Monday, February 05, 2007

This is my Beau.
Isn't he beautiful?
I bought him one day
from the Beagle Rescue.

I've always had a beagle
in the house since
I was a kid.

Beau was special
A one of a kind.

He loved balls.
Tennis balls.

Whenever he was anywhere:
on a walk, in the yard,
in the house, in his run...
He would somehow always find one
and bring it home.

He'd wait for you to throw it
oozing with dog spit...
chewing on it in excited anticipation.
it was so gross,
but he loved it.

With his unusual light colored
brown eyes,
He stole my heart


Autumn Storm said...

I can understand why. :-) Just look at that face, I could fall head over heels for him too.

Lovely post, Terry, perfectly and why we all love that address so.

Hope you're having a great evening, xo

Jodes said...

aaawwwh, how sweet, now I want one. Beagles are adorable. love your words too. makes me miss the dogs that I have had.

Anonymous said...

I had a beagle growing up. It was a wonderful dog/breed.

Gareth said...

Nice little doggie. If I had a dog that would be the breed I would go for or something similar :)

Anonymous said...

Awe cute pic....he stole my heart too :)

Thanks for sharing Terry. Just love getting to know more and more about you with each and every post.

Hope things are well your way!
I am busier than than heck at work right now - but I could never go too long without stopping by.

Take care,

Just telling it like it is said...

Awe...he's so cute...
I love balls too...

G-Man said...

Beagles are the best.
My Beagles name is Becky.
Good job Terry.....G

Jeanne said...

He has interesting, kind eyes, your previous beau (as does your present one).

Our male dog loves his ball too, and wants to be admired for it as much as to chase it.

Anonymous said...

a heartwarming tribute to a loving friend.
Thank you.

Jodes said...

good morning!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, anyone home? Or are you too busy shacking up with your lover after his long trip away?

Well, if you come up for a breather - I just wanted you to see I'm still around - LOL

Happy Hump Day (double-meaning there) Terry!!


tsduff said...

Thanks Autumn. You always say the nicest things ;-) Lovely to hear about your lunch with the baby bear... again it was so great of you to go out to meet her. Hope you are not to thrashed at going back to work... one day down, 9 more to go!

Jodes, Beagles are sort of addictive... (LOL - who'd a thunk it) and steal your heart after only one glance at a puppy... you smell that puppy breath, look at their little happy faces and blam, you're hooked for life.

Sal - So did yours escape a lot? They like to run. And bay :-)

Gareth - Beagles like to chase small things... little green men might have to watch out!

Meg - Happy Hump Day to you. How are you holding up in the cold? I can't imagine it - I'm such a wimp

Just Tellin...Ha ha ha. I DID clarify which type of balls, didn't I? He IS cute, isn't he?

Becky the beagle...cute name. Like Daniel Boone's rifle.

Jeanne - yes, his eyes were beautiful. You're right... my current Beau (Bear) has kind, humorous and mischievious eyes.:-D

TC - nice words about a dog, coming from a cat :-)

Jodes - GOOD MORNING, and Happy middle of the week to you. Still loving that montage you did with all the happy sweet faces. Are you taking care of Jillie while she's down for the count?

MEG! Have you been peeking in the window? :-) Sheesh - is it that obvious? LOL Yes, happy Hump DAY indeed.

Doug said...

Blessings on my cousin, Beau.

Jodes said...

Hey Terry, I have offered to take care of her, she is not taking me up on it. She has not been able to keep anything down, last night she finally did, but was still feeling awful, the pain is really bad. not getting any sleep.

~Mo'a~ said...

Awwwww!!! he is cute. I wish I had a dog. I love the name Beau, so beagle. Do you have one now?

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Thursday!!

Oliviah said... that was so sweet. What a huggable looking pup-dog. Now I am all filled with that "aww......" feeling.

p.s. thank you for remembering me in my long has meant a lot

tsduff said...

Doug, you are a true blue. Baarooooooooooooh

Jodes - I know you will offer her moral support like nobody else could :-) tell her we all send hugs!

Mo'a - alas, I am in between pups at the moment. I had my last beagle Winston put down (it was time) Sept 4, 2004 :-( Haven't found my next dear one yet. Beware - if you got a puppy you would have to put away all the Christmas Lads, and your Tree Spirit... puppies LOVE LOVE LOVE to chew :-)

Autumn! Congrats on your 15 inches :-D

Oliviah - so wonderful to have you back! Have missed your lovely works of art. Take care.

Tai said...

Oh, he's so lovely!
Beau, what a wonderful name!

neva said...

aw... you tug away at my own heartstrings with that picture and this post, my friend! and Beau is a beauty, indeed -- how could he NOT steal your heart away? he sounds like the perfect companion! (somehow, i suspect he'd say the same of you.) xox

Tom & Icy said...

It does look like Doug in his younger days.

jillie said...

What a precious dog...their eyes say so much! Yay to you for rescuing him. All of mine are rescue dogs too. I think they are so appreciative. Well, I've been up long enough...back to lala land now. I'll take that sparkling...ummmm...yeah, 7 up now...LOL

Minka said...

One can´t help reach out and wanting to pat him.
Beau, that sure is a beautiful name.
I like how they can do all sorts of annoying stuff and you fondly remember it.
A lovely tribute!

tsduff said...

Hi TAI - nice to see you. How's life up there in the beautiful part of the world? It is cloudy and rainy here but that is a good thing because we are heading toward a drought.

Neva - LOVELOVELOVE your comment
:-) Beau really did end up being the dog I bonded with more than any other. He was special. His life ended tragically after only a few short years with me... but those were the best beagle days I ever had.

LOL Icy - you think? *smiles*

Jillie - here is your 7 and 7... straight up. Isn't that what you ordered?

Minka - yes, you are right. Those annoying things aren't "fond" at the time, but later they become points of dear memories. Loved that pup.

Bjarni said...

Doooobeeeee,now there was a dog :0}

Crazy Me said...

What a sweet little face!

imfredshand said...

Oh Im sorry you only had a few years with your beagle... but your positive attitude is very uplifting!!!

imfredshand said...

Oh Im sorry you only had a few years with your beagle... but your positive attitude is very uplifting!!!

Anonymous said...