Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mother Earth is dressed for spring -

Oh but for a gentle breeze of her warmth today...
To thaw the ice

Breath in the sweet air
Scented with green, blue and brown
Tendrils reaching up




sister celtic said...


Jodes said...

what a great picture and wonderful words. no ice here, but it sure is cold. how far are you from the ocean? are you way inland, mountain area?

Anonymous said...

Mother Earth sure isn't dressed for spring around here - heck, she hasn't even thought about spring cleaning yet....s-i-n-g-l-e freakin' digits !!!!

these are the times one really misses a cuddling partner :)

hope your Wednesday is Wonderful!

javajazz said...

looks like Mom Earth
has QUINOA in her hair!!

Bean said...

Beautiful! and so brrrrr, cold. Mt Diablo... that's a very sinister name for such a pretty mountain. Wishing warmth for you :)

Anonymous said...

behind the whinning that it is Cold,Really, I do enjoy it.So if You had a choice,which city would you like to see:amsterdam,,barcelona,,bergen,,berlin,,copenhagen,,frankfurt,,glasgow,,gothenburg,,helsinki,,london,,madrid,,manchester,,milan,,munich,,oslo,,paris,,stockholm,,zurich

javajazz said...

Amsterdam, please!!
(oh, G, sorry,
you werent asking me...!)

my son played in Amsterdam
and he played last summer
in Barcelona...
he loved the passionate
openness of Amsterdam
and they just loved
Barcelona too!
a lot of jazz musicians
love Europe because the
europeans are so much
more open and receptive
to the spontanaeity and
beauty of improvised
music...they're not
afraid to be emotional!
its cool and europe has
attracted many american
jazz musicians to go
and actually live there.
they also just love
the enthusiasm of the
Japanese audience!
so free!

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Ooooo Mt. Diablo is very lovely indeed! That's a great picture. The lighting is perfect.

Anonymous said...

hey jj--its ok--think helsinki would be a good start off point

Autumn Storm said...

Gale force winds is what we have been promised today. Right now as I look outside the window though, there is no wind at all, so time will tell, I guess.

Spring'll be here before we know it, :-D, in the mean time, you get to take fantastic pictures such as this one of Mt Diablo - wow!

imfredshand said...

Ahhh! I know that picture! It's actually from a Dungeons and Dragons maunual (I forget who the woman is... maybe a nymph)

Beautiful mountain pic..

Ranger Tom said...

Beautiful picture!

tsduff said...

Sister Celtic - holding you up in prayer today... hugs xo

Jodes - I live about 1/2 hour drive from the ocean - inland from SF and Berkeley. You'd think I'd get more opportunities to go to my beloved seaside, but somehow I just never do. Besides, to get to an actual beach where you can just enjoy it without houses or traffic, you have to drive a lot further. There is a hilly barrier betwixt me and the sea.

Good morning Meg! Yes, a cuddling partner is always nice - anytime actually :-) But having a snuggler beside me makes it oh so difficult to jump out of bed in these cold mornings... The frost is thick all over this morning.

Lisa - HA HA HA HA Quinoa... you know I've been mispronouncing it all along until you corrected me. Mother Earth wears lots of things in her hair :-)

Bean - Hi! I used to know how the mountain got it's name... I also used to believe it was volcanic, but that is not the case. It is actually one of the tallest mountains anywhere about, and was used to help create survey maps due to the clear views for miles upon miles in all directions.
Thanks for the warmth... uh - still waiting for it to arrive :-)

Annonymous - all of the above. When are we leaving? I think we start in Helsinki...

Lisa - I agree - Amsterdam is a must see. Wow, that kid of yours has really gotten around already. Speaking of the open-ness of Europeans toward jazz... my buddy Jamie Davis has taken his velvet jazz voice over to Coatia - just got back this week. He was extremely well received, and is now getting bookings all over.

Julie - you and your hiking boots would love tramping all over the mountain - it has so many facets. Rock City has caves, giant rocks etc. Then there is the riparian side with the creek, thickly forested with oaks and willows... and the top has the golden grass and rocky cliffs. Lots of fun up there.

