Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hólmatindur at Reytharfjorthur

Could I live here?
It gets so cold.
My bones would ache
When I grow old.

But beauty has a way
Of lifting pain
Like softly cleansing
With the rain

The joy of living
Free of stress
Just might be worth it
Owning less

The simple life
Of days on end
My Love and I
Both wearing grins

No rough commute
No morning rush
A nice warm house
A bowl of mush

Fish in a pot
Lamb in the stew
A walk along
The barren slough

I'd learn to drive
In snow and ice
Stamp through the mud
Of winter's vice

I'd wear warm wool
And rubber boots
Instead of nylons
Heels and suits

Life would move on
Things would change
A new frontier
A different range

Could I live here?
I don't know
I'd like to find out
I'll just go


Autumn Storm said...

Lovely picture, adorable poem - love it!

So positive too, no mountain too great to climb, it's all just one step at a time and steady determination.

I'll just go
Oooh, oooh, oooh!!! :-D
...Maybe I'd best wait and let you tell me how serious - as in right here right 'now' - that statement is. We know, you will go at some point. :-)

Wonderful post, Terry, x

Mo'a said...

I looooove it, you are such a great poet :) I am going to keep this one in "Favorite poets and poetry" File.
I say go for thing for sure heating and electricity are cheap in Iceland.

Anonymous said...

I think you could; and Jose could keep you warm. :-)

tsduff said...

Jorje T, Jorje...

Mo'a - you are so nice and free with your comments :-D I've never seriously been referred to as a poet before. Unfortunately, nothing is cheap in Iceland though :-D

Autumn - I don't even know how serious it is - and I won't until the moment it happens :-O

Bean said...

Sounds perfect to me! You've created a dream so succinctly :)

Autumn Storm said...

Morning, and a happy Thursday to you, x :-)

tsduff said...

Bean - Welcome and thanks :-) I learned a new word from you yesterday... wanker... I'll have to roll that around on my tongue.

And good day to you Autumn. Hope your boxes have already been stacked and ready to go, so that you can concentrate on a relaxing evening. Have a piece of leftover pizza - it's always great the second day.

Autumn Storm said...

Don't be using that new word around the office. On second thoughts, why not. :-D

Am about 1/3 of the way through, Terry, but so long as I am done by M's school holiday (where she is having visitors for the week), I'm happy.
Oh my - as I sit here now, I realize that starts tomorrow (had gotten it into my head I had another week - arghhhh) and the kids show up early next week!
Oh well - nothing to do but get busy, capitol B.

tsduff said...

M has visitors for an entire week? Wow, quite the socialite
:-) Maybe that will keep her busy and entertained whilst Mama does all the work. Man alive, I sure don't envy you. So much work involved. Just a spoonful of palmaritas (or whatever that stuff T likes) helps the medicine go dowwwnnnnn one box at a time...

Autumn Storm said...

:-) Absolutely.

javajazz said...

wherever you go,
there you are.
(i know, big help.)

tsduff said...

Lisa, that is absolutely profound :-D

javajazz said...

yup. ;-)