Friday, February 02, 2007

This is the valley where I grew up
- nestled in Malibu Canyon.
When I go back home to visit,
these rugged pink-rocked,
chaparral covered canyons
never fail to greet me
with a sense of peace and calm


javajazz said...

hey, wait a minute...
is that
Clint Eastwood over
yonder in that field?
man, that guy sure gets
you grew up with that
gorgeousness surrounding
you? wow.

tsduff said...

Actually, the actual Mash set is right at the base of those funny shaped mountains... supposed to be North Korea you know.

And yes, it was and still is gorgeous. One of the most beautiful places in the whole of southern California...

Autumn Storm said...

Oh my, that is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry (no joke, however embarassing that fact is:). Wow! Someday I shall have to show you pictures of where I grew up, my view, it was a far cry. What an amazing photo - I just plain adored it at first sight. Wow.

Happy Friday, Terry - it seems like it's been a long time coming, but it's finally here. :-D Hope you have a most wonderful weekend. xo

javajazz said...

ya, i grew up just a few blocks from here and there sure werent any mountains on MY block...!
ya, i've always been intrigued by the majesticness (is that a word?) of mountains, how breathtaking it must be to have something so grand towering all around you, and those rolling hills and wide open spaces and all that...i just cant really imagine it...when Bri moved to around the corner from you Terry, i would tell him, make sure you get out and walk every day and see the sights there, you're SOOOO lucky to be in such beautiful surroundings....i always thought the kids just sat on their computers in their dorm rooms, which they surely do, but he said sometimes they would go on these little day trips out into some of the surrounding beautiful places there and check stuff grandma lived in california for 30 years and i'll never forget how when i finally went to visit her when i was 17, i really loved how kind of balmy and tropical the air smelled there (not the city, but you know!) and i saw mountains and ocean and palm trees and it all just was beautiful...even going there a few years ago when bri was in that big band that played in santamonica and L.A. i could have hung out on the beach there forever and looked at the gorgeous was quite moving!
so ya, A, when i see places of such sheer beauty i feel lots of emotion! i so understand that completely....
sometimes when i walk from my car up the front stairs to my little house, and its really late at night and really quiet and really dead cold and silent outside, i'll look up to the sky see some smokey clouds in the night sky, and look at the bare tree branches all black on black against the darkness of the night and say hello to the moon...or in the day like yesterday, i saw a billion icicles hanging from my neighbours roof, and i looked up at the blue sky and saw all the white billowy winter clouds and the icicles sparkling, some sounding like windchimes as they broke away and fell on the crunchy snow covered ground....its all so beautiful, these incredible gifts we are given from good old mother nature!

G-Man said...


Ranger Tom said...


But it is the Left Coast, don't you know...

Bjarni said...

Very Nice post/picture fills my mind with thoughts of OUR youth--riding on my bike or Misty--sharing a bottle of wine and .........(some things are just best left to imagine)THANK YOU TERRY---for the memories created then--and to the new memories WE create and experience each and every day--LOVE YOU,George Bjarni

Anonymous said...

what an awesome picture and setting.
I can see how it fills you with peace and calm.

tsduff said...

Thanks Autumn. I'd love to see pictures of your childhood surroundings - they do shape us as we move about later in the world.

The weekend is finally arrived. I hope I have the wherewithall to enjoy it. Hugs - and happy bday Karina.

JJ - I didn't know your grandma lived here in California. How cool - so you have seen this lovely coast! See, you aren't really a deprived child after all :-D Your description of the icicles is great - I could almost hear them falling in the still frozen quiet.

tsduff said...

Love you too Bjarni.
In every way
on every day
You're here to stay
with me
to play

bjarni said...

TAT =(truly awesome terry ) :-),Love your poem ,makes me smile and tingle

javajazz said...

i'm blushing here,
with all this
mushy stuff goin' on...!!!

javajazz said...

ya, Nanny Edie lived smack in
the heart of Beverly Hills, in
a cute little apartment someone
would have been waiting in line
to nab...(you know, the ones who
read "that special column" in
the newspapers waiting for
people to expire so they can
get their apartments? maybe
its just in new york that they
do that! tacky tacky!)
i think she paid next
to nothing for it too, but man,
after she "vacated the premises"
as it were, i bet they made
their money back 10-fold on
the new rental price!! ya,
Nanny was quite the Auntie Mame,
with her blonde wigs and way too
much blue eye shadow! quite a
character and an extreme social
butterfly, as is my mom...i tend
to take after my reclusive dad...
more of a party animal of the mind
than actually in person!

Minka said...

Wow and are those horses? Can I come visit?

Anonymous said...