Friday, December 08, 2006

*hurry*... must ~~~get ~~~ coffeeeee ~~~~~~

Happy Finally Friday - and thanks to Anne and George up on Lopez Island for this lovely (baby blue heron?) picture today.


jillie said...

OMG...that so looks like me right now!!! I've got a list of stuff to do a million miles long and the energy to only do half of it. You have the best pictures! Happy Friday to you Terry ;o)

Kyahgirl said...

That picture is great! That's what I saw in the mirror this morning!

tsduff said...

Or maybe it is a pelican chick. She forgot her lipstick.

tsduff said...

Jillie - good luck on the shopping... auuughhhhh - as my Bear said this a.m. "can't we just skip Christmas - and get to the train ride?" (We are going to Friday Harbor in the Puget Sound, WA on Christmas Day night.) We love the train.

Kyahgirl - I want your mirror - it sounds so cool!!!!!

Meg said...

And you asked for a pic of me??? You already have one - this one!! Ha ha thats just how I've felt lately too,,,,Tis the Season.

Have a great weekend.

btw, I sent you one in e-mail.

javajazz said...

thats really funny,
i was just about to ask
how you got another photo of me
early in the morning,
and then i see,
everyone things
birdie looks like them!
hee haw!
funny chick!

Mile Stones said...

Actually, it's a's me owning up! I saw exactly that face looking back at me in a cold bathroom mirror, fresh from yesterday's haircut. Squawk? I thought I'd never stop!
Seriously, what a talented photographer to capture that. just needs a pair of granny-glasses and it's Duckman!

Kyahgirl said...

sorry to butt in Terry but you mentioned Friday Harbor. I've actually been there too, about 25 years ago. Sailed there with three other people from Victoria. Two of them were puking over the side the whole way and me and the other gal who didn't know diddly about sailing took the helm. fun/scary/fun/wild :-)

jillie said...

Puget Sound? Oh can I come along? I've ALWAYS wanted to go there!!!! I'll be real good I promise. Ok...maybe not that good but I won't embarrass you. Ok...maybe that won't work either. Maybe I'll just pretend I'm going. Eventually I will get there. Well...just to make you jealous, I'm going to WI next week...LMAO!!!!!

Autumn Storm said...

LOL, would you look at that! Reminds me of Gonzo, my very favourite muppet.
TGIF, mere hours til the weekend, yey! Anything nice planned, or plenty of R&R after the last weeks of festivities? :-)
Happy Friday, xoxo

Thank you for the card!!!
Was such a nice surprise. Loved it, you both look so good and in such stunning surroundings too. Gorgeous!

tsduff said...

Meg - Love the picture! I think we all feel like this blue heron picture - I know I do before coffee :-D Yes, and definitely it IS the season. sigh. double sigh.

Lisa - yep, it is just like that in a lot of houses in the morning ... not just bird houses! Don't you just want that hair?

Mile Stones... hair cut? Bummer! My advice is to let it grow let it grow let it grow :-D Then you have no worries.

Kyahgirl - I sympathize with the poor suckers throwing up... that's me. But I like going anyway... it is so very beautiful up there. I've never been to Victoria though - still trying to get there. WOW, you drove a boat? (I know I know, should say "sailed"... I'm no swabby sailor that's for sure) I'm impressed!

Jillie - can you squinch yourself really small and jump in my backpack? Hop in :-D I'm SO jealous of the cheese trip...
;-) Say, is that your bike in your avatar? Mine's a sportster - let's ride!

Autumn - I love the muppets - my favorite is Beaker (when Prof Honeydew makes him flip out... ) Have to do some shopping this weekend - as I have left most of it to the last minute like usual. We did put up a Christmas tree night before last - woo hoo, earliest one in my lifetime! And, I'm so excited that I'll have Hunter this year - it will be magic. Love that little guy... we'll see how long he manages to stay up waiting for Santa :-D
Glad you got the card - yours was the first we sent out.

Autumn Storm said...

That's the best bit, watching the young'uns get exited about Santa. We have video from every Christmas since 1982, but there is one in particular that I just love. The kids, which at that time were my 'bother' and two cousins were misbehaving through dinner, so my grandfather popped on a santa hat, popped outside and banged on the window, wagging his finger - lol, their faces, I've never seen anything like them, not before, not since.
They were good as gold through the rest of the meal, you may have guessed. :-D
What's Hunter been asking for this Christmas?
I'm off for a couple of days now, so hoping to get all my shopping done. Not that many to buy for, so it all depends on how long at a time, i can stand the crowds for. It's madness, and it has been for weeks already, plus it shall only get worse.