Annonymous - have you found the train routes yet? Got to have the trains...

Autumn, there is huge thick frost everywhere this morning... brrr. My plants are dead - black and wilted from the frost. Some of my spring bulbs have already pushed up and flowered... and are now suffering. What is with the weird weather? Global warming I'm afraid is no joke.

Fred's Hand (J :-)) You know this gal? Ain't she gorgeous?

tsduff said...

HI RT - The mountain or the gal?

jillie said...

How breath taking and refreshing! That's the one thing I loved about spring in the midwest, it was like everything being born again! Everything asleep awakens and comes alive.

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Sista! :-D Hope you're having a Terrific Thursday.

All your poor flowers, what a shame - The weather has definitely changed drastically over the last 10-15 years! And it's only likely to keep changing.

Those promised gales were out in full force today, had to step over a tree to get home this evening, and it was one among hundreds that have fallen.

jillie said...

Have you lost any plant life to the cold weather? I am worried about my lemon tree. I've rescued it from years of neglect 5 years ago and all of my plumeria and roses....I will just cry it they die.

javajazz said...

ha! that WAS Mr Bear, then!
woo hoo!
is Hell-sinky anywhere near
Mt. Diablo?

ya, T, keenwa! i'm so hip
i know how to say that...
ps Mother Earth looks a bit odd
in the second picture...looks
like she dun swallowed the earth
and it got stuck in her belly
and her boobs...its not a look
i recommend....and what's that
stuff, all stuck in her hair,
like, i dont know, some organic
matter perhaps?

cool about your friend Jamie, T.
i'm kind of thinking of going
across town tonight to hear
a neat old jazz guy (again i dont like mentioning names after the
blossoming pants incident) doing a special concert with about 250 young kids from the inner city schools singing in a giant jazz choir to go with their trio...its a sweet idea to introduce them to the joys of jazz....might grab me a ticket and neighbour, an old jazz aquaintance for years, is
playing bass in the trio accompanying the pianist...might be kinda cool, all these young voices and all...
just gotta get the old tushie in gear here...xo

Crazy Me said...

We got snow here yesterday. What is up with the weather? Global warming perhaps?

actonbell said...

Great pictures. I'm always saying the same thing, but it's true. The sky in the bottom pic is unreal.

Spring, for us, is a couple months away....sigh

Miz BoheMia said...

Beautiful pictures... although the arrival so spring so early is just an awful sign and it sickens me to think how we are affecting our planet in such gigantic proportions... this early spring is wreaking havoc here in Spain and I'd better be home before summertime comes around! In a mere 6 years, summertime temps have gone up by 10ºC!!!

Sorry... but this kinda stuff gets to me and worries me beyond words!

Doug said...

Beautiful. We even had snow on the hills outside Santa Clarita. I forgot my camera, though.

Jodes said...

i went and looked up your are far away from me. only 30 mins to the sea, make the time girl it will refresh you. all i have to do is look out my car window as i am driving down lajolla blvd and see the sun setting on the water and i feel better. we have been debating moving, i am not sure I can handle being farther from the water, now I can walk out my front door and down the sidewalk and there it will be tough.

catnapping said...

oh i lOVE her hair! makes me think of spring.

it's warmed up here in missoula. we're sitting at the freezing mark. i've got cleats on my boots, but i don't need my big red scarf. (no real wind to speak of...i hope i haven't tempted winter by saying that out loud.)And I'm walking around with my coat open - a GREAT feeling.

sorry i haven't been visiting so much. i'm limited to just a few minutes here at the library. everyone needs her turn, ya know?

i'll try to look around the blogs, this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, just wanted to stop in before I left for the weekend to tell you to have yourself a wonderful weekend and do something fun for yourself!

take care and I'll see you next week,


mist1 said...

I just adore that outfit. Where I can I get one for myself?

Tom & Icy said...

The pictures blow my mind

Keshi said...

I love me it means rebirth...of plants, flowers and even the soul.

Luv ye girl...ty for being there for me HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

tsduff said...

Jillie - is spring in the midwest better/or different than here on the west coast? I can't wait.

