Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Consider this a breath of fresh air - it is the lovely Pt. Reyes here on the California coast. The elephant seals are breeding now, and are all over the beach. (Trust me, they are not as pretty as this picture...)

Still getting back on my feet - bleah - after getting some kind of stomach flu - am still moving a bit slowly. Took my Sweetie to the airport at 4 a.m.... am wishing to crawl back into bed. If I don't get these forms out by the end of this week, will the IRS kill me?
Don't answer that... I know the answer.


Autumn Storm said...

Oooh, I wanna sit under that tree for an entire afternoon with a good book and a thermus of coffee and just soak in the beauty. Gorgeous! - and you know what I am going to say...one for my list. :-D

Feel better, and best of luck with the forms!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful Terry ~

glad to hear your starting to feel better - course after dealing with the IRS you might get sick all over again - I know it makes me ill just thinking of dealing with them :)

happy Tuesday ~

magdalene-sophie said...

everytime i see your pictures and notes i want to say, 'nice pictures and lovely notes'.


They have a calming effect on the eyes and soothes the brains after a long and winding day~ *smile*

jillie said...

I've got my picnic basket packed and I'm on my way.

Ahhhhhh....I can feel the sun on my face right now.

Jodes said...

I am here - I am here!!! I had to take my little guy to the doctor and I got here about 45 mins ago, BUT blogger is not letting me in to post.

Jodes said...

love the pic!!

Kyahgirl said...

that looks like a fantastic spot to sit and contemplate!
I always love the photos on your site.

:P fuzzbox said...

Beautiful pic. BTW, the IRS won't kill you but they may take away your bathroom priviliges.

tsduff said...

Autumn, this one place we shall go when you come on over. :-)

Hi Meg - yes, the IRS is a scary monster. I had to pay for the first time in my life last year, because my personal situation changed. It sucks. But this problem is at work: the deadline to get them all done and mailed is the end of this month (ha ha, on week!) Auuugghhh!!!!!!!!!

Magdalene-Sophie - thanks! So feast that eye of yours :-) as I'm feasting mine on the lovely restful pictures we are lucky to see :-) If you can't be there, the picture is just as good.

Oh Jillie, you always think of the best stuff to bring! I'm a huge picnic fan... always have been. Cheers :-)

Jodes - I hope your little guy is okay! Glad we all got through the work day today, eh? You seem to start a riot when you aren't around... heh heh.... I had an awful time trying to work with Blogger today too.

Kyahgirl - As always, love to say hi to you. Congratulations on your retirement - I wish you every happiness!! (And a bit of private longing as well... I'd so love to retire)

Fuzz - well now that I'm recovering from the flu, that won't be as terrible a hardship as it COULD be... LOL :-)BTW - did you put up any new pics in Texas yet?

G-Man said...

You made out to ' Riders on the Storm'?

tsduff said...

Galen - um - yeah, didn't you? It even has the ocean waves crashing on beach... perfect silvery tones of the foam curling up on the sand... especially during the long version *wink *wink

tsduff said...

Mr. Knowitall

Autumn Storm said...

I'm holding you to that! :-)

Sweet dreams, Terry. Hope that you are over the flu completely or as close to as one can get, and that you managed to get through a whole heap more of those forms today that you thought you could.

Snow as you know here today - haven't personally seen snow in this country since the year I lived in Singapore, returning as winter set in. Looks so pretty at the moment, with no people and cars about, but it'll turn to slush pretty soon - that's the problem with snow in big cities, one has to look up to see white. :-) Not looking forward to braving it on the way to work, am a real baby when it comes to cold.

Speaking of babies ;-), must remember to phone C when I get home - she texted me two days ago an typical me has no credit on my mobile (never use it). Once again our schedules do not match though - thank goodness, as you said, she will be here a while.

Hope Bear arrived safe and sound and had a good journey.

Hi ho Hi ho...

javajazz said...

boo hoo,
your Bear is
non cuddleable...
hope not for long,
and hope your kishkas
are feeling much better...
another gorgeous picture...!
man, you sure have an eye
for beauty...

