Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Putting the Baby Bear on the plane to Europe today... Papa Bear is a wreck but putting on a good face.

She will be hoofing it, eurailing it, bussing it and winging it through lots of European spots... all on her lonesome, although visiting friends along the way.

A bear will wander...
Like father, like daughter. :-D


Smoker said...

All is Well ,SWEETIE , Of Mine,....Yes the Growing One is off,to many adventures...She has the Belief and Courage to see Much.So Many Blessings go with Her!!XXOOXX,nice post(and the one above :-) gb

Agnes Mitchell said...

That can't be easy. Proud Pappa is handling it quite well. It's all about having faith in the things we've taught them. If we know we've done our best then she can fly without worry.
Imagine the stories she'll come home with. What a grand adventure for all of you. ;)

javajazz said...

dont worry Papa Bear,
she obviously learned her love of
travelling the world from her daddy.
she wouldnt even want to do it if it
wasnt something she was passionate
about and good at navigating her way
through. she's lucky to have that
spirit of the explorer...something
i envy, and the mark of an intelligent
human being...she will have a
wonderful adventurous journey...

Minka said...

I hope Europe will give her anythign she dreamed off. Best of journeys to her!