Friday, February 02, 2007

I was tagged by Mz. Jillie , who, for some bizarre reason thinks I can come up with 10 things I love which begin with the letter:

Well, better late than never. Here goes.

1.) ZOO
The Zoo, is a place which houses a variety of animals, birds, slithering creatures, fish... all kinds of interesting beings that are held in captivity for the pleasure and amusement of the human race. As a child I loved to go, but became disenchanted when, at the tender age of 5, I became seperated from my parents at the San Diego Zoo in Southern California (as in LOST), fell down in a culvert getting a nasty scrape on the knee, and was finally rescued by a very nice man who resembled Peter Graves. I haven't been to the zoo in many years, the last time being on a free pass to a costume party actually held in the very cramped Lion's Den which smelled strongly of fresh meat, complete with roaring lions at the San Francisco Zoo on Halloween (poor lions). I do have trouble seeing those animals and birds, some of which seem to have no problem with being in an artificial environment. But there are others that are wasting away behind the cage bars. I'll never forget a Toucan I saw in Santa Barbara that looked as though he wished he could die. I think he must have completely and utterly lost his will to live. I had always collected toucan things (cards, pictures, figurines... etc.) up until that point. I never added to my collection after being haunted by that sad bird.

Cigarette rolling papers. I refuse to speak of such things, on grounds they may incriminate me, but when in the 9th grade, I had a very cool brown suede leather coat which bore the patch, lovingly handsewn onto my shoulder, of the Zig Zag man.

The zebra is in the horse family, and can be found in Africa. They are stout, round animals, with distinct black and white stripes in fabulous patterns all over their bodies. I always wanted one as a kid, after watching Disney's "The Swiss Family Robinson", but later was disapppointed to learn that they are notoriously difficult to train. For those of you hungering for more information about this pretty little equine, go here.



There are many definitions of the word zone:

- a circumscribed geographical region characterized by some distinctive features
- any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to
latitude or longitude
- regulate housing in; of certain areas of towns an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic
- any encircling or beltlike structure
partition: separate or apportion into sections; "partition a room off"

Here are some examples of zones:

Rod Serling hung out in the:

Last week Jodes was stuck in the:
When hanging out at the ZOO, beware of standing in the:

Construction workers labor in the:

You might want to visit the:


My plants which are now black and shriveled from last week's cold snap are in direct opposition to this list of plant-hardiness zones

Zucchini is a fabulous vegetable, grown in summer that sports enormous yellow blossoms. It is versitile and can be prepared in many ways. This green squash can be successfully disguised in sweet zucchini bread for those (usually men or children) who notoriously scream and run in the other direction at a squash sighting.

One of the most characteristic of Southwest Indian jewelry designs, the squash blossom necklace is thought to be designed from the zucchini squash flower

6. ZEAL:
Intense enthusiasm for cause or person.

I chase after my boyfriend with great ZEAL.


Z IS the mark of Zorro. Spanish for Fox, Zorro is the secret identity of Don Diego de la Vega, a fictional nobleman and master swordsman living in Spanich era California. He defends the people, Robin Hood-style, from the corrupt tyranny of the Spanish governor, proving himself much too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch. He was created by pulp writer Johnston McCulley and first made his appearance in "The Curse of Capistrano, serialized in the pulp magazine "All-Story Weekly" in 1919. I always thought Zorro was cool because he could jump out of second story windows onto his horse below (which always came at a mere whistle) without mortally smashing either himself or his horse!

A plant with bright colored flowers. These are easy to grow, and I love how old fashioned and pretty they make my garden look.

ZZ Top is an American blues rock band formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The group members are Billy Gibbons (guitar and vocals), Dusty Hill (bass guitar and vocals), and Frank Beard (drums). They hold the distinction of being one of the few rock groups still composed of its original members after more than 35 years, and until September 2006, the same manager/producer, Bill Ham.

I've been to several of their concerts, but the best one I ever attended was their Recycler tour in 92 in Oakland, CA. It was fabulously entertaining, including a lazer lightshow (naked cowgirls on the ceiling LOL) and an incredible hydraulic car crusher on stage... It was a biker event, with the vast majority of the audience dressed in black leather and fringe of some sort.

And now, number
10). ZZZZzzzzzzzz

This is a commonly accepted expression used by people when they nod off to sleep.

Hey you over there -


bjarni said...

Once again,another Zinger of a post,you have a zest for awesome posts--Peace and Love ,My love

Jeanne said...

BiZarre indeed, but you did it. Zowie.

javajazz said...

HA!! i cannot believe you came up with so many ZZZZZZZ's!!!
this truly is a work of art
done up so creatively,
in true Terry style, and as
your sweet Bjarni has noted
above, you surely do have
a zest for awesome posts!
(who the heck could think
of so many Z's?!) good thing
it wasnt X's!

Autumn Storm said...

:-D Fan*tastic post! Like Lisa, I was amazed at how you came up with 10 things, and all so fabulous and interesting too! Applause on a job so fantastically well done!

imfredshand said...

Isnt this a brilliant blog! This is what blogging is all about for me... blogs like this....Im with lisa, definately an art, work of!

ZZTop!! What a band! I'd love to see them live.

I can think of some more Zs..

Frank Zappa
The humble Zipper
Zippo cigarette lighters
Zinc (the well known transition metal)
General Zod (from superman 2)

Ok I'm struggling now!

But here is a cool picture of General Zod:

jillie said...

OH TERRY!!! I love it!!! Hey I remember those papers...LMAO...yeah, I saw ummmmm...someone else using them! Yeah, that's it...someone else had!!

I've always thought a zebra would be fun to have myself and ZZ Top...she wore a pearl necklace! LMAO...