Doug said...

That's another wonderful photo. Those windswept witch-trees along the central coast are always amazing.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Terry,
Happy Wednesday to ya. Hoping you are plugging along with your work stuff and getting things caught up - heck with your sweetie not home right now there probably isn't a whole lot else to do...than work :)

I work too much!!


Gareth said...

Holy Hannah that is breathtaking!!!! That view actually exists?! WOW!!

All of your recent pics (the ones I missed) are absolutely awesome!! :D

Jodes said...

me start a riot? am I really that popular???? hahahahhaaha

G-Man said...

OK, I made this up....
" the coldest winter that I ever spent, was Summer in San Francisco".

Damn, I should change my name from Samuel, and become a writer!!

Jeanne said...

Is it the golden glow at sunrise or sunset, or just before or after a storm? It's like a Maxfield Parish painting. If you don't know him, check him out.

tsduff said...

Autumn - over the "ruff" part, but still dizzy - go figure.

I don't think of snow when I picture London... stay warm!

The Bear arrived safe and sound per a phone call I received right after he arrived. Sheesh - missing him already. Thanks for keeping C in mind - you are so thoughtful. xoxo

Lisa - your comment looks cool like 1/2 a christmas tree. :-)xo

Doug - I think they are Monterey pines... but I happen to also think just about any tree would look like that if battered and blown about like they are, perched up on the cliff by the sea. Yet they are beautiful.

Meg - yes, what else to do but work! Hmmm - we need more fun. I hope you are not working too hard - and too long. sigh. This too shall pass :-)

Gareth, ha ha - my daughter Hannah is not exactly what I'd call holy.. oh, you meant something else, heh heh. Yep, the view is there, along with so many other breath taking scenes along the coast. Actually when you get down on the beach, it is rather boring, flat, just flat sand and flat water. It looks more rugged up there, doesn't it? Thanks Gareth :-)

Jodes - looks like! I see people ranting and raving until you show up.. sigh. Is that what it's like to be popular?

G-Man - yes, you certainly DID make that up... ha ha, after reading it somewhere in Mr. Clemens' quotes... nice try.

Jeanne - I know Maxfield Parish - love his stuff. Late afternoon is my guess - Pt. Reyes is a point which juts out into the North Western California coast... There is a gorgeous lighthouse there too where you can (huff and puff) walk down and then back up the millions of steps to see it. How's things?

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Glad you're getting back on your feet. I've missed seeing your beautiful pictures that always cheer me up. :) Take care of yourself and slowly ease back into the craziness of life. Dealing with the IRS is bad enough to deal with when you are feeling 100% great not to mention after dealing with a stomach bug. Ugh.

LOVE Pt. Reyes! I went there once. That's where they filmed The Fog! Do you live near there? Lucky dog, you!

G-Man said...

A smart woman is sooo hot! A smart biker woman is off the chart!!!

Tai said...

What a beautiful picture...I hope you feel better soon!

(And don't you worry, I'll keep up the good health thing if you do!)

javajazz said...

a half a christmas tree,
ha! funny.
ya, i meant to do that!
ps are biker women
usually dumb?
but ya, g-man is right,
smart women are rather
hot, tho some men
are somewhat uncomfy
around brains...
how refreshing g...!
T, hope its not too
quiet around there
without mr. Bear...
and hope your dizzy
aftermath of flu goes
away...wonder if protein
helps? maybe just time...
Bri tells me their sweet
bass player just had
strep throat for a week
and ate NOTHING! that
poor kid...! Bri was trying
to make sure he got some
chicken soup, such a sweetie.
thats when i feel bad when
boys dont have their mommys
around! a little homemade
soup and TLC goes a long
way in healing...

tsduff said...

JULIE!!! Yes, I live about 1-1/2 hours from Pt Reyes... just about got the sunburn of my life there with my Sweetie - it was one of our "first dates" after reuniting... and I forgot completely about sunscreen. It wasn't a type of beachday where you just lay out in your suit... it was a walking around, secretly looking at each other in the group of folks who we were with, and who thinks about sunscreen at a time like that... :-) I peeled for weeks.

tsduff said...

g-man - you sound like such a biker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

tsduff said...

