Thursday, January 25, 2007

Okay, just find a spot anywhere you like on the grass - Jillie brought a picnic basket you won't believe, filled with an amazing repast. Oh Cabana boy, will you please get that fire amped up for the clams, salmon and steaks? Autumn brought a tartan blanket, real glasses :-) and Battenburg (Angel cake).

TRACE!!!!!!!!! OMG! Bring that rock over here and let's have a look see!!!!

Lisa, did you bring your flute? Gotta get the tunes going - who brought a guitar... FREDsHAND! Brought my steel drum, along with the accordian...

Jodes , take off those shoes and get ready to dance. Autumn has promised us all a scarf dance later on. Meg, bring that lovely wine on over here. Hmmm, I thought someone said they were bringing Jose...

Aggie - will you look at that moon?

There's a giant pile of woolen blankets over here - hey look, who's the little beagle dawg curled up on top? He's eating artichokes. His collar says Doug.

Hope nobody minds, but I snuck a huge Bear in... he's a lot of fun.

Can you all hear the waves crashing on the rocks, as we sit here under the light of the silvery moon....Woo Hooo!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sneaking me in--as it is said,if a door(s) close(s),always check the window(s).Hope you and the ladies have a great visit tonight--hope they enjoy the fine munchies you were getting last night.Peace and Love Always(pda)Bear

tsduff said...

Honeeeeeee, the gals canceled out... at the last minute :-( Now I have all these fresh made oatmeal cookies and huge fresh blackberries all to myself. sigh. So cuddle up with me over here under this fine crow blanket and watch the fire. Good for snuggles.

javajazz said...

wow, look what happened
while i was gone! terry
done made us a party and
a feast! WOW!
peel me a grape, man!
woo hoooo!
yes, i shall play,
you even brought
beautiful coloured
blankets and my
favourite dry beagle!
what a great imagination
and yet another stunning
photo!! this is healing!
i like it! xoxo

G-Man said...

Hop on, I got an extra helmut if you wear one!

Did I say how hot smart, talented, biker chicks are?

Especially those that link me up!
Thanks Terry.......G

tsduff said...

G-man - I have my own helmet. It's silver. A girl's got to have a mirror on the road you know.

tsduff said...

Lisa - hey. You must be up late too.. Canada time its about midnight... you're as bad as Autumn ;-) Did I ever tell you my Mom played the flute? It is my favorite wannabee instrument... when I hear it, it enthralls me. Hurry up, play me something.

Also, no party is any party without a beagle.

Autumn Storm said...

Glorious views, tartan blankets, angel cake and blogger company, you have the makings here of a super fine afternoon. :-)

Cheesemeister said...

The picnic basket is making me hungry!

imfredshand said...

What a brilliant,brilliant post! Freds Hand is so thrilled to be at the picnic!

magdalene-sophie said...

hi hi:)
the food on your blog is sooooo edible...gimme some! :D

i'd lurrrrrve to go on a picnic with someone:D

one thing about your blog is that it's so simple, it's lovely~


Doug said...

Hey, Boo-boo! Do you think the ranger would mind if we help ourselves to this picnic basket?

jillie said...


Very inviting...I just may never leave.

Jodes said...

what a great post, thanks for including me and I so love to dance. great pic, almost as good as the one I posted today....yeah I know I am the Queen of Subtle....

G-Man said...

You live in paradise!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH, sounds so wonderful Terry.
You are such a gracious hostess. Really, you've outdone yourself making us all feel so warm and fuzzy. You really are one of a kind dear one!

btw, just so you know, I play the flute too - well, its been awhile but I played for years, so although I'm probably not as good as Lisa maybe I could join in on a tune or two.

You know, if I could be in that place in person I would be, at this very minute - my heart and soul are already there - taking in the very easy feeling that you produce about this place.

have a great weekend!

Sal said...

OMG, another Cali girl ... Did someone say Cabana boy? I may have to repost that HNT as a resume! Woo Hoo

Pleased to make your acquaintance.

In an effort to thwart what I am sure will come from the peanut gallery … “Danger!” LOL

Dan said...

Oh no! It's Friday! Am I too late? Is there any food left? Where is everybody?

Thanks for visiting my blog Terry!

tsduff said...

Autumn, not only the afternoon...plan on spending the night - hell, go for the whole weekend. We've got enough food and drink to feed an army :-D

Cheesemeister - hola! Nice to see you again. Cheese seems to be the food of the day - check out the Stilton, brie, Wisconsin cheddar (you'll have to detach it from Jillie' head first) Pt. Reyes gorganzola... yummm.

imfredshand: Ah, step off the boat from chilly foggy London...bring that guitar over and warm yourself by the fire. Does it work yet?