Happy Friday, sweetie, xoxo

javajazz said...

dont i just want that hair?
i think i already "have" that hair!
(squawk squawk!)

:P fuzzbox said...

It looks like my old boss. Yeeouch.

Autumn Storm said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Two surprises in two days, I near fell down in shock when the postie knocked on the door. ;-)
Terry, I hardly know what to say except the obvious, Thank you!
("Tell Terry, I said double thank you":)
Is so very beautiful, I love, love, LOVE it! Bear hugs, xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I definitely have that hair. LOVE the photo!!

Miz BoheMia said...

Ay dios mio! GO, GO, GOOOO and get that coffee P-LEASE!!!!

Oh... and to answer your question below, I am a yogi, yes... an ashtanga yoga teacher. I get up every morning at 4:30 am and am on my mat by 5:30 am... the full moon, for many reasons that tie in to both its mystical qualities as well as actual physical realities, are of utmost importance in yoga... we are not supposed to practice on a full moon or on a new moon because of the moon's pull on liquids on earth, and that applies to our liquid-filled bodies as well, so yeah, bad yogi that I am I forgo that and practice anyway... but shhhh.. don't tell anyone! ;-P

javajazz said...

k, what'd you send this time
magical Terry??

rachael said...

This picture is great. I busted out laughing at my computer screen & my kids came in & started giggling too.

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Monday Morning, Sweetie! Hope you've had a lovely weekend, xoxo

imfredshand said...

holy moly!! His eyes are so strange! they look like they've been painted on!

jillie said...

I still laugh at that bird picture everytime I look at it....LOL!!!!

Jodes said...

too funny. I think that will be me at the end of the week - I have decided to cut back on the coffee at work - it sucks and I add tons of creamer and sugar and I think that is why I have gained weight, at least it is part of it - so green tea for me until my trip next week. I want to lose 5lbs...i need to lose 10. ugh

tsduff said...

Autumn - LOL - now that is something I'd love to try on Hunter (Laughs evilly... :-D) He is so impressionable! He told Santa he wants these things called "heelies" shoes with wheels built into the heels... I think they are odd but apparently all the kids are talking about them. The kids roll around on their heels, and it is perfectly okay for them to wear them to school. He also told me that he wants an ornament like one of the ones on my tree - it is thickly beaded (like the Massai make in Africa) with a rainbow of different colors.
From one shopping-phobic to another - good luck in the crowds :-D

tsduff said...

Lisa - You already have the hair? NOT! Your hair is lovely - to die for curls and waves... (sigh - don't we always long for what we don't have?)

:P Fuzzbox - Poor boss!

Autumn - :-D Merry Merry.

tsduff said...

Deborah - You have that hair too? Ha ha ha - guess I missed out. It IS rather like muppet hair - wispy and pretty, like ostrich feathers :-) (anything would be an improvement over mine, that's for sure)

Miz B -WOW! A yogi? That sounds all mystical and awesome - no wonder you are in such fabulous shape. (I admire your thin trim beautiful figure all the time)
:-D G and I have talked about that we ought to try out going to a yoga class because we are in sad, lazy physical shape, the both of us! When we fell in love all over again, our good habits flew off in the wind, and we got fat and soft just sitting around looking into each other's eyes... Ha ha - how can one be a bad yogi? tish tish - no such thing. We need help!

Tee hee - Lisa - nothing of great importance - but hey, send me your home addy by email and then I can send a real mail hello to you too. Pleeeeze?

Rachael - perhaps you can make one of those tree people only have it be a heron baby instead. I bet it would look adorable. :-D Definitely a face that certainly a mother could love - :-D
Thanks for stopping by.

Autumn - ~whew~ Monday morning done and gone. Now only the afternoon to face. I see that you are burning the midnight oil once again - back to your old ways :-D It is so nice to see you online.

tsduff said...

