Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This article Vicious Squirrels appeared recently regarding a problem with scary squirrels in a neighboring town called MountianView, near Walnut Creek.... I can't understand what all the hullabaloo is about! Sheesh, around here there's nothing but well behaved, mannerly, elderly squirrels minding their own business (I do live near an exclusive retirement community called Rossmore, where the squirrels were voted best dressed...) Go figure.


Keshi said...

LOL awwwww!

I love squirrels. Back in Sri Lanka there used to be many squirrels on the trees ard my house. One day one of my cats caught one and killed it :( It left behind only the bushy tail. I found it days later, picked it up and placed it between the pages of a book...it's still there. So beautiful!


Anonymous said...

All I've got for this is one huge smile. :-D

I think my neiborhood got all the young frisky ones. Couple of years ago they even moved, prior to a forced and prolonged eviction, into our humble home. All ten of them! :-D

Mo'a said...

Squirrels are great and so clever. We have a tree in our Japanese Style Garden that houses squirrels in the winter.The one in your photo is so cute......ours are not quite so clever or well dressed.

Autumn Storm said...

lol, great pic! :-D

Gotta admit, they scare me when they come running, so fast and they jump too. Distance away is fine, cute as a button. :-)

Minka said...

How can squirrels be vicious? They are just a ball of furr. Send them to iceland I say...we wouldnæt mind a bit of animal kingdom around :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

ROFL - how very nice that you all provide walkers for the geriatric squirrel population. And those pearls. Very nice touch.

Sorry I'm so terribly far behind. Let's see what I can do to catch up.

Lovely, reflective poem.

Very brave of you to get on that plane. I hope it was a wonderful visit with your sister.

I love your pretty marbles. You didn't lose them. I stole 'em. My marbles were lonely. Here, you can have 'em back now. LOL

Mmmm...Autumn. Woodsmoke. I can't wait for crisp, fall air. Should be here in just a few more hours. It came from your end of the world...so thanks for sending it along.

I love your little house on the water. I'll pop in for tea. :)

The corporate hoop requirement is HYSTERICAL. I'm SO printing that and putting it on the wall.

Whew. That was a week or so in 3 minutes. I think I need a nap now.
Thanks so much for dropping by like you do. I still find time to READ the comments, even if I never get around to replying.
Every time I see your name I think of beautiful landscapes and moving poetry. I guess that's how I would describe you to a stranger...and there's not a dang thing wrong with that.

Hugs and love. I hope all is well in your world. Hug that big ol' bear for me too. I know he's takin good care of you and we love him for it!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I love it!

tsduff said...

Keshi - that must have been one heck of a cat... or a small squirrel! They bite back. They have such pretty bushy tails.

Trée - :-D You had ten squirrels move into your humble home? Man alive, that's a lot of stew makin's. (I heard they eat squirrels in Tennessee... how are they pulled?)

Mo'a - I love squirrels. They moved back into our 'wildlife condos' i.e. my giant poplars after I had them cut way back. I was afraid they wouldn't return. I put peaunts, grain and corn out for them, and they are about to eat me out of house and home. How fun that you have a tree for them!

tsduff said...

Autumn - sorry you are scared of them. I supposed I wouldn't particularly want one jumping on me, but since that has never happened I'm not afraid of it. I just give them peanuts :-D and they like me.

Monika - they are cute - but would probably wreak some terrible imbalance on the Icelandic environment... like the mink they imported over there. We saw a tiny mink swimming in the ocean, trying to gobble up some little ducklings, but they saw him and easily escaped.

tsduff said...

Agnes - like a long missing friend it is so wonderful to hear from you. You are part of that little "family" we have assembled here in blogland. An integral part I might add. :-D Just because we don't hear from you frequently, you are still as much a part of our daily thoughts as any one of us :-D

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You always speak from your heart.

The Bear has been gone for a week now - the emptiness is "un-bearable"... he will be back sometime... I never know when.

Bean said...

Hehe. Where did you get this picture? I think I once saw on Cops (I don't know why I used to watch tv either) there was this crazy squirrel stuck in someone's pantry and when they pulled it out it was the scariest looking animal I'd ever seen. I didn't know squirrels came in ugly.

Oliviah said...

That is such a cute picture. Seems like the media is trying to scare us to death about absolutely everything. I saw a show the other night about dolphins violently attacking people. Is nothing sacred? hehee

Mama E said...

The shopping cart and the slippers make the modern squirrel. Is there a convenient elevator that takes her to the tree top, too?

tsduff said...

Bean - LOL! Squirrels don't come in ugly at all! But when they are scared to pieces, I'm sure they can be a wee bit of a drama queen... not their most attractive side.

Oliviah - I'm with you :-D I hardly want to read anything at all anymore, because it's all bad, and what the heck is one wise believe anyway? Maybe those dolphins just had a bad day :-D We all do once in a while, and I feel like violently attacking people (certain people, LOL) at times.

Mama E - You are too funny! I wouldn't be surprised to look inside a highrise tree around here up near the retirement community of Rossmore and discover just that!

tsduff said...

Actonbell - :-)

Anonymous said...