Wednesday, September 20, 2006

S'mores anyone? My grandson Hunter and his cousin Anika will show you exactly how it's done :-D Can't believe the summer is almost done and gone. I haven't had anywhere near enough camping yet. Not much time left before it gets coollllddd at night - have to break out the Icelandic wool socks.


Minka said...

Incidentally, I am knitting Icelandic gloves...particular ones...I´ll have a post about them soon :)

Hunter is so handsome. he´s gonna break a few hearts along the way. Anika is adorable too.

summer is almost over, but hey...fall brings lovely colors ;)

:P fuzzbox said...

S'mores rule. Great pic of the young 'uns.

Keshi said...

2 swt hrts awwww...

btw Terry u might have something interesting to contribute to my latest post. So plz read if u have time, ty! Im looking for all the womens' opinions on this :)


Autumn Storm said...

Have no idea what s'mores are, but they certainly look like they are a treat from those sweet, happy faces. The look on Hunter's face is classic :-D.

Doesn't seem that long ago since the snow melted and though it likely won't be back until after Christmas, it's hinting here too that we are in for some cold temperatures in the not too distant future. Upside of that is the pretty colours of autumn are on their way, crunchy leaves on every walkway - still my favourite time of year. Not looking forward to the cold though, those Icelandic socks sound perfect, shall have to get me some of those.

PS If you do get dreads, I want pictures!! lol

tsduff said...

Monika - are the gloves you are knitting mittens? I admire you Icelandic women, with such skills at knitting. Much to my regret, I never learned how.

(Beams with pride) Hunter is a cutie, isn't he?

:P Fuzzbox - you are a true connoisseur.

Keshi - I'm on my way over :-)

tsduff said...

Autumn -
S'mores are:
-Put a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker.
-Roast a marshmallow over campfire.
-Put roasted marshmallow on the chocolate graham cracker.
-Put another graham cracker on top of marshmallow to form a sandwich.

Ask for some more (s'more) :-D

We have leaves just hinting at a change - not dropping off yet. The Canada geese are flying by more frequently in their long v's, honking and making their funny calls.

Went to the class last night... steel drums rock! I have found my next calling... I'm in love with the sound. The instructor is from the caribbean, thick accent, dreads - the whole thing. I think I'll hold off on the dreads for now ;-)

Autumn Storm said...

S'mores sound positively gooey, and delish - no wonder the bairns look so happy :-)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the class as much as expected! I can just picture you on the beach, waves crashing, moonlight, in the middle of a real steel drum band and looking right at home, hair - if not dreads, just yet - swinging and living it up to the music :-)

tsduff said...

Autumn, I've decided to quit my job, buy a steel drum and make my living playing. (It was the beach picture that sold me :-D)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Awww. So adorable!

Why am I suddenly hungry for s'mores???? :)

Keshi said...

hey tnxxx alot for that sweety!


Autumn Storm said...

I think that is a fabulous idea :-D. Nothing but wind, waves and music - blissful.

Have a lovely evening both of you, xoxo

islandgrl said...

What a great picture! One of the few things I like about camping LOL sitting around the fire, eating gooey smores and having a blast!

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!