Wow, Autumn, hundreds of trees down in London area? wow, Can't hardly picture it! Of course, I know you don't live near the hotel were we stayed, but I can't really imagine that scenario. Sigh - we shall see more of you and of England next time we are there :-)

Jillie - OMG - plumaria? I lost two lemon trees several years ago to a bad freeze here, and this freeze I've lost just about everything else I have. My lilacs should make it, although stunted, but my margarites, butterfly bushes, orchids - they are all black as wrinkled old leather. sigh. It is ugly. Not much left to make it's way upward in spring...

Lisa - Yes, Mother Earth looks rather full, yes? I like that Rubenesque look... won't say I exactly aspire to look like her,but well, I sort of feel like I do sometimes :-) As for the organic matter which seems to be her hair - I love the look.

How was the jazz last night?

Angela - snow? Wow. I heard it actually snowed in my stomping grounds of Malibu, CA as well. I have no other explanation than global warming. I think we are up a creek without a paddle, as the weather is careening out of control.

Actonbell - spring for us is also a few months away - but it keeps trying to break out while it is still freezing!... not good. Everything is all mixed up!

Ah, Miz B - so good to hear from you. Rest assured, you will of course be here in the Spring - your bad luck has about run out. Time for the good things, the blessings and happiness to finally come around... you and your family have put in your hard time waiting for it! I know you will be disturbed by the weather here when you do arrive, but hey, it has it's beauty, no? Hugs to you and your dear Loverboy and Chilies :-)

Doug - I can imagine the stark beauty of your hills - I do love that area and its vast empty peace. I wonder if it has grown up to the point of being unbearable out there... suburbs and all.... I hope not.

tsduff said...

Jodes - after living in Southern Cal - growing up there in fact, I know how it is to gaze out over the ocean as you drive along the coast -on 101 or 1. It isn't like that up here... it is just city, or no beach at all to see. It is like an overnight to go up the coast and have a great beach day... get a place to stay or camp out etc. I miss it so much. I used to go all the time - spent many hours of the day just lounging at Corral or Zuma... even Malibu beach although it was mainly a surfers hangout... I miss hearing the waves and smelling the salt. sigh. Don't move - you will so regret it.

Cat - love your picture. Love your thoughts - can imagine the relenting of the winter for a teensy bit, allowing the sun's warmth to permeate for a moment's pleasure... hope you are able to settle in to a different life - the change must be enormous. But also coming home must be grand in its way. Have a great weekend - I hope you aren't working through it.
Love T

Okay Ms. Meg - so what are YOU doing this weekend? Having fun I hope! (I'm just doing not so much... hanging out with my snuggler, before he scoots out of here on a trip for a few weeks.) Hugs xoxo

Mist1 - Heck, I don't know, but if you find out, let me know. I actually want the body more than the outfit...

Tom and Icy - how's the weather out there in the middle of the country? Icy and Tom - you bring smiles to my face every single day when I visit your site. I love your creativity, and of course, I have a penchant for beagles
:-)))))) Icy looks great up there on the doghouse :-)

Keshi - you always bring such life and vivacious joy in all you write. Spring is a new birth to life - in everyone of us and our surroundings. The flowers just keep on coming :-) The hummingbirds are courting away, even as the frost is heavy on the roof every morning....their babies are born while it is still frigid. Life really IS amazing.

Anonymous said...

Rental and property for sale in the San Juan Islands :-)

imfredshand said...

Property eh? Really? How much?! Theis British weather is driving me nuts!?

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Saturday!!!

Mo'a said...

It is cold here at last....snow for one day and then it melted.
I love your photos, I have said it have an amazing way of finding and taking good pictures.
I love Mother earth in the sidebar.....I love the fact that she is not skinny :)

White Forest said...

lovely pic!

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Monday!
I shouldn't, but I must tell you that it's 10.30 and I'm snuggled under the duvet. :-D Heaven!
Hope you have a great day ahead - best of luck with all that mountain of paperwork, xo, just think about one at a time and they will roll on by much smoother.

javajazz said...

woo hoo, Autumn!!
happy Snuggleday!
enjoy your beautiful rest!
(Hey Little T, hey Big Bear...)

jillie said...

