sound of steel drums, too.

Jeanne said...

What do you play on the accordian?
Steel Drum is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Very cool Terry. I love how you take all these classes and continue to learn new things. I don' think I have ever heard a steel drum played in person. Might be time soon for you to post some audio files. :-)

Have fun and all the best with the lessons. Keep us updated on how it goes. :-)

tsduff said...

Monika - I play by ear because it is so much easier than trying to read the notes. I can read the music, but my brain just naturally rebels when I do it.

Lisa - I got a call from the class coordinator late last night: not enough folks signed up for it so they canceled the class. SO, she asks me if I want to go to the ensemble instead... all the folks who already took the class have moved up into the ensemble, and already know how to play. Hmmm - I'm going tonight to brave the class... cause damn it, I want to play! Maybe they'll let me play in the corner...

A - Where you been girl? I thought you went to Jamaica!

J - Before you get swept away, consider that I've never beat out a single note before... it might DRIVE you away :-)

Autumn, still going although it may be a rough class for a complete beginner. I can't wait!

Actonbell: I like your optimistic attitude - (speaking of my progress :-D)

Jeanne - Now put away your polka dress... yes I do play the accordian but only for fun.

Trée, it is so much fun to be somewhere where there is a band playing steel drums. Fun is in the air, people are laughing, smiling, swaying, tapping their feet with the beat... think I ought to get my hair into dreads? :-D