Saturday, January 13, 2007

It is another fresh, pure, beautiful day.

This is the day that the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in it :-)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning busy bee--picture is sweet,on a nippy day..time to enjoy a coffee and cig-join me-see you soon!

Autumn Storm said...

Have a wonderful day, sweetie, hugs to you.

Gorgeous picture!!

actonbell said...

ooooooo, your pictures are always awesome. It was rainy here, but I didn't have to work:)

And thank you! Yes, I can walk in them, and it's much easier without panty hose. Which I've thrown away. heh.
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Autumn Storm said...

Sweet, peaceful dreams when you get that far. Hope you had a good day today, xo

imfredshand said...

This is the day that the Lord has made.
Let us rejoice and be glad in it

ah! another song I used to sing at school! haven't heard thatone in years!

javajazz said...

wow, thats a very healthy attitude,
and it is just that kind of beauty and light you have Terry, that burns off other peoples dark energy...darkness cannot survive in the light, did you know that?
another stunning picture, so beautiful, what gorgeous fresh colourful flowers, and those water droplets look so incredibly cleansing! see how brilliant you are, girl!
xoxo lisa

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Monday, xoxo

Jeanne said...

I'm glad you have managed to bounce back. I'm still working on it (yes, we've got a control issue clowding the skies here too). People shouldn't be allowed to do things that just aren't right.

Anonymous said...

Ive been a bit slacking lately in my comments but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't stop in and check to see if there is anything new on your end of the country.

As always, love the pics and the post - some times so simple and yet always so beautiful. You have a way !

Have a splendid week.


tsduff said...

Annon- I'll be there before you know it. :-)

Autumn - :-D

Actonbell - threw them away... LOL! I have a pair, but haven't worn them in ages. No rain here - just piercingly, aching cold... sunshine with no warmth at all. brrr.

Thanks Autumn - woke up this a.m. to the patter of little feet running up the stairs... grandson paying a surprice early morning visit whilst his Mom went to work. Yay.

Hey James - you know that one too? :-) Not abad. Kind of helps lift up one's eyes when they are downcast.

Awe Lise - so nice of you to say things like that. I was going for a look that might feel cleansing - I'm so wanting to be away from the dark and tortured emotions of the recent days.

Autumm - LOL thanks! I forgot it was Monday, because I'm off today :-) Martin Luther Kings day.

Jeanne - alas those issues are everywhere we turn. Onward to new solutions I hope. Happy Monday over there in the cold land you live in.

Meg - HA HA - slacking? There is no such thing around here. Slacking is for the real, mundane world. Here in blogland, we can be and do whatever we like. And, I'm so happy you stop buy - I enjoy dropping over to your pretty place daily too. :-)

javajazz said...

see? you put the light of
those cleansing droplets out
there, and look what they
sent to you today,
running up those stairs
to see grandma! yet another
spectacular karmic wonder,
choreographed by the wisdom
of the Universe...ta daaa!
sometimes you dont have to do
a thing! it eventually all
gets looked after by the
higher karmic laws...

jillie said...

What an uplifting picture...anything purple I find healing. Thinking of you and hope you're feeling better.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

What a beautiful pic. It is very refreshing and I'm glad to see it after reading your last post. I'm upset that your grandson's father is being so thoughtless and selfish. You just have to keep being the strong lady that you are and remember this current post. Each day is a new, fresh start from God.

Autumn Storm said...

So you are, woooohoooo, had forgotten about that, typical me, and you only mentioned it a couple of days ago too. Well, I hope that you are making the absolute most of it and living it large. Have a most wonderful Monday, and just think, now Friday will come around even sooner. :-D
Hugs all round, x

Crazy Me said...

We've been iced in for 3 days. House full of food and lots of diet coke. I am totally rejoicing in it!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Mmmm...beautiful image. Makes me dream of spring. Oh to be out from under this winter weather. The sun WILL come out...tomorrow. LOL

Hugs and love to you, kind lady. I hope your Tuesday is as beautiful as this post. :)

imfredshand said...

Hi terry, happy Tuesday.. hey do you know a song which goes:

"soooo light up the fire... let the flame burn... opeeen the dooor let jeeesus retuuurn.. sow seeds of his spirit.. etc etc"

That was one of my fave hyms at school.. another one was Lord of the Dance (beofre it turned into the huge show thing). I should learn to play some of these classics.. i bet theyre not hard!

Jodes said...

that is a gorgeous pic!!! Happy Tuesday!!

magdalene-sophie said...

i have tried to post a comment before but there was some error. im trying again now :)

it's hard to think of tomorrow as a new day when yesterday was just hours ago~

MS (since there's someone else called Meg alrdy) :)

javajazz said...

out nose.
(cant stop...)

javajazz said...

k, i'm going out now
to shovel some ice.
cant wait...
it might not even move
its that darn cold....

actually, our temps have been
shockingly similar
tho this deep freeze
puts us back in
canadian mode...
but even brian
(who is back near you
now, sniff,)
said its cooooold
out there, and took
plenty of warm stuff
back with him...
its good and cleansing
for your lungs
to breathe in all that
fresh air....
makes one hardy
hardy harrrr!!!

tsduff said...

Okay, I shall grit my teeth and begin again. Just lost all my comments... just one of those stupid things where you open another screen, and instead of opening it's own screen, it jumps into the blogger screen you've been typing into, and EATS IT!!! Maybe I should just try answering each comment individually so I only lose one at a time, instead of the whole (#*$&)*(@#& thing! Grrrr. On karma - I'm starting to give it a second thought - never really paid much attention to the word or it's meaning before. But I like the sound of it. It really was nice to hear the little kid steps bounding up the stairs, catching two sleepy heads still in bed... (*yikes - put the robe on, quick!!)

tsduff said...

Jillie, thanks for the kind words. I agree - I find purple to be soothing, pretty, easy on the eyes and healing. Now it just needs to sink down inside a bit deeper.

tsduff said...

Julie - Hunters father is an obsessed, mean and somewhat crazy man. I need to remember what you said - yes, every day is a fresh start from God. I need to remember this every single minute- that I can start my day over any time I want.

tsduff said...

Autumn - I'm always glad when Monday is over - even if it was a holiday. Yay.

Angela - wow, iced in! Sounds like the most awesome way to celebrate it too :-) HA HA - food and diet coke. I'd be happy with coffee and food -

AGGIE - it is so good to see you out and about. I've missed you. Now that you are an auntie again (many times over :-)) I know you understand how those wee ones make us melt away when we see them. Now you've got that song stuck in my head (the sun will come out TOMORROW, TOMORROW......)

tsduff said...

James - I'm afraid I don't know the words to that particular song, but I might know it if I heard a few measures of the melody. Those childhood songs we hear just stay with us all of our lives for some reason. I do know the Lord of the Dance though... ha ha, before the Irish guy made it into a giant production. You should try playing some of them.

tsduff said...

Hey Jodes - do me a fav would ya - and just take a minute sometime today to run over to that beautiful beach of yours and breath in a few deep breaths, just for me? Ahhhhh. That's much better. :-)

MS - welcome! So nice to see you (with that eye, the better to SEE you :-D) And a pretty eye it is.

tsduff said...

MS - I NEED to think of today as a new day... really. Yesterday wasn't so good and I'm ready to move on.

tsduff said...

Lisa - the coffee missed. :-O

tsduff said...

Shoveling ice sounds hard. You are't big enough - ha ha ha I can imagine you all bundled up with a shovel stuck into one mittened hand... hair sticking out from underneath a woolen cap... where did Lisa go?

imfredshand said...

Yeah I think I might look up lord of the dance.. shouldnt imaigine its too difficult