Monday, March 05, 2007

Manic Monday's
Here today
I can not
Go out to play

So my bloggy
Sits undone
No more piccies
No more fun

Until later
Here I'll be
Plotting murder
Of all three (heads of office that is...)

I love webshots - but I HATE that once you give them your own pictures, they put their own name across it like they OWN it or something.

Okay, YES, I've been known to blog when I was busy supposed to be doing something else. But it provided a great little sense of relief, zipping in like a hummingbird after its sweet nectar, a burst of energy among the doldrums of menial labor...

I have been informed that blogging is not allowed at work. At all. Therefore, you shall see more furtive attempts from me at weird hours of the day (night and night - LOL) to participate in this fun place where I lose the crap which plagues me during the regular 9 - 5 hours of daylight.


Autumn Storm said...

No more blogging from work! That's serious - hope it won't mean any less posts or gorgeous pictures.
Happy Tuesday, when you get that far, xo

Minka said...

hey, the other day my boss announced taht blogging shoudl be avoided during our shifts. I am the only one with a blog :) Should I take it personally???
I am always open to read between teh lines though!

Jodes said...

OH NO, if I ever get told that I swear I might have a nervous breakdown.

mist1 said...

What are you going to do to look productive now that blogging at work is out?

weatherchazer said...

No blogging at the office! That's the only time I can blog. My supers know better than to tell me that- I'd set a virus loose on the mainframe for that. Not really, but they do know I have the knowledge for that.

javajazz said...

man, what a drag...
but i love your poem!
and i love that photo!
i actually have your last
sandpiper photo up on my
desktop this past week,
with a nice burgundy background
(something in an eggplant, perhaps?)
its soooo peaceful, with that
glow of sunset and that cute
little bird just, i dont know,
just standing there! he doesnt
look unhappy and all hes doing is
just...standing there! when are we gonna get all that?
but i digress...

i really like that idea of unleashing a virus! normally i'm appalled that anyone would do that to unsuspecting innocent people, but when you have a worthy cause or target, hmmmmm, what a creative idea!

i still believe a little blogging does more to help productivity as opposed to taking away from is human nature to want a break from the everyday stuff...blogging clears the mind...sinuses too, if you're lucky...i think its time to water down the coffee again...and now that they cancelled casual fridays, i think you should come dressed in your finest leather biker vest, cowboy boots, teeny tiny mini skirt,respectable sweater, and hang your helmet on your that formal enough, or are we talkin khakis here?

anyway, TC has a very cool product he's selling today that i think you'll find beneficial to tuck into your saddlebag for work....

jillie said...

WHAT?? No blogging from work? Do they not get it? That's what make a productive day. You get a few moments here and there to "unleash" yourself and then you can go back.

Morons...give me there number! I wanna talk to those

We'll miss you during the waking hours Terry...xoxo

Not to worry...we'll cover for ya ;o) g-man's got your back.

Did you hear that g-man??

Anonymous said...

That is one of my biggest fears...that I'll get told that too one of these days...or, that they will not give me a warning and just show me the door....

Oh well, until that time I am going to keep on keepin on!

Love the Pic Terry - you freakin Rock when it comes to posting your pics.

thank you.

Hugs, Meg

javajazz said...

Jillie's totally got the concept right...not all bosses are bright enough to get that...oh well, just have to find another "outlet" i reckon!
G-man cant hear you Jillie...he's been blocked from blogging at work...d'oh!
but Meg's right and we love the beauty and artistry you bring to blogland especially with your little special Terry touch, that edgy humour (sorry, humor, that was Canadian spelling) your love of mother nature, your special deeper understanding of things, the works....sooooo, looks like you'll just have to make this an after 5 hobby, or....go and buy Pinky's Pizza joint and start somethin' funky, baby!!!

G said...

I think we all live with that fear of "Who me? Blog? I don't know nothing bout no stinkin blogs" before we're shown the door. Sometimes I even fantasize of that...Oh right, but back to you - that's a bummer because it certainly does help to re-energize to deal with the paperwork shuffle.

Thankfully, you and your blog will still be here.

G said...

Oh and I liked your poem, yes I did.

tsduff said...

Autumn - it is a horrible feeling to be blocked from blogging... but I'll make up for it at night I hope. The days at work just got hours and hours longer....

Minka - as far as I know, I'm also the only one at work who has a blog.. I KNOW they mean me... most folks don't even know what a blog actually is!


Mist - Is sitting there gazing into space, rubbing my aching head looking productive? Good - then I'm set.

Weatherchazer - HA! Send me your virus ASAP - a girl's got to have her backup... LOL

Ah JJ - the voice of calm is here at last. Tee hee - I do love the outfit, but nix nix - I'd be booted out on my ear if I showed up like "Rose is Rose"... (they are all just jealous because they don't ride) And give me some of that spray please.

Jillie - :-D Nice sentiment, much appreciated... I have a few choice words I'd like to say also but then I'd be out of a job... BTW - I have a G of my own... my own Icelander who makes the world go away for me... fixes what's broken and has the most comforting shoulder in the world :-D

Meg - I always want to blow you a kiss right back :-D I tried giving up the blog, but wanting to put up pictures always gets me back... maybe my hours will be short and strained (I DON'T just get up in the wee hours before work and dream of blogging LOL) but I'll get it done :-) hugs!

LISA - I thought we were going to start a coffee bar, with jazz, cool hip customers, and FUNK!

Hi G - (Gee, we have so many G's around here :-)) I'm just bummed because I do love popping around the blog at work for a break. I suppose ethically I stand in the wrong, yes, I know it. But I am having such a difficult WITHDRAWAL!

And thanks G :-D

tsduff said...


Anonymous said...

Looking at Icelandic Job board--will keep You posted XOXO

tsduff said...

Darlin - I'm so ready for a change. xoxo

Icarus said...

Terry, I like your attitude. In fact, I love it. You just do your thing. And meanwhile, you have just expressed to me a needed positive to home-working...lord, the times I've played hookie and careened off into the blogosphere without leaving the comfort of my workchair. And then cursed myself when I've had to work on into the night! Great pic too.

:P fuzzbox said...

I no longer blog from work. It makes it tougher to keep up but that is because I am at work all the time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...