Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Oh dear - I've been tagged by Jodes to expose 6 weird things about me. Do I really want to do this? Hmmm - who's to say these things are weird - they seem perfectly normal to me...

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the '6 weird things about you.' People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

1. I dislike having "things" such as nuts, candy, coconut shreds, etc. in my ice cream. I prefer it to be creamy and perfectly smooth.

2. Although I enjoy the scent of fresh flowers, I cannot stand to have them at the table when eating, as the smell intrudes on my dining pleasure. The same goes for other scents - such as perfume, incense, scented candles, etc. which are best enjoyed on their own. Food smells and sweet "other" smells just don't mix.

3. I "chew" my coffee.

4. I have an irrational fear of sitting in my car through the carwash.

5. I love most animals, reptiles, and adore birds. So why am I unnerved by, and completely freaked out by... cockroaches? Even writing about them now makes me squirm about in my chair and want to put my feet up, toes curling in horror...

6. Certain types of music (certain riffs, melodies, instrument blends) besides putting me in tears, give me complete, uncontrollable, pleasureable, goosebumps. :-D. It's as if it touches some EMOTION button inside my heart.

Ok now I tag the following 6 bloggers:

Sister Celtic


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love the way that headline screams out like a slap heard round the world "TAGGED."

Okay, back to your normal programming. Not sure why I found that so funny. :-D

Now, my dear, how exactly does one "chew coffee?"

Lindsey said...

Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!

Minka said...

You tagged me? I thought we were friends! :)

Like it, did one similar a while back and I´ll post it later tonight.
And Terry, it is perfectly resonable that you are freaked out by cocroaches. They deserve nothing less :)

javajazz said...


ps i love that terrywordcollage
at the top...thats very cool...!
i wanted to read the teeny words
but i couldnt see them....
i know, i wasnt supposed to, right?

i'm trying to figure how to do this
tag thing...i dont like tagging people
just like i dont like sending them those
emails where if you dont send this out
to 56 of your closest friends you will
have a miserable life and no one likes
you anyway etc etc...

so first i have to come up with 6
weird ones, (as if thats some kind
of a problem?) but i might just
post them here, so we can all
enjoy them...
i'll figure it out...in a while...

ps i cant believe you said
you chew your coffee.
i chew my coffee.
i eat everything like that..
liquids solids....
what a hoot, man!

you're weird.

Mo'a said...

OK!!! I will do it, if it can wait.... :) until after Xmas....OK? Jolasveinar are coming and a surprice appearance also....that means 14 days, up to Christmas taken...like to leave guest post up for a few days :)
I also have a post on a project I did with one of my young neighbors.

And how can I top a lady who chews her coffee....how does one chew coffee?

jillie said...

How do you chew coffee? Buzz beans? Or do you make it that thick and strong? LOL...I had been tagged by Jodes too. I think I could have gone on and on and on and on......I think you get my drift...lol

Stay warm...it's brrrr chillie woooo out there ;o)

tsduff said...

Trée - :-D I don't usually ever leave a title on my site - but this one deserved a scream due to the fact that I may actually be alienating all my friends; both the ones I tagged, and the ones that find out about my weird habits!! You don't chew your coffee? Ummm, savoring each swallow as you roll it over your tongue... chewing brings out the flavor ;-)

Lindsey - geez - you crawled out of bed to wish me a happy? Awe - you're the best. Now back to bed with you - spit spot.

Minka - ~gulp~ guilty as charged
:-O Um - what else are friends for? I'll have you know it is my very first tag - so you are still in keeping with the tradition of being first :-D

Lisa - I've been called worse :-D nyah nyah...for the Word Cloud, you can make your own~ Go
here and fill in the blanks with your website. I love how they turn out.
I really didn't want to tag anyone either, but I figured what the heck, I'll try anything once... :-D And, it is a perfect pleasure to make the acquaintance of a fellow coffee chewer. I thought I was all alone.
ps - you're weird too :-D

Mo'a - I can't wait for the Jolasveinar to show up! Check out this article about the Yule Lads although I guess I really didn't know they were trolls... LOL

Jillie - yes, thick and strong, filled with coffeemate and a pinch of sweetner - toxic to some (I've been accused of poisoning people when they sip my cup by mistake LOL) quite chewable and lovely! Great for warming hands around in the chilly frost of the morning air...

Meg said...

Coconut shreds leave me freaked out. For some reason they remind me of toenails. Gross, I know but thats why I can't eat anything with coconut in it. Ok - you didn't tag me, but now you know one wierd thing about me :)


tsduff said...