Nature's perfect paintbrush
Did the job so well
Put the eyes on flawlessly
Not even you can tell

Jillie - Well, it IS a face only a mother could er, well, look at without cracking up :-D (if she does crack up, I'm sure she averts her face behind her wing - ha ha ha)

Jodes - cut back on Coffee??? What? Are you nuts? Some things just should not be messed with - coffee consumption is one of them. I too have to confess to dumping tons of Coffeemate into mine - and look, no cholesterol - I checked! But the universe is balanced delicately, and fooling with the rate of coffee you drink is a surefire way to upset the galaxies I promise. Find another way to lose a few lbs (no more chocolate nightcaps before bed :-D)

Keshi said...

awwww :)


Crazy Me said...

Make it diet coke and you've got me in the morning!

Miz BoheMia said...

Hey! When I make it back y'all can come to class! Ashtanga is quite the tough and ass kicking routine so WOOH! Whaddya say? :-)

Ranger Tom said...

How'd you get a picture of me when I just wake up?

Autumn Storm said...

Morning Terry.
Went to see baby bear this morning, she is adorable! It's a really nice place that she is working at, such a lovely warm atmosphere, cosy, and she looked right at home. :-) We stayed only for about half an hour though, as trade started to pick up and I didn't want to disturb her or make her feel that she had to find the time to chat further. Anyways, I've her number now and I'm going to hold her to her promise that I can take her out to lunch one day soon (when I have another day off) and hear more about her trip to Iceland and her experiences of London thus far. :-)
Hope you have a great day ahead, love and hugs, x

javajazz said...

okay, that addy...
now i understand!
i never do my "rounds"
all at one time,
story of my life,
so now i get what you were saying
on lisablog...

you're so nice to visit babybear!
i bet she was thrilled to meet you!
you guys are all so nice to each other!
i'm impressed.

i got the wavy hair?
you got the boobs.
we'll just have to deal with it.
besides, my hair is falling out...
and your hair is gorgeous long silky!
my crazy Sarah has a head full of
healthy 14 year old ever so curly
blonde hair....what does she do?
straightens the s**t out of it...
go figure...

tsduff said...

Keshi - how are you? Handling the summer okay? :-) It is rainy and cold over here.

Hey A - diet coke in the morning? I guess you gotta do what you gotta do... get that caffeine any way you can.. :-)

Miz B - oh my that sounds scary! Ashtanga will kill me - I'm not thin and flexible like you. But I'm game - this old bod could use a good workout :-) My bear and I will be at your command... be gentle okay?

Hi Tom - long time no see. I swiped this picture from your Alaskan Honey when she wasn't looking ...

Autumn, As I said yesterday - you made my Sweetie's day by stopping by to see his baby... you are so wonderfully kind to do such a thing. It means alot to us - thank you! That you would go out of your way to visit someone you don't even know is a great demonstration of your warm and loving nature. I'm so happy that we are friends.

tsduff said...

Thanks for the addy Lisa - it was aboot time... Perhaps I'll ship off a card or somewhat like that -

I think Sarah should share her hair with us oldsters... long and silky? You are so kind. Tee hee - all the ladies I know my age cut theirs off and get those old-lady hair bobs... I had someone at church last week ask me if I colored my hair! OUCH! This head of hair has never seen a drop of color - I was completely mystified.

javajazz said...

Autumns amazing that way...
how rare a gem to do something
like that...!

ha! Terry, you make me laff about
old lady hair...i always wondered
what makes women do that at
a certain age, but i think it may
have something to do with when
your hair starts falling out or looking
like that bird, short's the only way to go...
its that dying it that 40-year old red colour
i cant understand...that chestnut coloured
what the --- is that all about? so funny
you said about that person asking if you
coloured your hair...i went for my annual
trim to Russell a wonderful 60yr old
British fellow who's been cutting my hair
for about 20 years, now my annual visit
is to trim exactly one inch off my dried up
old gray hair, but the chick who washed
my hair asked me if that was my natural
colour!!! i said, "this?" then i said, "no,
Lillian the colour lady dyed it gray..."
man! i couldnt believe it...
of course when it starts to go really really
gray, it sometimes looks blonde, sooooo,
maybe your natural beautifully coloured
hair was something they'd just
never seen before!

tsduff said...

It's silver actually :-D

javajazz said...

ha! sorry 'bout that!
and mine's
14K gold....
(mooo haa haaaaaaa!)

Anonymous said...