Good morning Terry...oh my, you did lose a lot. I'm almost afraid to get back to see what's left! YIKES

Spring in the midwest is like the rebirth of the land. When you see the first krokus flower peaking out through the snow, you know that soon there will be more. We use to have the most beautiful flower beds. Lily of the valley, violets, lilacs, tulips, krokus's, daisy's, roses, hyacinth and a bunch that I can't remember the names. It is so fresher here in the midwest than in CA...but in CA we have the luxury of gardening all year.

Good luck with your plant life.

Jodes said...

Morning Terry....We are going to stay in a little beach spot for now....I thought about it a lot Friday and over the weekend and we are not ready to give it up!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
How's it go this fine Monday?
Hope your weekend was full of snuggling and rest and relaxation. Mine was a bit hectic - but all good. Not quite that action I was hoping for - but we are getting closer - LOL


Agnes Mitchell said...

Glorious Mt. Diablo in her white dress and sunshine. I'm not quite ready for Mother Earth to drum up green grass and spring flowers. I want a good snow for playing first.
THEN bring on the cherry blossoms floating on the breeze. :)

Hugs and love sweetie. I hope you're well. I'm thinking of you.

Autumn Storm said...

Did you get it? The chicken soup, I mean.
Hope you feel better either way, G too, hugs to you both.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
Sorry to hear that nasty flu bug found its way to your house. Sux!!! Hopefully by now your feeling a bit better and things are on the upswing.

Take care of yourself!


tsduff said...

Annonymous... you know I'd go anywhere with you.

Imfredshand... land there isn't cheap, but you can find a deal. The weather is rainy, windy, cold... but also stunning sunsets, warm days (seasonally) and you can't beat the views.

Autumn - Happy Tuesday... I'm a bit tardy with my replies :-)

Mo'a - love hearing from you. I still am happier living where there isn't any snow - even though it does get cold enough here. Ah - a woman after my own heart. I loved that portrait of Mother Earth so much - I picture her that way, round, full, loving and richly dressed...definately NOT skinny :-D (can you see I relate to her!)

White Forest - :-) so nice of you to come by - and I love your pretty wings :-)

Autumn - snuggled under the duvet? That reminds me of the good times I had in both Iceland and London - although when we were in London we were much to HOT to have a duvet - LOL. We couldn't open the window wide enough... don't Londoners have airconditioning?

Hey Lisa - I hear you've been slapping people with sausages... what kind of behaivior is that anyway? (hmmm, could be fun she says...) preparing for that beach shindig?

tsduff said...

Happy Tuesday Jillie -brrr yes it is still cold. Not as cold as it has been though... the dog's water isn't frozen so thick I have to break it any more...:-) Too bad though - my yard really took a hit. My beautiful trumpet flower vine is burned from the frost and I think I have lost it. I like the beautiful variety of bulbs and flowers you have there... sounds lovely. Spring is not itself out here in the west... just mixed up between ocean and freezing, tropical and frost.

Jodes - Good choice! I think the beach is the greatest ever... never actually have had the luxury of living right on the coast, but growing up I did live just 10 minutes drive away. I wish so much I still had that choice. Now if I could just find a way to have my very own private cove... ahh. Have a great day :-)

Hey Meg :-) Yes, lots of snuggling over the weekend - mixed bag though as we were both green... nice to cuddle with regardless. Action? tee hee - anything on the horizon? :-D xo

Agnes - I'm always so glad to see you. Mother Earth's spring garments were a bit premature... no such green and warmth around here yet... just hoping. I'm no snow girl... wind on the beach I can handle but the slush and numbing cold of snow makes curl up on the couch under a blanket. Haven't been up and around the blogs lately... I'm actually sneaking a comment or two in between this stack of work - and I miss everyone. Hugs hon xo

Autumn - the soup fixed me right up :-D HUGS and thanks for your constant kindnesses :-)

Meg - I just always look at your sweet avatar - blowing kisses. It makes one feel so good. Happy (yay, not Monday) Tuesday to you :-) xoxo