Ewwww Meg, that is exactly what I think too! I don't feel that way when I can see the coconut (which, by the way I really like) but when it is mixed into creamy foods, gross! (Not weird at all :-D)

Anonymous said...

Interesting list! I have a specific buggy-phobia too: centipedes. Mwaaaaa

Autumn Storm said...

I share some of those, so my verdict - you're not weird, at all. :-D
Nice answers, Terry, now we know a little more about you, always welcome, and such fun things that might not have come up any other way. Afraid of being in a car wash - okay, that one is weird. :-D

Tag accepted, may take me a while though - is going to be very hard to come up with some weird stuff about me. ;-)

Hope all's well with you (and G etc). Look forward to catching up more, missed you bunches, xo

Jodes said...

I so know what you mean about music, I am the same way. Ok, I gotta ask, chew your coffee???? it must be really strong. thanks for posting...

Gareth said...

Phewwwww I escaped this tag :)
I was asked to do this a while ago and I couldn't even come up with 1 weird thing about me. I guess I'm just completely normal. Haaaaaaahahaha ;)
I didn't even get a mention in your word cloud. It IS in green though so I'll take that :)

Jeanne said...

Chocolate chip is the best way to ruin ice cream. I love nuts in ice cream, though, and raisins in rum raisin. I think in my case I want the things that interupt the pure smoothness to be big enough so as not to confuse my tongue. I hate scratchy ice cream.

Mile Stones said...

When I saw the ID 'jodes'it is more or less what I thought & if you know Spanish, you'll know what I mean! [Sorry, Jodes, but I ain't gonna translate it. I figure there must be some perfectly reasonable explanation].
I seriousdly thank you Terry for not landing me in this. Someone tagged me last week as a birthday prezz......:-((, it's true! I have had to tell her that mind just can't put things into boxes of 3, I don't see the point, I've got too much to worry about (really) & cannot do it. I've even considered putting up a warning on my blog "Please Don't Tag Me. I will not deliver!" Got it? xxx

i love crows! said...

I wanna be in that picture!


i'm with you. i want my ice cream creamy. they don't call it ice crunch, ey??


jillie said...

Brrrrr....Miss Terry and good morning to you! I am waiting for my coffee to warm me up. The fog is clearing off the ocean and the sun is coming out...yeah!

Jodes said...

good morning - it's Friday!!

tsduff said...

Actonbell - Happy vacation to you! Centipedes aren't my favorite bug, but I don't run away screaming from them... :-D

Autumn - yes, I know, the only thing weird about you is that... well, that there isn't anything weird! I have to make someone drive my car through the carwash - or just grit my teeth and "handle" it...It is GREAT to see you back!!

tsduff said...

Jodes - Music makes life grand. Can't live without it. Coffee? Well, there isn't really anything to it - I just chew it. I do happen to like it strong - but hey, that's what Coffeemate is for :-D You know, just sip, chew, savor, and swallow! Cheers!

Gareth - it is such an honor and a privilege to have made the acquaintance of a leprechaun... always feel lucky when you are around :-) Perhaps that's why you weren't tagged :-)

tsduff said...

Jeanne - Nice to hear you are still breathing...was worried there for a bit when I heard you blub blubbing... LOL I've been known to eat cookie dough ice cream, but I have to pick out the pieces and eat them seperately. Ice Cream is meant to be smooth - definitely NOT scratchy :-D Confuse your tongue? Ha Ha. When I eat ice cream I can't be answering phones, because my tongue gets thick from the cold, and I can't speak properly. It sounds like I've been drinking!

Miles, I don't know what Jodes means in Spanish - I just like her. :-D Not to worry about the tag... you escaped.

I Love Crows: Welcome!! Crow lovers always welcome here. Ice Crunch? Hmmm, you might just be on to something big there. (Maybe it would go over in Iceland - LOL)

Kyahgirl said...

wierd but adorable!
Its not wierd to hate cockroaches IMHO but if it is, we're weird together.

Oh, I get that music thing too! :-)

tsduff said...

Jillie - you are enjoying two of my favorite things... the ocean, and coffee :-D And it is a Friday on top of it - isn't life grand?

Jodes - Yes, you said it. (Embarassing how we live for Fridays, isn't it?) Have a great rest of the day, and happy weekend!

tsduff said...

Kyahgirl - do they have roaches (ugh.. *shudders*) in Canada? I thought it might be too cold. eww - creeped myself out. Quick - spray some perfume on them, that'll get em! What scent do you recommend?

Kyahgirl said...

um 'Roach be Gone' otherwise knowns as Calvin Klein 'Escape'. (sorry, I couldn't resist. That's my least favorite perfume).

Anonymous said...