Thanks for the education too...I'm in the zone now...

Have a GREAT wknd Terry...
You and Bear looks so cool...great picture..

G-Man said...

Terry, what an ass kickin tag. Excellent choices all. When I saw the Turquoise necklace, I thought you were going to say Zuni. But since you are prone to remember old TV songs, that reminded me of one.

Out in the night
When the full moon is bright
Comes a horseman known as Zorro.
This bold renegade,
carves a "Z" with his blade,
A "Z" that stands for Zorro.

Zorro the fox so cunning and free
Zorro that makes the sign of the "Z"


Rock On Baby!.....G

Autumn Storm said...

Success finally! :-) Schedules synchronized sufficiently and we are all set for Tuesday. I'll take the camera and send you a few piccies of the baby.
Happy evening, x

Hugs to you too, Bjarni :-) Hope all's well down in Florida, x

Jodes said...

i hope I am never in that exploding head zone again, thanks for making me part of the post!! #9 is my fav...I adore ZZ top they so rock!!! Have a great weekend.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! I applaud you on a fabulous job with a most difficult letter!!! *swoon* You are faboo!

And it was great to learn more of what goes on in your Iceland-and-all-things-Icelandic-loving head! :-)

actonbell said...

Stupendous job! I admired your zoo story. I used to like zoos, and remember San Diego's fondly--but remember how BIG it is. Poor girl, to get lost!
And I like Antonio Bandaras as Zorro, I must say:)
...a belated rabbit, rabbit to you!

tsduff said...

Thank you all - I so appreciate your kind comments. It is wonderful to hear about everybody else's creative takes on the letter Z :-) I do love pictures, and had fun with this... thanks again Jillie.

Rabbit Rabbit

I'm slammed on this lovely Monday a.m. - I have a date with the copy machine.

Jodes said...

the dreaded copy machine..I feel your pain.

Autumn Storm said...

Happy Monday! :-D

Hope your day is going well, x

javajazz said...

the most bizarre thing happened today when i went to the frozen mailbox to retrieve my mail...the San Juan Islands fell out of my pile of mail and cascaded like an autumn leaf and landed in the snow by my ironic, but how magnificent a vision to see such a gorgeous sight mixed in with all that ass freezing snow!
thank you Terry! what a gem you are,
to bring me such a pure happy moment in amidst all this ice!
you rock, motorcycle mama!
xoxo lisa

actonbell said...

Happy Monday!
To answer your question, YES. We did see the actual Phil, and some people even stuck around to have their pic taken with him. We didn't. Being quite hungry, we made a dash for a shuttle bus to breakfast:)

SignGurl said...

Wow! Kudos to you on your Z list. I have S waiting in the wings.

I plant zinnias too for their old fashioned beauty. I boarder the entire garden and only leave a small path to enter. They remind me of my grandma.

Minka said...

Well, you deserve a little relaxation and nodding off after the extensive work you have put into this tag.
Well done, I think these are more words with z than I ever thought I´d know!

tsduff said...

Oh Jodes, I can tell you KNOW. :-)

Autumm! Happy TUESDAY to you... Say Hi to the Baby Bear for us. xo

Ms. JJ - :-) Don't you wish you were there? Love your description of the postcard... as it was meant to be. BOO HOO, I went to start my bike today, AND THE BATTERY WAS DEAD!! I don't know how to put the trickle charge on her... so rats. I'll have to ask a MAN. >:-(

Actonbell - HA HA HA HA
I just can't ever get past your picture long enough to stop laughing! Glad you had fun with Phil :-)

Signgirl - Your grandma was the most special picture ever. I can relate. She looks remarkably like my grandma - who had landana in her yard. Isn't it cool, how flowers remind us of those we love?

Oh, Minka - surely you jest :-) I bet you know 101 more Z words... how about the Icelandic alphabet? :-)

javajazz said...

that photo is still warming up my house as i write this early morning...actually, it kind of scares me to travel to places i've never been...just one of my "weird things" i thought it was a cancerian thang but then i see your sweetie bjarni just adores travelling...i was pretty nervous about going to california a few years back to see bri in that grammy thing, and almost cancelled due to nerves about flying and getting there alone and stuff, not having a clue where i was flying 5 hours to, but when i set eyes on santamonica and the beach and the mountains etc, i almost pitched a tent and stayed there forever...
anyway, (was that TMI?) maybe not san juan, as gorgeous as it was, but we're seriously in a deep freeze in more ways than one here, so perhaps anywhere warm might suffice...a hot tub, somebodys bed, the shower, NOT outside...this is the time of year where it takes great effort and preparation to just get the body outside of the house...where you can get frostbite within 10 minutes of being daughters cheeks were a bit too rosy and icy yesterday as she now insists on walking everywhere herself...

sorry about your battery! i think mine's dead too, the one in my body...not sure what a trickle charger is, (maybe i could use one too!) but i could ask my buddy L about it...he knows so much about those bikes someone was asking HIM about techno stuff when we went to visit the bike show a couple of months ago...! trickle charger...hee hee! sounds kind of fun! xo

Anonymous said...

Impressive over the top well done!

Anonymous said...

I hate zoo's! I remember living in Hawaii and going to see the primate exhibit. This large gorilla was sitting in a cell just looking out the bars. I thought it was sickening to see this handsome creature reduced to a sideshow for humans.

ZigZag, the king of rolling papers, nothing more to say.

zucchinni..I love the stuff, put it in my vegetable soup and a great cheesy casserole.

zebras are cool, kinda like unicorns without the horn.
Unfortunately the only time you see them is on National Geographic shows being chased and brought down by lions.

Great post on Zs.

Anonymous said...