Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hate To Say Goodbye

Just a song before I go,
to whom it may concern.
Travelling twice the speed of sound,
it's easy to get burned.

When the shows were over,
we had to get back home,
and when we opened up the door I
had to be alone.

She helped me with my suitcase,
she stands before my eyes,
driving me to the airport
and to the friendly skies.

Going through security
I held her for so long.
She finally looked at me in love,
and she was gone.

Just a song before I go,
a lesson to be learned.
Travelling twice the speed of sound,
it's easy to get burned.
Copyright © TSRocks

Makes me cry,
Every damn time


javajazz said...

that is so sweet...
you little lovers are so romantic...
i love your artwork too...
are those little sad sperm?
wearing little striped raincoats?
i love the cute colourful one
at the bottom...
kind of a fashion sperm,
all dressed up and stuff....

Jodes said...

lovely. hope you are doing well.

Autumn Storm said...

Hugs to you. Remember those sweet little evening phonecalls, IMs and the rest of it. :-)

Gareth said...

Are those really sperm??? I thought they were asteroids :D

magdalene-sophie said...

LOL! your fellow commentors are funny :)

i wonder how songs affect emotions upon hearing them... hehe. they just know how to hit the right key, and 'wham', you have the music blues.


tsduff said...

JJ - LOL didn't know they needed raincoats, much less fashionable stripy ones :-D Could be.

Jodes - thank you. How's the weekend going? Nice weather your way I bet.

Autumn - Thanks for the hugs :-) yes, our phonebills are historically high when we are apart :-D Texting too... helps ease things a wee bit.

Gareth - asteroids are usually not smooth - nor shaped as these - but you never know! I assume that is a boy's perspective.

Magdalene-Sophie: This song has always made me tear up whenever I hear it - even if I'm not in the process of saying goodbye to anyone. It is just the thought I guess... or maybe it is a special subliminal chord inserted within the song that automatically makes one react like that... similar to the chord in the wedding march - you hear it and then you cry. Hmmmm -

actonbell said...

A lovely song!

And I love your Rabbit, rabbit pic, and I somehow didn't make it here, so rabbit, rabbit, anyway!

(I need to be more organized)

I hope you had a great weekend:)

Keshi said...

those lil rascals can cause some very big probs in the real world LOL!

heyy good luck Terry m MWAHHHHHHHHHHH!


javajazz said...

ha haaaaa!
everybody thinks
its sperm in striped raincoats now!
well, all you perverts,
they're tears!!
tears in striped raincoats!

Mo'a said...

They looked more like tear drops to me.
I send you good thoughts and love, Terry :)

Jodes said...

the weekend was incredible - we spent Sunday on the Boardwalk - got a sunburn..... :)

javajazz said...


jillie said... very sentimental. Love the artwork. Those look like sad tears...

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

Its kind of a sad post. But, I understand how those things are.

Hope your well and time moves quickly!

Hugs, Meg

tsduff said...

Actonbell - you were my inspiration! See the link about Rabbit Rabbit! :-D

Keshi - LOL! no kidding! I think these fellows are not who you think though... as they would be quite deformed as such. I was thinking more in the line of tears when I posted it.

JJ - LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Yes, tears in rainbow jackets... not bad, eh? We all would look better in such pretty colors.

Mo'a - Thank dear. Teardrops it is. BTW, did you get the Icelandic email I sent you, which I was hoping you could translate for me? Most probably it was a solicitation, but only an Icelander would know for sure. xoxo

Jodes - A sunburn? GOOD HEAVENS!!!!!!! Oh, that I could be so lucky! Actually, I did gather a small sunburn on my face (even though I most thoroughly applied my Icelandic sunscreen, which FAILED MISERABLY) when I went birdwatching several weeks ago... great trip, bad face burn.

LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Jillie - you pegged it ;-D Happy 3rd DAY cast free!

Hey Meg - (was going to use your new nickname Megaliscious but didn't want you to get the wrong idea :-D) They were sad tears, but actually not that bad at the moment. Missing the Bear, but I know he'll be back. Didn't you know absence makes the heart grow fonder? Always seems to be the case :-D
AUUUGHHH, it is MONDAY that is really making me sing the blues...
Thank GOD for Tuesdays! (the triumphant END to Monday :-D)

Anonymous said...