Magdalene-Sophie - Welcome hon - since you hail from far far away, how do you like the ocean breezes here on the California coast this evening? The other Meg is in charge of the wine over there by the yourself to the basket goodies...:-)

Yogi - I only let ONE Bear in here, how'd you sneak in?

Jillie - where'd you park your bike? OOOOO, pretty! How do your pipes sound? Take a look at my gatlin gun pipes - aren't they sweet?

Jodes - better put a sweater on.. those bare shoulders might get a little chilly in the wind.

g-man - I live CLOSE to paradise... but then, don't we all. It is all in perspective to how we make it. Where's your scoot - it probably got dusty riding up here.

MEG! You play flute!!! Woooo hooo! My Mom played flute - I'm quite misty-eyed when I hear it. Lovely - let's get started - Hear Lisa playing that lovely celtic stuff... anybody know any calypso tunes? *pings out some notes on the pan*

tsduff said...

Sal - I heard you pull up! Nice pipes. Say, you know all the food & drink (beer included) here is calorie free, so no guilt about the diet :-D So nice to meet you.

Dan - this delicious ocean breeze is just the cure for you. Step over there to the dessert table and put that chocolate down. You DID bring it didn't you?

javajazz said...

wow, looks like your party got underway afterall! excellent...
i've been oot and aboot today
so not too present...

so look at all the flute players
suddenly! looks like everyone and their mothers play flute, hee hee!
hey, who said i was all that good, i dont really play celtic stuff, but hey, i'll try anything once...oh, no, sorry, thats not me either...but i think i'd dig some calypso stuff, i always like the latin feel stuff...and when i played in this blues band for like, 5 minutes they had a cutesy little calypso thang i used to play to...flute suits stuff like that...funny, cuz i really am not too crazy about listening to flute music, and there are very few jazz flutists i can even stand to listen to...i love trumpet, piano mostly...weird huh?

hope y'all is well kids!
and jolly bon weekend too even!
xo me

Sal said...

Not to loud an entrance I trust. I hope your neighbors don’t mind.

A wonderful hostess, delicious company, calorie free, no guilt ... Oh my ... Gluttony here I come!

I thank you dearest Terry for your gracious hospitality. May I secure permission to remedy my empty handedness at an appointed future gathering? At your pleasure, of course.

jillie said...

Awwww...dammit! I just deleted my comment...ok, I'll start again

I think I'll have some more of that wine over there...and you made home made cookies?? Oooooo...I can't wait. I have plenty of cheese and I'll even WEAR my cheese

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Friday!!!!!!!! xo

tsduff said...

Hmmm Lisa, I had you figured for the celtic type... I'd love to hear you do other stuff (think Jethro Tull)... and salsa is my absolute favorite...;-) I love trumpet too - but my chops would never stand up to the treatment they take...besides, that what we have our sons for :-D

Sal - You are so formal! If you'd like to bring the biker meatballs, I have a killer receipe for you to try (frozen meatballs simmered in Very Teriyaki sauce... it's a screaming hit at parties) You'll have to arrive in a cage though... kind of messy on the bike ;-)

Jillie - I've had more trouble with blogger "disappearing" my comments this past few weeks than EVER> It sucks! Ahh, the wine is delish, the cheese superb ooops, hope I didn't whack your HEAD too hard with this cheese knife...

Yes Autumn, it is Friday. Thank you Lord. :-D And I suppose you are sleeping in late this a.m....

Anonymous said...

Howdy hope this finds you somewhere else but work,but if need be there is a cot in the shed--remember the irs loves you

tsduff said...

Darlin, I'm still here.
It is about 9:13pm and I'm about to ship out.

Anonymous said...


javajazz said...

i was just thinking
even those blankies
look yummmy...!

hope you're NOT
at work now...
(seeing as its 7am
your time, on a

Sal said...

LOL, it keeps the balance with the SALacius side.

Biker meatballs … interesting.

As I have good balance and …um … skills on the bike, the cage may only be needed after a few drinks. LOL

tsduff said...

Annonymous - nice sideways smile. I have one too. :-)

Well, Lisa I AM actually working again, but when you wrote that I wasn't. I'm saving up my days of extra work for our vacation to Europe (so far I've earned 2-1/2 sweet extra days) - we are thinking Helsinki and/or St. Petersburg. That is, as Autumn often says, the silver lining of all this overtime-but-not-paid-extra-only-comp-time stint.

Sal - LOL! Those meatballs are hell on 2 wheels, I don't care how great your "skill" level on the bike - unless you've got a super-dooper tupperware that doesn't leak :-D

Anonymous said...