Hi Tai - I looked across the Puget Sound to Victoria and thought of you over the Christmas/New Year holiday. We enjoyed the lights from San Juan Island. Sheesh - if you are eating healthy, man, that means I can't have seconds tonight after dinner... well, thanks. It's damn hard.

Lisa, 'scuse me but biker women are the smartest women in the world. They have discovered the most fun form of recreation ever (my license plate reads "FUN4TS"). The first time I rode a Harley myself was when a friend trusted me enough to let me ride his around the block. No only did I ride it around the block but it was so (sorry I can't really say it here) stimulating, that I actually blew off riding it around the block and rode it all the way into town and back. It was so fabulous - so loud, so powerful, so incredible... better than I had EVER imagined. And, I've been riding a Harley ever since. Women bikers (I want to say Harley riders, but then I didn't start out on my Harley) are smart to have realized that men were hiding the most fun thing ever. The first time I rode on the back of a Harley, I was a bit scared, as we were on the freeway, and just below my foot on the peg, I looked down and saw my foot just inches from the moving road... amazing. Nothing between me and ... well, life. It is fabulous, and my pipes are loud and alive. Truly a pleasure most people will never know.

Ha ha - that is so cute about Brian. It tells alot about his Mama, who taught him the merits of chicken soup. Don't we just LOVE our kids? Yours sounds so much like mine I can't stand it! Love T

Doug said...

Terry, that must be right. When I was little my family took a vacation to California. I think I named them "witch-trees." I forget I made that up. To the less botanical, they may be called Monterey Pines.

javajazz said...

i have 2 male friends who love their bikes and from what i've heard from the articulate one, who is a harley owner and knows tons about the workings of that machine, its that kind of thrill, of being that close to the road, to the edge, that stimulation on many different levels, that kind of heightens the experience for those who are of that more daring nature...this particular friend would take off from here and once he drove to Alaska and Vancouver, down to california and back home...he would also take off on a random weekend and zip off to montreal or quebec...the guy is pretty hardy and his natural way is more animal than human anyway, and not in a violent way, just it seems to compliment his more rugged needs to be that close to the earth in that kind of daring and dangerous way you described...it kind of burns off or helps work out his emotional challenges and makes things right with him....my other more quiet friend has also taken long road trips etc, but just loves the freedom of getting on the bike...so it sounds like once you've been bitten by the Harley bug, we'll call it, its impossible not to get hooked! me, you couldnt pay me to get on the back of a bike...i'd be like one of those kids who screams at the amusement park till they stop the ride and let me off...my buddy offered to take me on a nice gentle ride...i trust him and his driving, but i'm not sure i'd go for more than around the block...without the screaming...just cant do the highway...people are getting dumb and dumber and it freaks me out...!

Jodes said...

girl - it's time for a new post. xoxxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday Terrific Terry,

Hope all is well and your holding up while that mate of yours is gone. Just think of the reunion!!

Hell, I'll just think of the reunion :)


Jeanne said...

Operation in just 5 days, quite consistently unpleasant these days (a bit of my guts on the wrong side of everything), but I just came home from the last day I had to work until at least 10 days afterwards, so I'm pretty pleased anyway.

jillie said...

Good morning Miss Terry! Hope you're starting to thaw out up there. I know in SD it's FINALLY starting to warm up during the day. I will be so happy to get out of this weather here. The high today so far is 11!!! YEP...11

I think when I DO get home...I am going to sleep for a week on MY couch and in MY bed with ALL of my critters...


Anonymous said...

Howdy fun4ts,all is a.o.k.--in flor-i-DA,got your good morning text at 2:30am,not sure why I woke up,guess because it was close to the time that the old man expired a year to date....so THANK YOU,for the early morning Smile(what did I used to say--would walk a mile............)Hey just what have you been telling Meg???MMMMMM looking forward to a feb. reunion ;-) ..........xoxo Bear

Daphne said...

You write very well.